Meeting of the Minds, KL

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I last updated my Personal Blog. I had been busy with launching PLRGold: Videos and later wrapping it up, even though the Early Bird special ended in just 4 days.

My partner, Stephen Luc and I thank all the Joint Venture partners and affiliates who have contributed to the success of the launch – YOU ROCK!

After wrapping up the launch and minimizing the support issues from our customers, I decided to call a couple of days off to party a little bit in KL and take this opportunity to meet up with some people. 🙂

The “Meet Edmund Loh” 2nd Anniversary

At least, that was what Khai called it.

On November 9th 2 years ago, I met Khai Siung for the first time through his younger brother, Khai Lee. In Khai Siung’s own words, I came full circle with his family when I finally met him since I knew 2 of his other brothers back in high school years earlier.

Long story short, Khai Siung had just came out fresh from several years of experience with Network Marketing or MLM and I introduced him to the world of Internet Marketing. Admittedly, I was not in the business of coaching people 1-on-1 (and I still haven’t yet so far, at this time of writing) so I advised him to invest in a couple of books from the nearest book store on the same topic, that I believed would really, really help him.

Khai Siung and his then girlfriend, Yuenn (now wife) started everything from there, and I have every reason to believe they shouldn’t be looking back ever since. In fact, I’ll let Khai tell you in his own words here.

Since I was in PJ, I thought might as well catch up with both Khai and his wife again and for nostalgia appreciation, why not have dinner at… guess where? 🙂 A&W!

On a side note, it wasn’t safe that night we went out – the roads were blocked by several police officers, armed with guns, batons and shields. And we also saw a lot of people wearing the shirts with quotes like “NO to ISA” “I’m with RPK” “No holds barred” etc. probably marching to a group protest against the government. (Or had the crowd already dispersed?)

Dinner at Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang

Mindvalley was hosting a dinner for all of the SMART Seminar speakers and entrepreneurs from a variety of other fields at Feast Village, and I’m glad I could make it on the short notice. It was great catching up with a few folks as well as getting acquainted with new leaders and enthusiastic entrepreneurs over a scrumptious meal. 😛

Bukit Bintang

An interesting encounter before I arrived: I was taking the KL Monorail to Bukit Bintang when I noticed one of the Monorail doors was out of commission.

The Spoiled Door in the KL Monorail

Even though the sign was clearly displayed on the door in both Malay and English, it surprised me how long a reaction it took people to realize the door was spoiled at every station stop! And I mean, they actually wait – as in more than 10 seconds – for the door to open even though the sign was clearly pasted in front of them in both languages! Either people’s reaction in general are growing less sharp or there are still a lot of illiterates in our society?

The train ride wouldn’t be half as fun without mentioning how a group of young Malay boys played a hilarious prank just before they finally got off: they stood behind the spoiled door as if it was still working, thus fooling the incoming passengers to expect that the door would naturally open! 🙂

Okay it’s picture time from here on…


With Vince Tan

Gobala Krishnan

Mike Reining & Patrick Grove

L- R: Gobala, Ewen, Vince, Edmund Loh

Drinks at Luna Bar

The conversations and socializing resumed in Luna Bar, just near the KL Tower. View was breath taking! My second time here… 🙂

View from Luna Bar

I could sense a “shift in the gear” when talking to these seemingly ordinary individuals, for what’s backing them is extraordinary achievements. There was absolutely no room for small talks, and in spite of their massive success in their respective fields, I am more impressed by how humble many of them actually are. If I had to pick out only one most important lesson I learned that night, this is the one.

Edmund with Brian Wong

Meet Brian Wong. He alone is proof that the world is truly connected; Brian knows some of the people I personally work with! And to give him some praise, he looks younger than he is. 😉

He had also put up a set of photos on his own blog here.

Kenneth Yu and Kuda Laura

Haven’t seen Kenneth Yu and the rest of his Mindvalley gang in ages – in fact the faces I saw that night were like 90% different from the last year I saw them at the same place. I’m happy to tell you that Kenneth had seen exponential growth in his copywriting business and ventured on to become an expert with Twitter as well. 🙂

Lisa Zahran

Here’s Lisa Zahran, Kenneth’s apprentice and upcoming online copywriter too! She hails from Penang.

With Vishen Lakhiani

The head and co-owner of Mindvalley, Vishen. I’ve met him for the first time 2 years ago and this is the first time I’ve taken a picture with him. Finally! Thanks for the wonderful dinner and the brilliant idea on organizing the Meeting of the Minds, Vishen!

Mark Joyner!

Hey, what do you know? It’s Mark Joyner! While Mark needs no introduction, a brief 5 minute conversation with him convinced me that he’s not only a more-than-highly-successful figure in the Internet Marketing and Self Improvement arena, he’s also very down to earth and there was no air of aloofness.

