November Highlights

*UPDATED 18th Nov 2007*

It’s been quite a while since I last posted any photos and pictures on my adventures. With a lot of fun projects I am working on and the drive to clear the deck for 2008, I still found the time to indulge in some leisure. And when I say some leisure, I mean “doing anything that has little or nothing to do with Internet Marketing”. 🙂

Some highlights into the middle of the month…

Having Fun with Wii at Peng Joon’s House

The L337 Mobile

Yup that’s the L337 mobile. 🙂 The purpose of going to Peng Joon’s house was to complete the assigned copywriting mission at that time. But before we dive into the serious part of business, the sudden discovery of the Wii console and plasma TV baited our attention for some fun.

The Tennis Game

Hah, creamed Matt Ng at Tennis. I guess his age was catching up with him. People can’t be young forever, you know. 😉


Okay, spoke to soon. Matt was practically owning me at bowling. But to be fair, I’ve not bowl before. And at the very least, I gave my best shot!

Watch me Bowl!

We played more games on the Wii console like golf, baseball and boxing. Definitely needed the entertainment before anything else!

The Night in Klang

Ashley was going to leave for Japan on a holiday so Ashley, Mom, my uncle and I stayed in Klang one night before her departure at KLIA.

Due to my nocturnal nature and off-set in the waking cycle, I found myself restless at about 3 AM in the morning and decided to take a stroll outside the Histana Hotel.

Confession: I had always liked taking a walk out at night. The scene at night is so totally different from that of the day time – no people around, no traffic jams… nothing but quiet. 😉 Which gives me loads of peace of mind to clearly hear myself think.

Confession #2: And if you’re fortunate enough, you might just chance upon horny couples doing “their thing” in their cars! I seem to have a knack for coming across things like that without much effort.


That’s the HRC (Holy Reedemer Church). I used to go to this church every weekend when I was 12. Hadn’t changed too much in physical appearance from the last time I’ve been here.

Saving a Stray Kura

When I was walking past the Central Park, what do you know? I came across a big tortoise on the pedestrian walk. How often does this happen and what are the odds of this happening? 1 in a million!

Reasonably, there’s a pond nearby and my green friend happened to stray too far away from home. The stray kura quickly hid itself into its shell when I approached it.


Sure looks like a helmet now.

Anyways, I picked it up, walked to the pond nearby and released the tortoise at Central Park. That should teach it not to wander too far away from home because it probably won’t be that lucky again next time!

The Central Park

Interviewing People Online for the First Time

I usually get interviewed by other Internet Marketers so yes that also usually means I spill all the beans out on my topics of expertise.

The tables were turned around on Saturday Night when it was my turn to interview two other leading Internet pioneers, Jeremy Gislason (Japan) and Simon Hogkinson (UK).

It’s odd in a way because while I’ve dealt with these two guys for the past 2 years online, this was actually my first time talking to them on Skype. This is also the longest interview I’ve ever had by far – it came up to almost 2 hours of non-stop action with *massive* brain picking and idea bouncing to boot.

I’ve been following their stuff since the beginning of time so one word of advice for beginning Internet Marketers: buy anything that has the name Jeremy Gislason or Simon Hodgkinson on it. 🙂

The Charity Concert

“Can I tag along?” and that’s how I found myself in Subang with Xin-Ci on Sunday evening.

There’s this new Dance Studio called Living Arts Studio in Dataran Mentari, which we went to attend the Charity Concert. The dance studio is relatively new and was in need of raising funds.

Trivia Fact: I participated in a dance studio before. 🙂

By the time we arrived, we caught the Copoeira performance.


And more photos to boot.






The event ended with the disabled kids from the Taman Megah foundation receiving gifts from the studio and organization itself.


Haa ha, the jester in action. Truth be told, the concert won’t have been near half as fun without him!


Wrapped up the Sunday evening with dinner with Golem the Xinch; otherwise I would’ve spent another day getting cooked up in the room listening to Benny Lava. (Go figure. 😉 )

Hello Tim Tim…

Ah, Tim Brocklehurst. What are you doing here in sunny Malaysia? To speak for the World Internet Summit To get your brain picked, of course! 🙂

Vince Tan and I made haste for the Nikko Hotel because Tim was going to go back to the UK real soon so this was the last chance to interview him quick. 😛

Tall Water Bottle Tower… try it saying out aloud ;-)

Yeah this Bottles tower made its way into the Malaysian Book of Records for the obvious.

Vince, Tim, Edmund

That’s us alright!

Okay Tim is the guy behind the infamous My Viral Spiral application so if you’re building an opt-in list – whether you’re already doing it or just planning to do – don’t go on doing business without it!

