The Great Singapore Adventure!

Yes, it really was a great re-visit to Singapore and Expo Hall although it was quite impromptu for me. 🙂

I was to originally meet a small group of Singaporean Internet Marketers such as Dylan Loh, Stuart Tan, Kelvin Yeo, and iKontent (haha), and Siah (though he’s from Sabah; he’s just studying here) across the causeway.

But what did you know? In spite of initially planning that Khai, Dennis Sim and Vince Tan just following me from Johor Bahru and making their own way towards the Expo Hall on the extreme East of Singapore while I hang out at Woodlands with the Singaporean gang, I ended up staying in Singapore overnight and attended the Internet Millionaire Incubator seminar too!

And I’m so glad I came over. 🙂

Woodlands Siege and Burger King Meet Up

The 3 Stooges

At the Kranji MRT station (L-R): Khai, Me, Vince.

Siah and Kelvin Yeo

The Burger King meet up. Siah and Kelvin Yeo.

Discuss IM!

Dylan Loh with Khai and Dennis Sim. As usual, they’re always up to no good. 😛

Vince, Khai and Dennis made an early move to the Mercure Roxy Hotel whereas I stayed behind with the group at Woodlands to carry on a pure Internet Marketing discussion. Learned a decent deal on SEO and looks like Dylan (my other half) and I will probably be working on a Product Launch real soon, probably during the Christmas season! 🙂

Siah followed me, like, 75% of the MRT journey as soon as the Woodlands meeting ended as he had flyers to distribute at Bugis. I was well on way to the Expo Hall as the three stooges were expecting me then.

Haunting the Expo Hall Again

Met quite a number of interesting people here at the Internet Millionaire Incubator seminar in Expo Hall, Singapore.

Stuart Tan and Friends

This is Stuart Tan here. Since I didn’t see him in Woodlands, it didn’t take any further educated guess to know he would be at the Expo Hall! So hah, I nailed him right there.

L-R: Vince, Me, Stuart, Dennis, Khai.

Jo Han Mok & Matt Bacak

Aaaa-hah! That’s me with Jo Han Mok and Matt Bacak! Truth be told, this is my second time seeing Jo Han in person, the first time being in March just last year. I think he put on weight… like 10kg or so – really good life, some people.

What amazes me to this day, really, is how some of the most successful people can still remain humble and modest. And these two guys here are the prime examples. Edmund, you have sooooo much more to learn from them!

Hmm… seen Patric Chan there as well. He probably was wondering what I was doing in Singapore when just two weeks back he saw me in KL briefly. Haha…

I’ve met another familiar person, Lesley Chew, at the seminar. She must be a real seminar junkie because not only have I seen her in almost every one of them in the past, I can almost half-expect her to turn up for the next one! 🙂 Haha – what a totally positive attitude towards learning. That’s another one I must discipline myself to pick up.

And to wrap up the Day 1 of “impromptu” trip to Singapore Expo Hall…


Uhh… what’s this dude trying to do?

Freeloading at Mercure Roxy and Time Zone…

Since I made a last minute decision to stay in Singapore for the night, I followed the three stooges to the 4-star Mercure Roxy Hotel – at the expense of sleeping on the floor (then, it really was good thing… only if you knew why 🙂 ).

Fortunately, the hotel provided the basic hygiene stuffs like tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, soap, and towel (duuuh). That pretty much took care of things – only I had to becareful about my clothes since I only had the one I was wearing on.

Before the night ended, we all decided to re-live our childhood at the Time Zone!

Khai Stalker!

I know that Khai enjoys the Dance Dance Revolution machine, but why did I have a feeling it has got nothing to do with it now? My wild imagination maybe. I don’t know.

I had a deck of fun playing numerous games at the arcade – such as Time Crisis 3 (non-stop shooting action!), throwing hoops (though two of four basketballs ended up “somewhere else”), sampled out the dance machine (beginner’s level, of course), ice hockey table, and what say more… 🙂

But Vince just had to try to spoil my fun by challenging me to a Hunter’s game, which was really foolish of him in my opinion because it just so happens that I was pretty good with guns.

Vince & Edmund

Yes that’s him posing the toy shotgun with me. He was about to challenge me to a hunter’s match in seeing who hunts down the most wild animals in numerous spot scenarios.

Several spots and two bonus stages later, it became quite *crystal* clear that my display of raw skills and marksmanship owns Vince anytime.

Don’t believe me? Check this out:

The Score

Told you.