Oh boy, Edmund, you’ve got TONS more to learn from these big guys…!

Patric Chan

Patric Chan who hails from Penang. (his wife Emily was there too) I’ve seen him spoke on stage a few times and had reason to believe he’s a very serious individual… until I got to know him informally. LOL there are many facets to a person! 🙂

Stuart Tan, Matt, Mark Joyner

L-R: Stuart Tan, Matt Harty, Mark Joyner
Stuart originally invited me to this dinner, thanks! 🙂 Will be seeing him again in Singapore in a few days from now to attend the SMART Seminar event at Expo Hall.

Jacklyn Ker

Jacklyn Ker, flanked by both me and Vince Tan. 🙂

The Group

L-R: Vince Tan, Gobala Krishnan, me, Vishen

More photos on my FaceBook photo album:

First Time Speaking: IPASS Seminar TTDI

My first speaking experience of any kind started today at the AKLTG office in TTDI Plaza, Kuala Lumpur.

iPASS Seminar

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how I would rate. It had been a long time since I last stood in front of a crowd. And what was supposed to be a 45 minute presentation on Content Creation Secrets turned into a 1 and a half hour session.

Not that the content creation methods were a secret anymore after the presentation.

Content Creation Series

The crowd of no more than 57 people had been but a energetic, humorous lot… and challenging as well. I especially like people who catch my jokes.

To my own surprise, my first speaking experience went off with a good and satisfying start. I was surprised how well I handled standing in front of a group of audience – did people actually prefer to die over speaking in public?

Have to improve the part on talking too fast though.

Edmund Loh on Content Creation Secrets

I owe my confidence and motivation boosting greatly to Ladan because if not for her, I don’t think I would have fared this well this afternoon.

Edmund with Ladan

And not forgetting to thank Stuart Tan and the 57 students – Joseph, KC Goh, Perianan, Wong, and others – for giving me the opportunity to be at the event as a guest speaker. It had been a great pleasure.

It’s worth speculating. I look forward to see more enthusiastic people in the local Internet Marketing scene!

Informal Internet Marketing Gathering

It was sudden but the two day trip to Kuala Lumpur was worthwhile. 🙂 Although the gathering was informal and arranged in a short notice, it was great seeing one of my business partners, Vince Tan, again and catch up with Stuart Tan. This was also my first time meeting Simon Leung in person, who hails from the US (of Hong Kong origin).

The informal gathering was held at Stuart’s new office in TTDI Plaza and 16 of us participated in a ‘brain dump’ session for ideas, strategies, advice, and more. More than half of the group consisted of newcomers to Internet Entrepreneurship.

The session lasted for a good four hours. What a waste that I didn’t have my notebook ready. It’s been a while since I last participated in a fruitful session, really. 😛

The Group

The group photo from the informal IM Gathering.

Standing (L-R): Simon Leung, Angeline, Paul, ??, Kang, Tian Yan, ??, ??, Alex, ??, Vince Tan
Sitting (L-R): Jonathan, May Ong, Edmund Loh (me), Stuart Tan, Kiennie Loh

Note: Sorry about the “??”s because I can’t remember some of your names, but if you’ll let me know I’ll update this post again.

Let’s Meet in Bali! (Updated 3rd April)

*** UPDATED 3rd APRIL: See bottom of this post for latest updates. ***

Hey There!

I’ll be speaking for the first time at the Bali Rendezvous in Bali, Indonesia. I hope to see you there, if you’re an Internet Marketer too and want to take your business to the next level.

I’ll come to the cheese real soon but first, here are quick details:

The Event: The Bali Rendezvous
Venue: Grand Hyatt Bali, Bali, Indonesia
Dates: 6 – 8th June 2008
Length: 3 Days 2 Nights
Full Details: LINK REMOVED

Even though it’s still three months away, I’m really steamed up with excitement about going to this event. Not because I’ll be speaking (it’s not my cup of tea) but it’s because of the people that are going to the event.

There’s a full list of speakers and marketing top guns heading to the small island on those dates but I’ll cover some of them here briefly just so you get a better idea who you’re going to be meeting:

1. Lee McIntyre – UK
Personally I’ve not heard of Lee McIntyre only until recently so I cannot comments about him and his expertise just yet. Still worth speculating.

2. James b Allen – Japan
Met him for the first time at World Internet Mega Summit, Singapore last year. Nice and pleasant chap! 🙂

3. James Brown – Japan
Now this is what I’m talking about – low-profile, but really embarrasses a lot of so-called famous marketers out there. He may not look like he’s deeply involved in the Internet Marketing niche. But if you have 500 other active niche sites like James, the Internet Marketing niche is just a nice bonus to toy around with. He is also someone I look forward to meeting in person.

