Saturday Night Party at Bangsar Permai

Due to limited Internet access I hardly went online for the last few days and even so, I needed to attend to my PLRGold5 customer support issues and inquiries.

Okay, now when was the last time I actually partied this hard? Hmm… 🙂

Daylight Rush

It was a rush in the day time as I had just relocated to the Damansara Kim the day before. Khai and I purchased a set of furniture from IKEA but unfortunately, I have to left hands when it comes to handiwork. And almost anything purchased from IKEA is Do-It-Yourself.

At least I’ve set up my own chair. 🙂

Since I couldn’t stand seeing my room in such a mess, I decided to hire Mattgyver again to help me with the setting up of the cupboard and half-done table.

It turned out that I bought a set of cheap, lousy tools for the job. So yeah, I went out and bought the best screwdriver I could fine and we got the table and cupboard all set up in a breeze – wheeeee!

I had to buy myself a new pair of clothes and a bottle of wine (or was it champagne? No idea) since not only is it a good customary to NOT come to a party empty-handed, it is also good NOT to wear old clothes, especially if you have been wearing them since 1999 and that you have busted a hole or two in your underwear.

Rush Hour 4?

I made haste to Bangsar Permai so I left home at least 2 hours early because not only am I not familiar with the Bangsar area, I didn’t want to take a gamble on taxi drivers who may or may not be willing to drive me there from my location.

So I did a smart thing: just hop a bus to KL Sentral from Uptown and then get the cabby to drive me to the doorstep of Bangsar Permai. 🙂

I came just in time (at 9:00 PM) only to find out that there will still preparations going on. Couldn’t stand just standing around, I offered some help – like following Khai Lee to 7-11 to buy some ice and mineral water. The apartment scene was a déjà vu though, considering that I had spent the last couple of days shifting and doing home preparations.

It was only an hour later or so that the apartment became sardine-packed with people from all walks of life (literally) and turned into a party pad before anyone knows it.

The People

Coming much well prepared this time – with sleek new clothes, a bottle of something and name cards to go – check out the people whom I have had the pleasure of meeting at the party bash:

Mindvalley People
Since Mindvalley is an army of brains packed into one entity, I will generally classify them all as “Mindvalley People”. Since they were hosting the party thus deserve the first mention. 🙂 Props for organizing such a fantastic party! See you people on coming Monday.

The Bartender
Didn’t get to hear his name properly (sounded like Shiken or something) – he was one of the earliest guests that came over, besides me. 🙂 Thanks a bunch for launching the drinks over, and understanding that I don’t drink alcohol.

Jason Lim
What do you know? He was my scout senior back in high school! His face looks rounder now, though I could recognize some distinct features. Currently, he is a business consultant and must be doing pretty well!

I have to admit the party dance was lively because of her, but she did look like a dancing skeleton! 😛

Seng Chai
Haha… the 26-year old guy who hasn’t really revealed what he does!

Nicholas & Joyce
I had no idea they were from my former high school, too! And what more surprising was that I don’t recall seeing them before since they are only one year older than me. Even though I didn’t talk or get to know with every single person at school back then, I would have at least remembered faces. But I didn’t remember seeing Nicholas or Joyce. Nicholas was from an IT class – the same class as another guy named Mun Tuck, another chap I once know. Hmm…

For the first 5 seconds, I didn’t recognize her even after she greeted me. Plus, I thought she was supposed to be in Penang (but no, she was here too)! I trusted her with some writing work just recently and expected her to work while I go party. 😛 I should feel really guilty! Still, it was great to see her in person again.

John Tan & Iris
HIGHLIGHT: Now this is SERIOUSLY one of the last people on Earth I expected to meet… again!

I barely remembered John initially (and so does he anyway). I introduced myself to him and talked casually until I realized that… you know what? He and I and the rest of the ole’ neighborhood gang used to frequent cyber cafes some 10 years ago! Yes, with other chaps like Yoon Wei, Wai King, Lek Soon, Thavan, Vincent Tan, Victor Tang, and more.