Whoa chill man – it’s just a game! At least you’ve creamed me at throwing hoops (though I was handicapped; I already threw two of four basketballs behind the machine). Sooo… does this mean our JV partnership is still on? I hope so!

Ice Hockey

One final duel with Khai… and what do you know? I still had plenty of credits (like SGD20+!) in my Time Zone card! Better remind myself to use them again if and when I happen to drop by any Time Zone arcade in Singapore the next time I come and visit.

Thus the day ended…

Day Two – Return to Expo Hall and Then Back To JB!

I thought of returning home early morning but since Vince was going to be speaking on stage in the afternoon, it didn’t hurt to stay a while more to support him. 🙂

I met more chaps this day – CW, William Quek, Samuel, and Jaz Lai (nice funky hair, btw 🙂 ).

Admittedly though, I was low on battery – hand phone, MP3 player, and physically. Ack.

However in my opinion, the most interesting and moving highlight of the day was one delivered by Mel Gill – not only did his speech answered a lot of my previous questions and concerns (albeit not totally related to Internet Marketing but more towards life and relationship), I really like the way he presented himself and his humor was tops! Too bad the Singaporean crowd was slow in catching them. I want to be like him when I grow up – haha! 😛

As soon as Vince’s presentation was over (mind you, it was his first one ever), I was all ready to head home in JB. All in all, it was a really great Singapore re-visit! 🙂

Scenes in Singapore and Causeway Shore



Tebrau Shore…

Tebrau Shore

Until then, everyone! 🙂

Photos Galore!

Okay, this is going to be a pure photos galore – taken over the past couple of weeks. Time to unload them onto my blog. I’ve kept writing to a minimal for this post but you can hover over the thumbnails to see my comments and click to enlarge the pics.

Have fun browsing through my collection of photos! 🙂

Spamming the Table at UYMG

Truth be told, the UYMG seminar was quite a let down. 🙁 So my source of entertainment was “spamming” the JV table with my namecards and drawings. 🙂

Spam Fest!!

More Spam Fest!!

The Trip to Aquaria, KLCC

The Aquaria, KLCC houses more than 250+ different species of aquatic animals from around the world. My personal favorites were the turtles, tortoises and terrapins for sure! 😛

Hawkbill Turtle

Giant Toad!

Creepy Crawlie!

Gekko Gecko!

Me - Deep Blue Sea!

Scary Shark!

Hidden Turtle?

Jaw Attack!

The PLRGold5 Product Launch Interview with Dennis Sim

I seem to be getting the hang out of doing audio interviews as of lately. Always improving with every audio session – that’s another barrier broken for me! 🙂

Cracking out Jokes with Khai on Paper

Me with Dennis Sim

Hillarious Financial Journey through CashFlow 101

Hah, if I didn’t borrow the CashFlow 101 game from Matt he would be leaving it in the cobwebs! Finally put to good use by inviting a bunch of friends over to play this game: Khai, Yuenn, Matt, Lek Soon, Dot, and Marcus Chang.

Decked with pizza and coke, we were all set to put our Financial IQs to the test.

The Rat Race

The Gang

The Rich Couple!

Marcus the Pauper

Lek Soon getting excited!

CashFlow “Disaster” 101 – Round 2

This time, we had Ben Chin and Peng Joon joining us with Matt and Khai still in the game. I needed someone else to help explain the rules to Ben and PJ, you see. 🙂

Great that I got out of the rat race and won the game first! Khai and “Google boy” Peng Joon did just as great catapulting themselves into the fast track (which in my opinion, is what matters the most in the game). I have to hand it though, Peng Joon did it at a very great expense and gamble… especially gamble.

As for Matt and Ben – haha, what were you two doing in that round circle for 4 hours? 🙂

Reckless Players on the Loose

Matt and Ben

Ben and Peng Joon

Other Pics…

Marcus & Victor

That’s Marcus Chang re-designing my membership site layout at Greenwood Cafe – real-time! 🙂 I am so happy that my slave friendly web designer was ready to toil throughout the night right in front of my eyes (what was I doing there anyway?). Accompanying him was Victor.

Gobala & Khai

So happened to meet Gobala and Khai at Starbucks, The Curve on Wednesday night! What were they doing there – going on a sneak date together?

The Money Grenade

The Money Grenade. 🙂 Worth MYR 50.00.

