Exploring Johor Bahru City Center

A long time Internet marketing student and friend, Abdullah Bamatraf, is in town!

We drove to several places in Johor Bahru city center for sight seeing – from TMIYC to Puteri Harbour, the entrance of the Sultan’s palace, and the streets of City Square.

Even though I had moved to JB for the first time in 2003, I didn’t really explore because I didn’t have my own car and Johor was nothing like what it is today.

Amazing to see a lot of progress and development in the past decade, Johor can give KL a run for its money!

ToonMe And NewProfilePic

I had a field day using both these apps, ToonMe and NewProfilePic, to render my photos into something reminiscence of an 80s movie poster.

I’m usually not into these image editing and enhancing apps, but it looks like the quality has been upped a notch or two in recent years!

These apps can also be used from desktop computers, and they’re free to use. I think you’ll enjoy using them, because I sure did!