I wasn’t a close friend of his since he studied in a different school and like me, led a totally different life from high school onwards. But even though he’s into the games business (he always love gaming) I felt that we share a lot in common let alone much to talk about!

Another example of “the world is getting smaller” and a case of law of attraction in effect?

John is only one year older than me but he’s very, very enterprising. He started his first business at the age of 17 in New Zealand, and now runs a game development company.

He has this interesting theory that gamers are actually enterprising people (or something along those lines. I got to check with him again soon). I think it’s already proven! 🙂

A friend and business partner of John Tan, though he runs his own company in the filming field. A very nice guy though he could use some help on abstaining from drinking too much. 🙂


Ok nothing much to write about it since it was all dance, dance, dance… which I haven’t been dancing let alone partied this hard since the last time I could remember.

And the party couldn’t be more fun without me busting out a display of raw skills and energy on the dance floor. 🙂

This went on all the way until 4 in the morning.

Bangsar Permai Party with Edmund Loh

L-R: Iris, John Tan, Khai Lee, Me.

Okay, not one of our best photos – we look so tired and messed up after several hours into the party – talking and dancing (and drinking and smoking for some others).

All in all, Saturday night was a blast!

Mindvalley Labs, Flickr Party & Meeting New People

Another crazy but interesting week to conclude the very eventful month of August! 😉

Earlier this month, I was given the “opportunity of the lifetime” to learn from yet another highly successful E-Commerce company, situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

It’s totally cool in more ways than one, because for starters, I don’t have to commit myself to them – this means I can still work on my business at anytime I want and come in at any time I want for the next four weeks.

Secondly, they are running a lot of very interesting projects and their strategies, concepts, people, management, etc. are soooo unconventional. I am not apart of their team, but I will be coming in to brainstorm ideas with them in exchange for priceless education no money can buy.

Yes, they have openly admitted they want to pick my brain. Well, I’m not game after salary (since I already have a lot of those green stuff by now) so it would be wise if I pick the brains of the 10-20 smart people there, so heck they can have my brain for all I care! 😛

Monday – 27th August

Ok, it’s time to “go to school” at Mindvalley Labs.

Oh, didn’t I tell you that it’s also called the MV Institute, School of Higher Learning for Gifted Youngsters? (Man this sounds so much like X-Men now…)

The MV Institute

Hmm… School of Higher Learning for Gifted Youngsters. Man, I should be honored. 🙂

The first mutant MV-Men, Khai Lee greeted me as soon as I entered the “MV Institute”…

Khai Lee a.k.a. Alpha 5 from Power Rangers

Yup, that’s Khai Lee but…


… DUDE (yeah there goes my constipated-looking face again), Power Rangers? Whoa – that’s nostalgic! Reminds me a lot about my Power Ranger and Zord toys back when I was still a kid (wait, I AM still a kid – only at heart).

Ok so Khai Lee, his other fellow mutant Janne and I then proceeded to do battle of the brains – also called brainstorming – on a couple of their current projects – out of their 1,732,986 web projects in total.

Khai Lee

It’s interesting to note that I know all of the 3 Khai brothers, starting from their youngest one, Khai Yong, who was my former school- and class mate, then Khai the eldest of the 3, and later Khai Lee himself, though I knew he existed for some time earlier, since he too went to the same school and was 2 years my senior.

Janne – he hails from Finland and is a very brilliant person. A common trait among all the mutants people here at Mindvalley Labs, also known as the MV-Institute of Higher Learning for Gifted Youngsters (like me, since I can bend my both my thumbs straight). This guy is excellent when it comes to programming and applications. He’s proven to be highly a systematic planner and he does Yoga in his free time. Ok, worship ends here.

So we finished up most of the Monday and Tuesday brainstorming for ideas and coming up with solutions on a couple of their latest projects. 🙂

Tuesday Night at Flickr’s

An impromptu invitation to one of the KL clubs for Internet mutants! Hosted by Flickr.

