Agung Visits Malaysia

Starting Musemancer in the new direction is beginning to reveal its rewards. This month we have launched two products on JVZoo, one of which went on to become Pick Of The Day. I took on two speaking engagements at startup events in the short notice.


The team is now at 4 permanent members with one more on the way in January 2015, and we are getting more done than I could had accomplished on my own all these years.

I am feeling as if all the traffic lights turned green this whole month – I don’t know if it’s just because November is my best month of the year, or the works I had been doing in the past few months are all falling into place nicely now… but hey, I am grateful!

At the same time, I am careful not to be over-excited and overconfident in the process. I have also been eavesdropping on how other seemingly successful companies that we look up to are having their own crisis and insider politics shielded away from public information.

As the leader of a still fledgling enterprise (in this new model), I am keeping my eyes peeled for any trouble and will be quick to nip them in the bud.

While we did great this month, December is going to be a very important month because this is going to set our pace for the next quarter.

That is why I got Agung to visit us in Malaysia this week, amidst my busy schedule. He is the main reason I visited Indonesia throughout the year. He had several amazing business opportunities for me which I was unable to seize due to my limited time and resources – now it is made possible with a team.

And I have gotten Elle involved as she is one of the very few business partners and friends I trust very much in my entire online marketing career.


So the three of us had been at the Musemancer office this whole week planning our next steps and briefing the team on the new venture we are taking on (every other details kept under the wraps!)

And of course, we took Agung for some fun in the city since it’s been three to four years since he last visited here. 🙂


This is going to be really exciting, I found myself sleeping less due to ‘being high’ LOL and if I play my cards correctly, next year is going to be a year we will all experience transcension in our business growth.

On another note, I want to say thanks to all my family members, friends, business associates, and colleagues for your birthday wishes – and the double celebration!


At 28 years old now, I’ve got only two more years left in my ‘roaring twenties’ but for some reason, I don’t feel as old. I suppose being young at heart is the key!

One Day Trip In Singapore

Before going to KL again, I tried my luck arranging an impromptu meetup with my buddies in Singapore and… it was a success! I am amazed we can gather this many in just less than 24 hours, and on a Thursday afternoon no less. I suppose you can call that a testament to everyone’s Internet lifestyle success here, haha!

Max Rylski happens to be in Singapore to avoid the freezing weather in Canada and him being my no. 1 affiliate for my first graphics launch PLUS he’s the legend who’s created graphics and covers for Internet Marketers over so many years, I couldn’t pass up the meeting with the man himself in person!

So we had a brain fusion session with loads of golden marketing advice exchanged in just two hours over lunch, which in my opinion I’ve learned more than two weeks of reading from books. That’s why if you want to make it big in business – any business – it’s always better to learn from someone else who is already doing it. 🙂

IMG_6471My one day trip to Singapore wasn’t just all about business, though. Later at night I caught up with Fuu Fuu, Li Yi, Selina, and G over the long overdue meet up! I think it’s been – what? 2 years since I last met Foo and Gerardine? Selina had moved to Singapore just last year. Li Yi… hmm too common, can find her anytime in KL, LOL j/k


Reliving good ole memories and planning new ones with the old Summer Break gang – next stop: Boracay! 🙂