Bukit Lanjan Hike

Early morning hike on Thaipussam with Malaysia’s mare ?

Strange I didn’t know of this place, it’s situated somewhere right after the Sri Damansara toll.

6KM hike in less than 1 1/2 hours, but surprisingly tiring as I slept like a log after.

Look Ma, I’m Gonna Be On TV! (soon)

When I was a kid, my mom believed I will appear on TV someday, and that might be a fulfilled prophecy soon – in a very unexpected way.

I answered @kim_rani1 ‘s invite to play an extra in a historical documentary with the We Are Reenactors (WAR) group.

So I spent Christmas with the group and the producer crew shooting some scenes in a few parts of a kampung.

Even though just a few scenes, it was tiring and they made a lot of preparation beforehand. I just waltzed in the night before with no training, just enthusiasm.

It was good fun, good laughs and short break from city life.

I thank the WAR boys and the producer crew for the experience and letting me be part of it even in a small way.

The 60 minute documentary is expected to be out sometime in (August?) 2022 on RTM. Again, I played an extra so don’t blink or you’ll miss me out.

Flow Rider Wipe Out @ 1 Utama

I went to Flow Rider at 1 Utama yesterday evening without preparation but expected one outcome: to get wiped out in every attempt! haha

Alyssa and I signed up for 2 hours but we stayed for just slightly more than an hour. The fun came to an end when Alyssa dislocated her left shoulder, and we had to drive to the nearest hospital.

We spent about 2 hours at the hospital, and shucks didn’t think we’d be here. Anyways despite the mishap, it was fortunate that not only I had a clear schedule (unlike last month), because I took Grab over that I didn’t have to worry about my own car when I drove hers. PLUS insurance got her hospital fee covered, so that’s that.

We’ll be back again!

P.S. Just woke up today, and wow my body aches. That must had been a full body workout, it’s been a long time since I last experienced that.