Flickr Bash

They were all total strangers to me there – and I was reminded of what a shy person I really am – I intend to do something about this after my PLRGold5 launch… really seriously. A friend of mine told me that she thinks I’m not shy, but very very self-conscious. She’s right about that too. Hmm… Another problem to tackle at the roots.

Anyway, I did what I came here for. Take pics. Do some poses. And then more.


Edmund “Ninja” Loh with Tim Tim. Hmm… why was I so tanned? No, I didn’t drink.

Da Gang

L-R: Me, Tim Tim, Khai Lee, Meike.

A little bit about Meike: she started working with Mindvalley as an Intern just last 2 Mondays ago. She hails all the way from Germany, and is now learning to experience the local culture here! 🙂

Wednesday – The Night of the Owls

I didn’t want to pass up the chance to meet 2 of my avid blog stalkers fans, Ben Chin and Peng Joon, even though it was going to be very late at night.

So yeah, I walked all the way from DU, passing by 1Utama and then to Banana Leaf at Centrepoint. Yes, I’ve got an abundance of stamina. 🙂

Deserted 1U

Hmmm… it’s not all the time you get to see 1U THIS empty. So here I am with Matt Ng, Ben Chin and Peng Joon.

Teh Tarik!!

This went on all the way until 3:30 in the morning. 😐

Thursday – Meeting the Big Cheese

Starting the day before, I hadn’t really slept (does 5 hours of half-sleeping with an active brain in 72 hours count?). My mind was hyper active even though my body was physically tired. Happens all the time when I get an influx of idea overload. If I am not worried, I am super excited. Not good for health, though, since it robs my sleep.

So okay, I went to Mindvalley Labs again and this time, guess who I met?

Professor V

The tanned version of Professor X. Alright. Let’s do Battle of the Brains again. You’re on!

After this, since I was to go back to Johor Bahru again the next morning, I decided to drop by and visit Sen Ze and friends.

I didn’t take any photos here, but it was great to know that my SOLOBIS buddies there are doing good. 🙂

Btw, fun fact: Sen Ze’s latest book, AirAsia’s Success Story, co-authored with Jayne Ng, had achieved bestseller status within just 2 weeks after launch into the local bookstores. CONGRATULATIONS! 🙂 That was a nasty feat.

I didn’t chance upon meeting Karan Dhillon, my gooood friend arch enemy at the SOLOBIS HQ. But for the fun of teasing him and his obsession over Sesame Street, I’ll just post this edited pic here.


Go ahead – click on the thumbnail and view the enlarged picture. I made this spoof pic some couple of months back. 🙂

Friday – Journey to the South and Independence Day

I was at Pudu in the morning, just an hour before my scheduled bus trip to the South. Coincidentally, today was Independence Day and there was a parade nearby.

There were aircrafts performing some show on TV and since I was very nearby, the sound of the aircrafts zooming by at super-sonic speed was deafening!

Ah, and here’s our friendly guys in white.

Men in White

Ok so that pretty much wraps it up! 🙂

The 7/7/07 Wedding & Pictures

Congratulations to Khai & Yuenn – the newly wed couple! 🙂

They’re saving the big bash for late November, but it won’t hurt hosting a little party bash over at Khai’s place. I was one of the few guests invited, and here’s how we celebrated: dinner and board games. (This is soooo Khai-style)

Some Pics on 7/7/07

Yuenn, Jasmin, Sen Ze

L-R: Yuenn, Jasmin, Sen Ze.

Foo, Yuenn, Jasmin

L-R: Foo, Yuenn, Jasmin

Board Games a.k.a. Creaming Time


Playing Lifeboats.

Jie Ming (Alfred Ko): Uhh… how do I play this game?

Gobala Krishnan: I am the Captain!

Edmund Loh (that’s me!): *Hee hee hee hee*! I am confident I can win the game. I’m gonna sink you, Gobi!

Khai: Don’t trade with him! He’s winning! (Friend, this is NOT Settlers of Catan.)

Edmund Loh

Hah! My men have made it to the shore! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Seeeerious Game

Seeerious last round… with so few lifeboats remaining, and every men and leak counts, it’s virtually anyone’s win now.