Haha! Until then! 🙂

The Start of a New Chapter

I believe I have adequate rest and am ready to steer full speed ahead in the next chapter of my life. I wonder what new challenges await.

Fascinating that in a twist of fate, I now see myself spending more time in PJ/KL now than in Johor Bahru as initially planned. Most of the time, I make very firm decisions especially when my mind is locked on it. And I was sure I would be making a retreat to Johor Bahru last month in the aftermath of the PLRGold5 launch. However a series of small events led to a BIG outcome, which resulted me in staying in PJ/KL for most of the time now, and I have no idea how long this will go on.

Unseen forces at work?

The PLRGold5 Aftermath and Post-Launch

As you can well tell, this isn’t the first time I was doing a Product Launch – and it certainly won’t be the last.

But this time, I did something I have never done in the aftermath of my previous Product Launches. Something SIGNIFICANT: taking a break.

In as simple as it sounds, it meant A LOT to me. Like a friend of mine said, “Who actually has at least 5 minutes to himself?”

No, I am not talking about short, 1-2 day breaks. They don’t count. I took a REAL break this time (yes, I am such a workaholic). It meant spending less time at the laptop and taking my mind off Internet Marketing for 2-3 weeks. It also meant taking the time to cool down and rest – mentally and spiritually – and did my own soul-searching.

I don’t recall taking a rest this well for several years. I was always on the move even way before the advent of my parents’ divorce. And after this significant event, it was a reaaaal, bumpy roller coaster ride for all of us – Mom, Ashley and I.

And in trying times, it meant making a lot of unwilling sacrifices. For me, it meant giving up the best year of high school with the organizations I gave my highest commitment to such as Scouts, Computer Club, Nostalgia Magazine, and more going down the drain. And later, giving up my social life and college education among a gazillion of other things.

Things got at its worst at a later stage of our trial by fire – a lot of drama followed. We knew what it was like being homeless for a few days, moving from new location to another like nomads, constantly encountering new environment and challenges that at the time seemed almost impossible to tackle, living on less than a meal a day, counting every cent yet being in-debt financially and favor-wise, and more.

You could say in a literal manner that I was biting the shit of life more than I bargained for.

Thank God, I saw an end to that awful ordeal 2 years ago.

Looking Back…

I have come to realize that I have had come so far from being a nobody to somebody.

And what a looong journey it was – from hometown to numerous places to working at my first and last full time job as an office boy, and then to starting my Internet-based Business in my humble home, which later took off to a height I never thought was possible.

In more ways than one, I still am, to this day, amazed by this “transformation” I have had gone through owing to the tough years left behind; I felt as if I was gold forged by fire.

Amazing that not too long ago, I was wearing my high school uniform and cracking out silly jokes at the back of the classroom. Now here I am behind sitting behind my lap top, receiving emails from around the world, people calling me “The PLR Extraordinare”, “The PLR Prince” and “Top Internet Marketer” followed by a list of Joint Venture proposals and Project reports. Not self-proclaimed.

I have had come so far a journey I would be insane if I actually think of turning back at this point.

Not too long ago, I secretly wished I could change some events in my life if I possessed the foreknowledge of what will happen. That I could save myself some of the horrors and miseries of life.

But then after a long thought about it, I decided that it is best left unchanged after all, EVEN IF the privilege presents itself. for I fear I will not turn out to be the man I am today. Had I not go through the trial of fire, I would have probably been another typical college-goer with no personality and strong drive to boot, making trivial chat and rants the order of everyday life. And I would have been less stronger and less aware of other people’s issues, problems and challenges.

On many counts, I really, really am glad the silver lining behind the dark clouds have offered me an abundance of generous rewards that money cannot buy.

Not That I Am Perfect All The Time, Of Course…

And so far from it.

If you would check out one the earlier posts I have recorded to my Personal Blog, I have openly declared Year 2007 as my “Expansion Year”. I have not forgotten my New Year’s Resolution let alone my overall goal as a whole.

In the first 2 quarters of the year, though, I was leaning towards the unhappy mood, not so much because of business challenges and competition but I was declining in person and character.

I met more and more new people in person in this year alone as compared to my previous years. My scarred experience (and little social exposure) taught me not to trust new people easily and on many occasions, I had been known to be blunt . In an act of defence, I behaved tough and arrogant on the exterior too.

There is a saying that goes “the tongue is sharper than the sword”, and only God knows how many people I have already offended, because I lost count.

For many reasons, I shouldn’t be keeping friends. I should be losing them. But the contrary happened: a few key people was all it took to change my life.

