One Day Trip In Singapore

Before going to KL again, I tried my luck arranging an impromptu meetup with my buddies in Singapore and… it was a success! I am amazed we can gather this many in just less than 24 hours, and on a Thursday afternoon no less. I suppose you can call that a testament to everyone’s Internet lifestyle success here, haha!

Max Rylski happens to be in Singapore to avoid the freezing weather in Canada and him being my no. 1 affiliate for my first graphics launch PLUS he’s the legend who’s created graphics and covers for Internet Marketers over so many years, I couldn’t pass up the meeting with the man himself in person!

So we had a brain fusion session with loads of golden marketing advice exchanged in just two hours over lunch, which in my opinion I’ve learned more than two weeks of reading from books. That’s why if you want to make it big in business – any business – it’s always better to learn from someone else who is already doing it. 🙂

IMG_6471My one day trip to Singapore wasn’t just all about business, though. Later at night I caught up with Fuu Fuu, Li Yi, Selina, and G over the long overdue meet up! I think it’s been – what? 2 years since I last met Foo and Gerardine? Selina had moved to Singapore just last year. Li Yi… hmm too common, can find her anytime in KL, LOL j/k


Reliving good ole memories and planning new ones with the old Summer Break gang – next stop: Boracay! 🙂

I Am 95.6% Chinese

Three weeks ago I went to collect my DNA Kit from Calvin Woon‘s and Patricia Lin‘s office in Singapore. I paid for the 23 And Me DNA Kit and since they do not ship to Malaysia, I asked Calvin and Pat to use their mailing address as Singapore is the closest country that the DNA Kit is shipped to.


I went to Calvin and Pat’s office in Singapore to fill the sample with my saliva on the spot and submitted it back to the 23 and Me genomes lab in the US on the same day via DHL Express.

So  What Is 23 And Me?

23andMe provides ancestry-related genetic reports and raw genetic data. The scientists at the lab will run tests on your saliva and from it, they can tell what your DNA says about you and your family, tracing your lineage back 10,000 years and discover your history from over 750 maternal lineages and over 500 paternal lineages.

Well, that’s what it says on their website.

Scientific research reveals that the idea of a ‘pure race’ is a myth. While many of us may identify to a specific race based on majority of our physical attributes, it is hard to believe that we are a product of generations of flawless ‘breeding’ strictly among our own kind. For example, are the Chinese, well, 100% Chinese?

I bought this DNA Kit from the 23andMe Lab out of curiosity as I’d like to see if it’s truly possible to trace my ancestry. After all, my mother could trace only up to her own grandmother from her mother’s side, and we know almost next to nothing about my father’s side.

Three weeks later and I just got an email from them saying that my complete 23andMe ancestry reports are ready to view! That’s pretty fast; I was expecting to wait for another month or two. 🙂

So here is an overview on my Ancestry composition:





That’s just the overview. Each of these sections are followed by detailed, lengthy explanations which I am still trying to ‘brain them’. Nonetheless, interesting! 🙂

If you want to find out about your own ancestry, you can give it a go starting at $99.

Note that they don’t ship to Malaysia; the closest is Singapore, which is why I needed to get help from my friends in Singapore with their office address.

Animal Release Ritual

Elle and I went to the Taman Jaya park yesterday evening to release some animals and insects! We initiated our annual ritual after the heavy downpour. Right after releasing the last bird, we stumbled upon a resting turtle by surprise! Haha, my stars are truly aligned with that of the turtles.