Tim is a really cool guy to hang out with and yeah, Vince and I certainly learned a lot of stuff in that few hours of conversation. Too bad it couldn’t last any longer.

Hmm… by the way, if you’re wondering what’s with all these “interviews”, you’ll find out pretty soon in due time. 😉 *snickering*

Meeting Stuart Tan at Impiana KLCC

Peng Joon, Me, Stuart, Matt

Thanks to Matt and PJ for the buffet dinner, both Stuart and I had the privilege of scrumptious freeloading! 🙂

Until then… and I hope to pick another person’s brain real soon.

The Amazing Walk to Subscriber’s Nite

I attended Stuart Tan’s Subscribers Nite yesterday and I must say that it totally exceeded my expectations; I was pleased.

Initially, Ashley and I were hunting for a hotel room in Tanjong Pagar, Singapore and later found ourselves at Tiong Bahru, 2 stations away. All the hotels we had been to were fully booked! We wonder what the special occasion was.


Fortunately, we have a place in JB town otherwise we’d be spending the night on the streets of Singapore! We were offered a suite but given it was only a night for two, I found it not worth the spending. The only regrets I had were that I should’ve brought more name cards, and wished I could spend more time after the event.


Ashley picked up an abundance of gems from the event itself, since she’s relatively not totally exposed to Internet Marketing (yet).

I had the privilege to meet a bunch of cool folks such as:-

Stuart Tan “da man”
The host for the night. Cannot help but poke fun into his speech at times but he sure got me when he publicly exposed my “free labor tactic” (those who had been there that night, you know what I’m talking about 😉 ).

Jaz Lai
His presentation and speech were good, and I picked up quite some gems from his list building methods. Hmm.. would it surprise you if I told you Jaz Lai was formerly a fashion designer? Again, should have stayed longer so I could pick his brains.

Joseph Then
Hah – it was good seeing him in person again. We really should work on SEARIM #2. 🙂

Justin Koh
Didn’t expect to see him there, though not entirely surprised. Was half expecting his other tag team partner, Nelson, to turn up.

Pat was handing out a set of unique name cards, each with a picture of different fruits. I chose the one with grapes and amazingly, Pat could foretell my character on the spot – simply by the type of fruit I picked! I don’t know about others, but she was right when she explained I’m that of a thinker and loner by nature. These individuals tend to pick grapes. The leader-type tend to pick tomatoes whereas follower-minds often pick the pear.

Ming Chern
Haven’t seen Ming Chern for a while already. Hair’s already long. Haa ha…

Jacklyn Ker
For some reason, I think that Jacklyn’s pretty familiar. I wonder if I saw her at the last Subscriber’s Nite some months back?

Didn’t really had the chance to talk to him long enough, but he owes me a photo! 😛

Edmund Toh (the clone?)
There must be a factory nearby producing a bender of spoons in my brand. He’s been visiting my blog often (under the name of BillionaireKid on MyBlogLog). Not too long ago, he’s just completed his service to the Singapore Army and is going full speed in the Network Marketing arena!

Andrew Tan
This chap associates with Shawn Wang and Joel Christopher, who had been in Singapore not too long ago. For a moment, I thought that Andrew IS Shawn – but he went on to say that they actually look miles apart. Oops, my bad.

I’ve met way more people at the event than the enlisted names for sure, but can’t recall every single one of them unfortunately (sorry if your name isn’t here!).

Moral of the story: always bring your name cards!

Moral of the story #2: And then, bring some more! 🙂


All in all, the event was a good one and I look forward to another one like this!

The Great Singapore Adventure!

Yes, it really was a great re-visit to Singapore and Expo Hall although it was quite impromptu for me. 🙂

I was to originally meet a small group of Singaporean Internet Marketers such as Dylan Loh, Stuart Tan, Kelvin Yeo, and iKontent (haha), and Siah (though he’s from Sabah; he’s just studying here) across the causeway.

But what did you know? In spite of initially planning that Khai, Dennis Sim and Vince Tan just following me from Johor Bahru and making their own way towards the Expo Hall on the extreme East of Singapore while I hang out at Woodlands with the Singaporean gang, I ended up staying in Singapore overnight and attended the Internet Millionaire Incubator seminar too!

And I’m so glad I came over. 🙂

Woodlands Siege and Burger King Meet Up

The 3 Stooges

At the Kranji MRT station (L-R): Khai, Me, Vince.

Siah and Kelvin Yeo

The Burger King meet up. Siah and Kelvin Yeo.

Discuss IM!