I had been forgiven and offered so many chances to try again and it continues to amaze me how the people around me could actually tolerate my crude behaviour, and stuck with me long enough to drum the facts into my already thick skull!

At the risk of testing their patience for too long, it was a clear sign I had to make an attitude check. And I certainly didn’t have a lot of time to make amendments.

I was shy – I still am – and I was really afraid of making a drastic change in my character and attitude towards people. But heck, I kept telling myself that I had nothing to lose (except more friends, if I continued to carry on with my attitude unchanged!).

In the early stages of implementing the change, which meant being softer, less serious looking, more friendly, relaxed, and less being a fundamentalist, I have heard a lot of surprised remarks and comments such as “Edmund, are you okay?” “Why are you so nice all of a sudden?” and even “Are you being nice… only to me?”

Well, definitely beats being crude and rude all the time, no? Just today at least two friends have acknowledged my improvement in character, saying along the lines of “you have improved a lot today compared to when I first met you”.

Ah, music to my ears! I wish I can replay those lines over and over again – they are so encouraging and motivating. 🙂

Reaching Out to Others…

This new experience also meant making changes in my perception and belief in other social areas, one being that of a listener. Previously, I had loathed the idea of being a listener. Long story on that one but to cut it short, I thought it was me acting as a “rubbish dump” for other people to pour their wails and complains about their problems onto me.

Then I have come to learn that there’s a lot of positive PLUSES to being a listener. Not only did I learn a lot, it had made me acutely aware of other people’s problems and challenges and made me constantly think of solutions to help them achieve a better life; even a small change would be a tremendous achievement.

So, the result? I have been sworn to secrecy but a number of friends and people whom I have come to know have shared some of their private, inner-most challenges and/or problems with me. And on many counts, I am usually one of the few, and sometimes the only one, to know to such inner detail.

What did I learn? While money can solve most of the problems today, there are still problems that money is NOT the solution to. There’s another wise quote that goes “money is the most important in things in which it is required, and the most useless in which it is not required.”

Personally, I am not one who can stand around doing nothing or even sleep soundly at night knowing that someone I know is in seriously trying times.

Will this be one of my new challenges?

My gut feeling tells me that I may have found my genuine mission. I have yet to phrase it out properly in a line just yet but definitely along the lines of “giving hope to the hopeless”. Sounds corny at the moment, I know, but I will be able to paraphrase it better in due time.

One thing for sure, my new challenge will not be just about bringing my business to the next level, but also helping people while building my character – there is still so much more room for improvement.

VERY INTIMIDATING GOAL, but I am game for it.

Now that I have rested well and enough, this marks the wrapping of the previous small chapter of my life (with HUGE significance and impact) and starting a new chapter with new challenges, new location, new goals, and new people to move forward with.

I am so thankful for the people whom I have met – past and present (especially present 🙂 )– and in spite of grim and setbacks, I know I can count on some people to fall back on confidently. I am also thankful for the positive impact that my family and friends have delivered and shaped me in today.

I look forward to not only improve myself further, I also aim to be a very dependable and reliable friend myself, alongside with growing my business into an empire. There are still many more exciting new people to meet and who knows? I may just find my first girlfriend.

Getting Ready for the UYMG Seminar and another Crossword Puzzle for You :-)

Hello Kids (and Kids at Heart)!

I am getting ready to attend the 5-day “Unleash Your Marketing Genius” seminar by Stephen Pierce at the KLCC Convention Center on 28th of this month… all thanks to the seminar ticket awarded by none other than Hazel! 😛

Due to the long hours at the seminar each day, I don’t expect to update my Personal Blog for a while. However, here’s yet another Edmund Loh Crossword Puzzle to keep you entertained at the moment. I spent half an hour doing this so this should keep you amused for a while. 🙂

Expect this one to be more challenging than the first, by the way.

The Edmund Loh Crossword Puzzle Challenge #2: Friends & Acquaintances

Okay friends and blog stalkers visitors! Some of you might wonder why and how I obtained the seminar ticket for free. Was it because I bribed Hazel into giving me a seat No, I’m not a freeloader. Perhaps I participated in a slogan-writing contest? Well, she could have just given the ticket to anyone else. But why me? (Actually I have my own guesses, and I’d like to believe THIS is WHY.) 😉

Now if you know who my friends and acquaintances are, you will then unlock the ULTIMATE answer! 🙂

So here’s the deal:

A. Complete the crossword puzzle using the clues as given below.
B. After completing the crossword puzzle, re-arrange all the alphabets in the blue boxes to form two different words that hold the key to the answer!