Khai Won!

What do you know… Khai won (at the expense of my sailors)! The entire day belongs to him, after all. 😛

Credits to Foo for the photos…

WIS Video

Here’s a quick video taken throughout the last World Internet Summit adventure in Singapore.

10 Things I Noticed About The Video

1. 2:30 – 2:18 – Khai looked like he was conducting a typical MLM talk/presentation in front of the crowd.

2. Khai has a generous share of footage in the video.

3. 2:18 – 2:11 – it looked as if I was giving Khai a testimonial following his “MLM talk”.

4. 2:02 – 1:55 – Aurelius Tjin looked dumb-founded.

5. 1:51 – 1:43 – James B Allen and James Brown looked like they were demanding for some kind of compensation.

6. 0:54 – 0:46 – well… we hardly hang around in the seminar event itself throughout the 4 day duration. (so much for the reservations)

7. 0:24 – John Childer’s pose resembled Bobby Lashley’s trademark entrance, a Wrestling Superstar from WWE.

8. 0:21 – 0:18 – the WIS speakers were trying to do something weird on stage!

9. 0:16 – There’s “na na na na na” written all over the presentation slide in the background.

10. Ladan, the camera girl, has only 2-3 seconds worth of air time!

Video added with permission and courtesy of Ladan Lashkari.

Post WIS – The Summary

UPDATED 2nd June 9th July 2007…

Phew! I’ve just returned from the World Internet Mega Summit in Singapore.

Okay, I’ve got some of the photos from the WIS ready in my hard drive. I’ll post a quick summary on the World Internet Mega Summit here, with some candid photos on display. 😉

SIDENOTE: click on any of the thumbnails below to see the enlarged photos.

Here goes!

The Pre-WIS Meeting (May 25th 2007)

We started the afternoon with us Malaysian Pirates Internet Marketers on “The Amazing Race” to the Mercure Roxy Hotel in Singapore.

The 5 of us were: Me, Khai, Vince Tan, Gobala Krishnan, and Melvin Ng.

We reached Mercure Roxy (a 4-star hotel) late evening and were among the first to attend the Warrior’s Pre-WIS meeting. I spotted Joseph Then, the host of the short session, and a few other Early Birds there, including William Tan.

It was an hour or so later that the room was teeming with enthusiastic Internet Marketers.

Pre-WIS Meeting

There were surprised visits by WIS founders Tom Hua and Brett McFall (nice, shiny head he’s got over there). The Pre-WIS Warrior Gathering kick started with a quick introduction by everyone present then, and the crowd soon turned to the networking phase and name card exchanges. 🙂

Joseph Then booming the mic

Crowd gathering to listen to Joseph Then booming the mic.

Pre-WIS Gathering

L-R: Edmund Loh (me), Gobala, Khai, Vince Tan. At the Back: Andrew Wee

Edmund Loh with Melvin Ng

Melvin Ng adopting the faith of terrorism. He believes in achieving peace through power, and digging secrets through sadism. The picture above says it all.

Edmund Loh, Gobala Krishnan, James B Allen

L-R: Me, Gobala Krishnan, James B Allen the Walking Tall.

James Brown

James “Frowning” Brown.

Ladan Lashkari & Andrew Wee

Ladan Laskhari trying to give the charming eyes while Andrew Wee was too engrossed with the current presentation.

Dee Ferdinand and Edmund Loh

L-R: Dee Ferdinand, Me.

Bruce Gibson & Michael Lee

Bruce Gibson the Resell Rights wizard and Michael Lee, the persuasion wizard.

Andrew Hansen with Bob Bastian

Andrew Hansen with Bob Bastian. Notice how Andrew looks like he’s on a “crack”?

Aurelius, Bob, Me

Aurelius, Bob Bastian and me.

Bob, Me, Joseph, Vince

The four-some: Bob, me, Joseph Then, and Vince Tan.