Dylan Loh with Khai and Dennis Sim. As usual, they’re always up to no good. 😛

Vince, Khai and Dennis made an early move to the Mercure Roxy Hotel whereas I stayed behind with the group at Woodlands to carry on a pure Internet Marketing discussion. Learned a decent deal on SEO and looks like Dylan (my other half) and I will probably be working on a Product Launch real soon, probably during the Christmas season! 🙂

Siah followed me, like, 75% of the MRT journey as soon as the Woodlands meeting ended as he had flyers to distribute at Bugis. I was well on way to the Expo Hall as the three stooges were expecting me then.

Haunting the Expo Hall Again

Met quite a number of interesting people here at the Internet Millionaire Incubator seminar in Expo Hall, Singapore.

Stuart Tan and Friends

This is Stuart Tan here. Since I didn’t see him in Woodlands, it didn’t take any further educated guess to know he would be at the Expo Hall! So hah, I nailed him right there.

L-R: Vince, Me, Stuart, Dennis, Khai.

Jo Han Mok & Matt Bacak

Aaaa-hah! That’s me with Jo Han Mok and Matt Bacak! Truth be told, this is my second time seeing Jo Han in person, the first time being in March just last year. I think he put on weight… like 10kg or so – really good life, some people.

What amazes me to this day, really, is how some of the most successful people can still remain humble and modest. And these two guys here are the prime examples. Edmund, you have sooooo much more to learn from them!

Hmm… seen Patric Chan there as well. He probably was wondering what I was doing in Singapore when just two weeks back he saw me in KL briefly. Haha…

I’ve met another familiar person, Lesley Chew, at the seminar. She must be a real seminar junkie because not only have I seen her in almost every one of them in the past, I can almost half-expect her to turn up for the next one! 🙂 Haha – what a totally positive attitude towards learning. That’s another one I must discipline myself to pick up.

And to wrap up the Day 1 of “impromptu” trip to Singapore Expo Hall…


Uhh… what’s this dude trying to do?

Freeloading at Mercure Roxy and Time Zone…

Since I made a last minute decision to stay in Singapore for the night, I followed the three stooges to the 4-star Mercure Roxy Hotel – at the expense of sleeping on the floor (then, it really was good thing… only if you knew why 🙂 ).

Fortunately, the hotel provided the basic hygiene stuffs like tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, soap, and towel (duuuh). That pretty much took care of things – only I had to becareful about my clothes since I only had the one I was wearing on.

Before the night ended, we all decided to re-live our childhood at the Time Zone!

Khai Stalker!

I know that Khai enjoys the Dance Dance Revolution machine, but why did I have a feeling it has got nothing to do with it now? My wild imagination maybe. I don’t know.

I had a deck of fun playing numerous games at the arcade – such as Time Crisis 3 (non-stop shooting action!), throwing hoops (though two of four basketballs ended up “somewhere else”), sampled out the dance machine (beginner’s level, of course), ice hockey table, and what say more… 🙂

But Vince just had to try to spoil my fun by challenging me to a Hunter’s game, which was really foolish of him in my opinion because it just so happens that I was pretty good with guns.

Vince & Edmund

Yes that’s him posing the toy shotgun with me. He was about to challenge me to a hunter’s match in seeing who hunts down the most wild animals in numerous spot scenarios.

Several spots and two bonus stages later, it became quite *crystal* clear that my display of raw skills and marksmanship owns Vince anytime.

Don’t believe me? Check this out:

The Score

Told you.


Whoa chill man – it’s just a game! At least you’ve creamed me at throwing hoops (though I was handicapped; I already threw two of four basketballs behind the machine). Sooo… does this mean our JV partnership is still on? I hope so!

Ice Hockey

One final duel with Khai… and what do you know? I still had plenty of credits (like SGD20+!) in my Time Zone card! Better remind myself to use them again if and when I happen to drop by any Time Zone arcade in Singapore the next time I come and visit.

Thus the day ended…

Day Two – Return to Expo Hall and Then Back To JB!

I thought of returning home early morning but since Vince was going to be speaking on stage in the afternoon, it didn’t hurt to stay a while more to support him. 🙂

I met more chaps this day – CW, William Quek, Samuel, and Jaz Lai (nice funky hair, btw 🙂 ).

Admittedly though, I was low on battery – hand phone, MP3 player, and physically. Ack.

However in my opinion, the most interesting and moving highlight of the day was one delivered by Mel Gill – not only did his speech answered a lot of my previous questions and concerns (albeit not totally related to Internet Marketing but more towards life and relationship), I really like the way he presented himself and his humor was tops! Too bad the Singaporean crowd was slow in catching them. I want to be like him when I grow up – haha! 😛

As soon as Vince’s presentation was over (mind you, it was his first one ever), I was all ready to head home in JB. All in all, it was a really great Singapore re-visit! 🙂

Scenes in Singapore and Causeway Shore



Tebrau Shore…

Tebrau Shore

Until then, everyone! 🙂