One example has already been done for you. It’s up to you to complete the rest!

This puzzle will certainly prove to be more challenging than the first. Not only are the clues less obvious, the crossword puzzle has included both good pals… and pals whom I have just come to know only recently! And it’s definitely harder to make wild guesses now because as of lately, I have been meeting a lot of new people.

Okay, enough of discouraging you. 😛 Let’s see you try decoding it!

Crossword Puzzle Challenge #2

1. He was the first partner who went into business with me on my first year online. (Hint: Old neighborhood friend and had helped introduce me to my first and last full time job!)
2. Practically named after a type of nut.
3. This tri-lingual creature has an obsessive passion for designer board games.
4. I am betting my financial future on this slimy, black hatter.
5. This friendly chap is only 1-2 years my junior, but is already a millionaire!
6. My former junior scout comrade back in my high school days; responsible for whipping a galore of stunning graphics for my products and websites!

7. The one responsible for introducing The Settlers of Catan as a hobby.
8. She hails all the way from the south with stunning piano skills to boot.
9. The sweet angel who sure knows how to treat me like a prince!
10. One of my deadliest ghostwriting assassins who also knows how to party real hard.
11. Easily my BEST customer! He shares the same name with that famous 70’s singer.
12. The Malaysian version of Macgyver.
13. The friendly programming elite who hails from Indonesia, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting him in person in Singapore middle of this year.

The Answer:
“Because I am _ _ _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!”

Okay, have fun solving this, kids and kids-at-heart! 🙂 I will release the answers as soon as the 5 day seminar is over.

*Oh, and a final hint (and encouragement)* I’ve mentioned the names of these people AT LEAST ONCE in my blog. So practically, you can uncover some of the clues just by teeth-combing through my past blog archives! 🙂

Awesome Adventures after Moving into the Pink House! :-)

Okay I’ve been stocking up a barrage of photos in my hand phone over the past two weeks and it’s finally time to upload them onto my Personal Blog! 🙂

Stuart Tan’s

Alright, there are no photos to display here because the call was done over the phone. On 13th September, I took part in Stuart Tan’s Super Telethon Charity program – whereby I was one of the 36 speakers, each participating in a 60-minute call with Stuart Tan.

I got my hand phone loaded with more than enough prepaid credits and battery charged just in time to take the call. Definitely, it wouldn’t have been nice to become a “no show” and who else better to talk on the subject of Private Label Rights? 🙂 Ha ha!

I have had the pleasure of meeting Stuart in person earlier this year at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies in Tanjong Pagar, Singapore. I found Stuart to be friendly and motivating. This is the same guy who had authored/co-authored a number of best-selling books on Self Improvement and Internet Marketing? Amazing!

Certainly, I look forward to meeting him again real soon, possibly next month in Singapore.

Moving into the Pink House

It was rise and shine – time to leave the “falling apart” house for a better place to call home… away from home!

After 15 minutes of packing everything up, this pretty much summarized all the things I was going to take with me. One car trip definitely more than suffices!

The Only Things! I am sooo humble… :-)

On my way out, I spotted a familiar looking car in maroon. I wonder who drives this devilish car? Hmmm… looks like the Fuu Fuu Mobile.

The Fuu Fuu Mobile

Once moving in the things into the new pink house, Khai and I made a quick dash to IKEA to purchase some furniture like chair, table and a 3-drawer cupboard.

Me on Wheels…

Yup, that’s me lazing around on the chair at IKEA. Think Professor X (or Professor Loh if you’d rather).

As soon as we brought the things back to my new place, I quickly unpacked the boxes and went on to set up my first chair!


Not bad for someone who isn’t good at handiwork, huh? 😉 Unfortunately, the handy work proved too much for me so predictably, I hired Matt to help me with the table and cupboard set up.

Matt Ng on Fire!

Looks like Matt grew tired of my incompetence when it comes to handiwork. That’s ample warning alright!

Next, I had to help Jennifer with the moving of her things from her apartment into the new house as well. This would mean FREE furniture, decorations and kitchen utilities for me in this new home! 🙂 However, I don’t cook and I hardly watch TV, if any at all.

