First Urban CQB In 2023

Today’s game consisted of 3 rounds: Team Deathmatch, Bomb plant/defusal (we won), and VIP escort/assassination (we won, I took out the VIP and his escort!)

I seldom play Airsoft in recent years, and because of that I’m concerned about the reliability of my toys.

Had to give my airsoft guns an emergency service, and also took over a retired friend’s SIG 551 piece that he hasn’t used for 10+ years. Need to buy some new parts and accessories after this. Since I work from home again (no office, no physical team) I expect to be more active in this sport this year.

TKL Airsoft In Himmappan Forest

My first Airsoft MILSIM since 2016, second game in Thailand, and with almost 300 players, this is the biggest event I’ve been to so far.

Organizers at TKL Airsoft have been planning this for months, and it showed. Game was from late morning to night, with balanced emphasis on fire fights, importance of supplies and accomplishing mission objectives.

The entire game narrative was loosely based on a true event that happened right here in this place (Himmappan Forest) where the Thai Army fought the Communist Party of Thailand (CPT).

Of course, as you can see in the photos, the players from each faction wore “loosely based” (camo for Thai Army and Foreign Volunteers, black and plain color for CPT)

The other thing that caught my attention was the WW2 reenactor scene is really strong in Thailand. Just wow!

And they have an impressive range of Airsoft guns too.

Hope to bring more Malaysians with me next round. There were 5 of us (incidentally, all from Johor… hence LUASKAN KUASAMU) but the more, the merrier.

Will definitely want to come back again!