Haze & Holidays

Not looking good.

Between the barrage of long holiday weekends and the worsening haze, it affected turnouts for my seminars.

Can you believe it? 3 Mondays that are holidays in a row. And this is the worst haze pollution I’ve seen since 2015. Though still not as bad as back then – back then I could smell fumes in the car and at home!

But the Holiday & Haze combo certainly affects show up rates as people are less inclined to go out, and it sure dampens the overall mood. Just prior to this, I’ve had a 3 consecutive home run streaks with my seminars.

And I picked the wrong time to double down on my events by doing it weekly instead of the usual bi-weekly.

On the brighter side, the holiday streak is over and the haze pollution is expected to last for another week. This morning’s event was a good comeback.

New strategy calls for reverting back to bi-weekly events in Klang Valley; I will be filling the other week in the next city: Johor Bahru.

Professional Photo Shoot 2019

Just a few of the 1,000+ photos we took at Musemancer the other day! Seems to me we are taking professional photos every 3 years.

Happy to see I’ve lost a bit of weight (by ‘a bit’ I mean 7-8KG!) since the last update, and more fitting suits to match. Also, easier for graphic design… my hair is much neater this round, easier to crop out!