In a nutshell, Jennifer owns a chain of laundry businesses – 5 in all – TTDI, Bukit Jelutong, Bangsar, and two more. And she’s definitely NOT stopping: she’s currently expanding her business further and I could see she is the frugal entrepreneur stereotype, whereby you pour most of your profits back into the business for expansion over spending on yourself.

Hmm… that pretty much solves my laundry problems. 😛

Heading to Mindvalley Labs

Ah, life of an X-Men. 🙂 The Institute of Higher Learning for Gifted Youngsters. Honestly, for some reason, I feel quite at home there though I spend only a couple of hours there a day, and come in on the average of 2-3 days a week.

Trip to Mindvalley

Saw Yuenn on a Piano Lessons Ad!

Heeey… looks like Yuenn is actually famous!

Yuenn on Ads!

Got Stuck in a Lift for More than 30 Minutes!

Now how often do things like this actually happen? Close to zero. Or so I thought.

I was leaving Mindvalley Labs when the lift suspended at the first floor – one more storey to the ground floor! It was a Lif Bomba thus there were two doors in the lift: one being the main and the other on the left.

When the lift was suspended at the first floor, the side door was opening a little, and then it closed. Then it opened a little again, and then it closed. Over and over again. And due to the violent impact, the lift was practically shaking every 10 seconds.

And you know what? I was all alone in the lift!

I was to meet John Tan shortly to discuss a programming project but as luck had it, there was no reception in the lift therefore my hand phone was practically rendered useless. And not that pressing all the buttons on the lift actually helped, anyway.

For a moment, I really, REALLY thought I was going to die. Suddenly becoming pessimistic, I counted the levels below the first floor: Ground, LG1, LG2, B1, B2. If the lift breaks by any chance, I would plunge down to my death 5 storey deep. Life flashed before my eyes.

Well hey, who has ever heard of people dying because of lifts breaking off? But thanks to the horror/action movies I have been watching, the scenes of lifts breaking off and people inside plunging down to their explosive deaths came rushing to my mind, at a time where a big chunk of my logic flew off my head.

Fortunately, there was an INTERKOM feature on the lift! After ringing the button a couple of times, I was almost relieved when I heard the security personnel answered my distress for rescue! 🙂

While waiting for the lift door to open…

The Scary Lift!

After experiencing quake every 10 seconds for more than half an hour and lights going on and off occasionally, I rushed out as soon as the door opened!

I was half-expecting someone – the maintenance guy – to be around so I could thank him. But there was no one in sight. Oh, so the lift door was opened by remote control, huh?

Uh, thanks anyway. I would better be off to my meeting with John (and still got there 5 minutes early in spite of the half an hour delay)!

I was relating this to Hazel and being the preacher and hailer of all things logic, she went on to patiently explain to me the structure of a lift, where was it made (China, by the way), why it would never fall off, yadda yadda yadda… (Sorry, my caveman brain could only absorb so much but thanks for the education!). 🙂

Goes to show that little knowledge is dangerous, no knowledge at all is embarrassing! I’m still not sure about taking a lift again though; might prefer the stairs this time?

Playing Settlers of Catan with Dennis Sim

Dennis Sim the comment guy! He came all the way from Klang NOT to comment on us, but to join us in two rounds of Settlers of Catan. 😛

Dennis Sim

Being a first timer, Khai patiently explained the rules of the game to Dennis.

Khai & Dennis

And over here, we have Yuenn showing off her rubber band skills. She just made an airplane out of two rubber bands!

Yuenn and her rubberband skills

Can’t seem to leave me alone, huh? Yuenn built a town all over my face and torso.

The Edmund Loh Town!

Okay, it’s game time!

Let’s Game!

2 Hours Later…
Sorry I just had to win both the games, friends! 😛 (I bet Khai and Yuenn were fuming… especially Yuenn.)

Random Shots

Mad Elephant on the road…

Elephant on a trailer on Saturday night!

The Party

A dizzy shot at the Bangsar Permai Saturday Night party.


Khai Lee probably drank too much.

Spam Killer Liquid

Pour this solution over your computer and expect it to get rid of your stubborn spam problems instantly! 🙂

Stray Kura @ Atria

Heeey… it’s a stray kura! Feel like smuggling it back home. 😛


I could use a bit of hair cut soon…

And to Wrap it Up…

What a fruitful two weeks of fun after the Product Launch! 🙂

Me again!

I’d better rest well before I continue with my Internet Marketing journey to supremacy. Thanks for the King’s treatment, Eve! 🙂