4. Kevin Riley – Japan
Har de har… look who we’ve got. General Riley. My first online encounter with Kevin was in the most unlikely place on the Internet: the Warrior Forum – OFF TOPIC forum. We may joke a lot online – and offline too when we met in Singapore last year – but hey, there’s no denying that Kevin makes a good partner in business too. He’s unselfishly helped me with my past promotions like Private Label Rights Gold. And the least I could do for him is top his affiliate list for his recent Product Launch.

Commander Edmund Loh

Tough luck for your affiliate army Kevin.

5. John Delavera – USA
This is another top marketing figure I look forward to meeting. Who doesn’t know him? The great grand daddy of Turbo software and products, and the mind behind the infamous JVManager 1 & 2! He remains an enigma until now (notice we’ve not seen any picture of John before?). John will be speaking for the first time in Asia. 🙂

6. GUEST SPEAKER: Ian del Carmen – Philippines
Fireball dude… we’ll meet again!

7. GUEST SPEAKER: Edmund Loh – Malaysia
… What can I say about him? 🙂

Other speakers going to the event include Willie Crawford, Paul Kleinmaulman and Dr. Mani.

Attendees also enjoy these great perks:

* Business networking opportunities
* 5-star hotel accommodation for 3 Days 2 Nights
* Take your family and visit Bali too!
* Exclusive online Bali Membership
* Full Internet access
* The Bali boys will personally escort you from the airport to the event too

Hope to see you there! 🙂

***** LATEST UPDATE *****

Just got this email.

Canceled Bali Rendezvous

You might think this is an April Fool’s joke, considering this email was sent on 1st April. But having been in the loop of things that led up to the cancellation of this Internet Marketing event, I knew this to be for real. And in many ways, I saw this coming somehow. So no surprises. Evidently, the website is no longer there when I checked it out.

In respect to the organizers and a few individuals involved who are sensitive towards the internal conflicts within the Bali Rendezvous Committee, I won’t dive into the details.

Personally, I had been looking forward to attending this event as it would be my first speaking gig of any kind. And the opportunity to meet up and network with other top-tier Internet Entrepreneurs from around the world? A priceless incentive. In fact, I had purchased my flight tickets to Jakarta and Bali in advance just more than a week back.

Unfortunately, the little series of events that unfolded lately eventually led up to the painful decision made by the Bali Rendezvous Committee to cancel the event.

It’s a bummer it had to end up like this. 🙁 Even though I am not part of the organizing team (read: guest speaker), I’ve learned a handful of lessons from this, especially that it goes to show that some things in life are just plain unpredictable, and beyond control. What I can do is make the best of the situation.

In this case, since I’ve already bought my flight tickets… I might as well go for a holiday. 🙂

It looks like my first speaking gig will be elsewhere – another time, another event, and another venue. I look forward to seeing you all soon, only elsewhere.

The Meet Up with Singaporean Internet Marketers

Last Saturday, I took a trip down to Singapore to meet up with Dylan Loh, Joseph Then and Alvin Phang (first time). The meeting took place in Woodlands and it lasted longer than I thought – a few hours actually.

The Singaporean Internet Marketers and Edmund Loh

L-R: Dylan, me, Joseph, Alvin

It has been a while since I last sat down with a group of highly energetic individuals who are BIG thinkers, and dare to do BIG things. I think that’s how the words ‘movers and shakers’ came about. 🙂

It was great to catch up with Joseph again, since I last saw him at Stuart Tan’s Subscribers Nite last October. I planned to bring my own laptop but foreseeing the hassles at the Malaysian-Singapore immigration I ditched that idea. After all, I already relied on Joseph to bring his trusty laptop. 🙂 Haha!

My ‘evil brother’ Dylan shared with me his latest schemes to rule the world – well okay, actually BIGGER plans to make MORE money. Oh how I love to hear those words! 🙂 In fact, I already started a mutual project with Dylan but due to time constraint, it hasn’t taken of just yet. But it will be real soon i.e. by next month!

This was my first time meeting Alvin in person. Definitely a big shot in his own rights and not to be underestimated on any account. This guy came from an I.T. background and I recognize him as a speedy Internet Entrepreneur. In just 2 short years, not only has he amassed sizable success for himself, he went on to teach others as well. AMAZING!

It’s unfortunate that Stuart couldn’t join us that day – not good timing perhaps. But I’ll be arranging another separate meet up with him soon.

Thanks for the generous sharing guys, and I hope I’ve helped you in some ways as well. We’ll be working together real soon! 🙂