Group Photo from Pre-WIS

And a group photo to conclude the day! 😛

WIS – Day 1

The Malaysian Pirates Internet Marketers and I arrived at the Expo Hall 1 in the morning.

The morning started off with a roar from Pete Miller, the MC of the event, repeatedly greeting the crowd, “HEEEEEEEEEEELLO~ SINGAPORE!!!” (James Brown: “That guy is on drugs.“)

There was even a set of reserved seats for members from the Warrior Forum, courtesy of Arnold Voosloo Von Diesel Stone Cold Steve Austin Brett McFall.

The World Internet Mega Summit event was attended by about 1,500-2,000 people, judging from the size of the hall. As the entire duration of the summit was geared more towards beginning Internet Marketers, it’s no wonder you would have found me haunting the corridors of the Expo Hall often.

So I was checking out the Joint Venture (JV) table when I came across something really familar.

My PLR E-Books?

I think I’ve seen those E-Books somewhere, when they were in Word Document and still under development *hint*.

Oh yeah, I have also snapped a picture with this rich chap who calls himself an Ewen Chia:

Edmund Loh with Ewen Chia

He smelled of money and cigar. Awesome lifestyle he must be living.

With most of us having our own stuff to do, Joseph Then offered to take Vince, Melvin, and I to Geylang for dinner. We also spent most of the night playing “Settlers of Catan” in our hotel room and exploring areas outside the Mercure Roxy Hotel.

WIS – Day 2

We came to the Expo Hall in the later half of the day, though I personally found this particular WIS day boring. Admittedly, I was hardly inside the WIS itself.

I spent the night at the nearest Time Zone arcade with Khai. Well, I’ve also spent a lot of $ $ $ over there, because either I was a lousy shooter OR the arcade games were set to cheat mode (which I believe is the case). If there was any consolation at all, at least we won the entire Ghost Squad game… after a couple of kids played 2/3rd of the game for us, that is.

WIS – Day 3

Now seriously… If I knew I wouldn’t be entering the hall often, I shouldn’t have bought the ticket to the WIS, and save SGD197.00 on the vacation. LOL

Edmund Loh with Patric Chan

That’s Patric Chan with me… before I picked his brains for Niche Marketing secrets.

Edmund Loh with Hazel

That’s Hazel. I can almost hear her sing, “Don’t ya wish yer momma is HOT like me…” Yes, I wish. 😉

Now here’s something interesting: Kevin Riley, who is my arch enemy, extended to a bunch of us an invitation to the Bora Bora Beach Bar. He told us to be there by 7pm this night.

Well, we eventually learned that he picked an obscure spot in Singapore for a gathering, and far away from the Hotel. 🙁 Simply because he thought Singapore is a super tiny island (but a complex “everywhere-looks-the-same” maze) and when he saw the map, he probably went “A-HA, let’s go here. This place looks good“.

We were running late by the time we got there at 7.45PM, and Kevin gave us a sneak surprise from behind just when we were about to board the Sentosa Bus. 😉

It was almost an hour later we were joined together with guys like Bob Bastian, Dee Ferdinand, James Brown, James B Allen, Andrew Hansen, Ladan Lashkari, and more.

Edmund Loh with John Chan

Me with John Chan at the Sentosa island. Loyal customer, I say. 🙂

WIS – Day 4 (The Last Day)

Edmund, Aurelius & Ian

Started the last WIS day experience with a surprised ambush from Ian del Carmen. Everyone’s out there to pick my brains. Damn.


The PLRSecretsExposed Duo

The duo is here! Me and Aurelius Tjin. That reminds me: I’d better get Aurelius to update the website with a new set of photos for the header.

Edmund Loh with James Brown

A pic with James Brown, a highly successful Internet Entrepreneur. He’s one brilliant guy and I’ve learned a lot from him. If you haven’t met him, you haven’t really lived. Serious!

The Gang Is Here

L-R: Aurelius Tjin, Me (Edmund), James B Allen, Gobala Krishnan, Melvin Ng.

Dylan Loh with Ian del Carmen

Dylan Loh and Ian del Carmen. Dweebs.

