Escape PJ @ Paradigm Mall

Early this year, I wanted to go to Escape PJ when I learned they opened very nearby (Paradigm Mall is literally a walk away) but came fake pandemic measure MCO 2.0.

Now that most of Malaysia has reopened again – and so did Escape PJ – I checked out the place this weekend. If you buy your tickets online, you can save anywhere from 10% to 20% on the fee depending on how early you book.

The experience is worth it, and even though we’ve spent a good 3 hours here, we did not get to try out every obstacle course. Partly due to the weekend crowd as well.

Will definitely come back a second time!

Farm In The City Revisited

Happy to revisit Farm In The City!

Got to meet and feed more animals this time around, though my main allegiance is to Kura! ???

Had a fun & relaxing field day this morning with a variety of greedy but adorable creatures – from tortoises and turtles to llamas, goats, ponies, pigeons, peacocks, chickens, fishes, meerkats, and more…


Joining me this time is Chloe a.k.a. Chin Chin! Some of the photos we took on our morning trip to the petting zoo…