Traffic & Conversion Summit 2016

One of the two main highlights of my US trip. This is the first time I’ve met many of the Internet Entrepreneurs and Marketers that I’ve worked with or heard of for so many years… now face to face! Feeling is surreal and somewhat hard to believe. lol

This year’s T&C was attended by 2,500+ people, and the booths were crazy too… it’s as if my email promo tabs came to life!

The sessions were great but man it’s been a long time since I last had info overload (then again, I’ve been going from one mastermind to another meeting to yet another in the last 3 weeks)

Too bad I cannot stay around long enough for Mayhem next month as I need to be back in Malaysia, otherwise I won’t get much done! And trust me, there’s LOTS TO DO and I’m already itching!

In all I spent exactly one week in San Diego. I had time to visit a few places before and after the event including the famous San Diego Zoo, USS Midway and the Maritime Museum.

That was great and all but one more stop remains: Dallas.

Yes, back to origin…

High Ticket Workshop

I had a bad start the moment I arrived in Dallas, Texas. After 27 hours of flying and transit via Emirates, I was further held back in the secondary clearance room at the immigration center in Dallas Fort Worth for another 2 hours.

Long story short: the customs officer asked the purpose of my visit. I was taken aback after the officer asked a barrage of ‘interrogative’ questions when I said I was here to attend a workshop on online business (not that he would understand the jargons of Internet Marketing like ‘big ticket’ ‘online marketing’ etc.)

The customs officer wasn’t convinced of my story. “So let me get this straight: you paid $10,000 to a guy you have not met before, don’t have his phone number, and you came all the way here on the promise he’s going to teach you how to do your business??”

“Well… yeah.”

Next thing I know, I found myself in a room full of brown people. Everyone in the room looked worried and tensed. So was I!

I was further quizzed by two other officers and every question got more probing, and my every response got more frustrating. So the stories about the paranoid measures at the customs and borders are true. The whole thing was just downright stupid. 

It was a high pressure environment and although I knew I’d laugh at this episode later, I was worried my Great American Trip would be over before it could even begin. What if I got sent back?

After what seemed like forever (2 hours had passed), I was handed back my passport and allowed to leave the room. “Welcome to Dallas.” Phew.

– – – – – – – – – –

The speed bumps behind, I spent my first five days in the US in Dallas, Texas, where the High Ticket workshop is.

What can I say about it? It was an intensive 3 + 2 days here (extra 2 because I was a VIP member). This had to be one of the most (if not the most) audacious, intense experience I’ve ever had in my business career.

So I flew halfway round the planet to this Mastermind with people I didn’t know…

Wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest…

Held my breath on some concerns…

Then in the few days I’ve been here, everyday was a test of my determination and mental strength. Not going to pretend, many times I thought of dropping it and giving up.

The result?

In the last 48+ hours, I made close to $20K (just $500 shy of that figure)

While I learned a great deal of lessons here, these stood out the most for me:

1. That I already had the power in me all along. I only needed to discover within me and harness it further.

2. Take action. I thought myself as one but the last 2-3 days alone really tested whether I put the money where my mouth is (figuratively or literally, you decide) Have to say, I didn’t work this intense back in Malaysia and my challenge after this is to keep up the intensity even after leaving this place.

3. Think BIG. When I came here to this mansion, I was in the company of sharks, the top of the food chain, with one of the participants who does half a million dollars a month. I wondered if I didn’t belong there but I decided I should make up with hard work – and I did just that.

I was on fire already and wanted to do more, only problem was… this is just the beginning of my US journey. I still had the road trip ahead so it wasn’t going to be conducive to get locked down and take on more big ticket clients and coaching calls.

Still I have more to learn. I’m thinking I need to do at least 50-100 calls to truly master and refine my steps. I look forward to the day I truly master the art of big ticket and it will be second nature.

Next Stop: Los Angeles…

First Stop: Meeting The PLR Fellowship In Singapore

There was one stop I had to make before going to the US: Singapore. My close business associates and I had planned this for months and I knew this meeting of the minds will be a historic moment that we will all look back years from now.

After a full year of hustling and working together to grow our businesses we met up at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore.

We met up in Ian del Carmen’s hotel room to strategise our next moves for the year – and for the others who couldn’t make it physically, they got onto Skype for a live conference with us (since Hologram isn’t mainstream… YET).

In as much as I’d like to spend more time here, my real journey has yet to begin.

Next destination: Dallas, Texas, US…!

DBA Surabaya Live

Easily the best event I’ve been to this year!

I’ve been to so many seminars – as speaker and attendee – and only few were very memorable.

Earlier this year, I was invited by Suzanna Theresia to be one of the 15 main speakers for her first and upcoming event called DBA Surabaya Live (DBA stands for Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It).

The cool part? My flight and hotel accommodation were all-expense-paid-for! Usually I pay my own when flying out, but I suppose this is part of the perks of helping a client with her launch successfully. 🙂

I enjoyed sharing my experience as much as learning from the Indonesian ‘mastahs’ and forging friendships and JV partnerships throughout my week here in Surabaya. It also reminded myself and some of the friends I know from years ago how far we came as entrepreneurs from humble beginnings and as a person.

Oh as an added perk: I even got to meet some of Indonesia’s celebrities and top names!

This was made possible by Suzanna and her amazing Shavout team. I hope we meet again next year and live up to the same level of energy, preferably higher.

Makasi semua mastah dan para hadirin yang mengunjungi acara ini.


Business Trip in Manila

This is my first time in Manila! And what brought me here? The prospect of doing business here!

2015206132935I’ve known Gian Sim online since 2012, and the prospect of doing a collaboration between Musemancer and his company Nooovle is what brought me here.


Some things we couldn’t just communicate over Skype… So I showed up at Nooovle in person! We had a 2 hour brainstorm session on a project my company will collaborate with Nooovle for the first time! (No details to be out yet, still confidential at this stage)

Business trip aside, GS booked me a City Suite at Hotel F1 Manila, a 4 star hotel… for the price of a budget hotel in Singapore!

2015205200607If I knew it earlier, I wouldn’t have come here alone… the idea of having the whole City Suite room to myself for 3 nights at an unbelievable price is… unbelievable! LOL The more I travel to other countries, the more I realize how much more hospitable these countries are compared to Malaysia.

While my stay in Manila is brief, this meeting the following day made the highlights of it all.

From what I know, this kind of gathering doesn’t happen all the time here in Manila.

I haven’t met Ian del Carmen and Mark Joyner since 2008.

It was my first time seeing Jeremiah Villagomez the kid designer prodigy in person (he’s taller than I thought)

Alvin Jhunne Cortez came to my office warming party in Malaysia last year, so returned the favor this time around.

And in a funny way, even though they’ve been in Manila, some of the guys here were connected through me! Haha.

Amazing meetup, thanks for making time and we’ll meet again next time, somewhere!