Edmund Loh

Want my name card? Here you go. 🙂

Group Pic

Stole a photo with James Brown’s wife while he went to the rest room. Oh we’re such opportunists…

L-R: Khai, Dylan Loh, Vince, JB’s Wife (from Japan!).

Edmund Loh & Frank Bauer

Me with Frank Bauer.

Kevin Riley & Lateef

Kevin Riley and Lateef. Lateef is from Nigeria. I don’t know what websites he own, but I do know his username ID on the Warrior Forum is successb.

Lateef held hostage by Melvin Ng

Lateef held hostage by Melvin Ng. Here we go again…

Quentin and Edmund Loh

Me with Quentin. He custom-made his own “Warrior Forum” shirt!

Fireball - Kame Hame Ha!

Ian and Aurelius pitting out against each other in a “Kame Hame Ha” battle. Ian seemed to be taking it with relative ease while Aurelius was seen struggling.

Edmund Loh & Khai

Me telling off the crowd, “Go get your own ghostwriter!” Khai was probably thinking, “0wn4g6!”

4 Some

L-R: Frank, Me, Ian, Aurelius.

Coming close to midnight, the Malaysian Pirates Internet Marketers and I had our last dinner at Geylang (No Sign Board restaurant) with Kevin Riley, James Brown & his wife, James B Allen, and Gordon just before we rushed off to catch a train back home from Tanjong Pagar.


Since you’ve read this far, you don’t even need to guess how much I was enjoying myself, getting to network with others and meet new people in person. It was really interesting to get to build business and friendly relationships beyond just typing a bunch of text and talking in front of the computer screen.

Here’s a quick summary on the amazing people I have met at the WIS event (in alphabetical order):

Andrew Hansen – he has the typical looks of a “surfer dude” with t-shirt, shorts and sandals to go. It’s hard to believe sometimes, that this is the senile guy behind the infamous Niche Marketing on Crack E-Book and Niche Empire Generator software. Have fun with your PS3!

Andrew Wee – Met this Singaporean chap only once at the Pre-WIS gathering. I’d better follow up with this nice guy. He would probably be nice enough to let me on his Super Affiliate Marketing secrets on the house. LOL

Aurelius Tjin – I worked closely with him some time last year on PLR Secrets Exposed. Recently, he pulled off a successful 5-figure launch with Copy & Paste Graphics Volume II. Glad to be among his top 5 affiliate!

Brian Lee – I saw him only once at the WIS. Not too long ago, he created a hot selling report for tourists… particularly the Warrior members who were planning to head to Singapore for the WIS. What an opportunist!

Bruce Gibson – I’ve met this guy on several occassions though briefly. We’ll work together pretty soon, I believe.

Bob Bastian – this guy is tall! He runs one of the earliest PLR membership sites on the Internet called Private Label Publishing. Go check it out.

Collin Fu – He is the living proof that the 1960s are still alive and kicking! Nice to meet you in person.

CheapestCovers Gang – it’s Hafiz a.k.a. Bitol and Najzmi! Hafiz seemed to be smoking forever, though. And apparently, their E-Cover services aren’t the cheapest anymore. LOL

CW Teo – Hmm… met you briefly once. I know you had lots more to talk about your upcoming product. Keep me posted via email! 🙂

David Cavanagh – nice to finally meet you and your family in person. And thanks for sharing a bunch of your insights on Internet Marketing in the shoes of a visionary. They’re priceless!

Dee Ferdinand – Great to meet you in person! Don’t forget to share some of the many photos you have snapped at the event. To everyone else, Dee has been a close cooperative partner of several Internet Marketers, and has an army of programmers behind him. I look forward to our next Joint Venture.

Dennis Sim – Okay, this guy hails from Penang, and is currently staying in Klang. Great meeting up with you, and I am sure Khai has a lot of money-making opportunities for you in store.

Dylan Loh – Well well well… my long lost brother? Same age (only 5 months different), almost the same height, almost the same looks, only a few hundred kilo metres apart… what gives?

Ernest Tan aka TheLazyPig – met him only once or twice. He appeared as lazy as his brand name claims but deep inside, runs a hardworking mind, devicing schemes involuntarily for making lots of money on the Internet. Give me a continent when you achieve Global Domination. 🙂

Frank Bauer – German guy staying in Aussie. I bought an e-zine ad space from him recently. He’s a really nice guy and is the candidate for “The Next Internet Millionaire”. Vote for him!

Galadriel – our kind, gentle mak cik from Malaysia! 🙂 Nice to meet you and have you join the rest of us on our trip home in the KTM train.

Gobala Krishnan – he was quite obsessed with purchasing a new guitar throughout the trip, and then complain about the weight on our way home.

Hazel – Malaysians, you will probably want to be on a lookout for her in the near future. From what I gathered, she learns pretty quick and I believe there lies a serious motivator inside her.

Ian del Carmen – this is the guy I have been saying “no” to for JVs. When he finally showed up, I realized I said “no” to the wrong person. He was physically big and strong enough to bury me into the ground and could end my Internet Marketing career instantly. So the result? I had to JV with him. Smart, wasn’t I? 😉

James Brown – this guy runs over 500+ niche websites, 10% of which probably belongs to the Internet Marketing arena. You see, he’s like the R2D2 of Internet Marketing; he has been there in the “land before time” in Internet Marketing, and surely knows a lot of stuff we don’t see under the sun, that are costing us MILLIONS!

James B Allen – He doesn’t look like anything in the photos I’ve seen earlier. Maybe it was the hair. Then again, I shouldn’t comment about it because I heard just the same about myself. LOL James is the same guy behind the renowned FROP (Free Report Online Profits) system. Trivia fact: his room number at Mercure Roxy Hotel was #735.

John Chan – this wise sage with TONS of wisdom hails all the way from Hong Kong. He’s a great customer of mine from the Warrior Forum! 🙂

Joseph Then – thanks for hosting the Pre-WIS meeting with your handy skills as a Kids Party Entertainer. I smell SEARIM Volume II coming up!

Kevin Riley – At last! (or is it alas?) I finally get to meet this tyrant General in person. Kevin is highly famous in the Warrior Forum and is known for producing a lot of powerful reports. One of this trademarked sites include Mission Make Money Online.

Khai – I really wished he didn’t print any name cards for himself. I mean, imagine your ghostwriter a.k.a. “secret weapon” following you to a 4-day seminar packed with Information Marketers?! I’m probably lining up in his list of clients by now. There goes my future projects and huu-rah for my competitors (j/k).

Ladan Lashkari – she did look a little different compared to her photo. Ladan hails from Iran, though personally I’m not familar with her works. A lot of Internet Marketers look up to her especially after her success story was spreaded across several Internet Marketing blogs.

Lesley Chew – somehow, I was expecting to see you there! 😉 Nice meeting you again albeit briefly.

Melvin Ng – our uncle! Thanks for joining us and chipping in your gag bags otherwise the entire adventure won’t even be half as fun.

Samuel Ng – thanks for the DVDs! I’ll check them out and we’ll keep in touch via email on any possible Joint Ventures.

Vince Tan – this was our second time meeting in person. Just before the WIS, Vince launched his first membership site, Vince Tan Ready E-Books, and at this time of writing, I am his Top 3 affiliate. You surely owe me your soul, Vince. Mark July 23rd and September 3rd on your calendar!

PLUS brief encounters with other WIS speakers like Mike Filsaime, Mark Joyner, Tom Hua, Brett McFall, Armand Morin (he looks like a Brazilian Multi-Millionaire Druglord), and Ewen Chia.

If your name isn’t here – and we DID indeed met before, I apologize. There were too many people I have met, but I would appreciate a kind reminder if you drop me a comment in this post, and I’ll have it updated. And if you weren’t there… heck, I’d say, “wish you were here!”

Until the next time, everyone! Keep in touch…

Extended Credit: Thanks to Dee Ferdinand of for an extra bunch of photos!