WW2 Malay Regiment Reenactment Drill

I’ve had fun today seeing our local Reenactor’s community perform drills and discuss history.

Compared to other countries, Malaysia’s historical reenactment society is fairly “infant”. But that may change fast. Recently, they registered officially as Persatuan Reka Ulang Sejarah or PRUS. Though in practice, they’ve been doing this activity for some years.

If you have passion for our local history – interwar period, WW2, post-war era – and discover stuff your school will never be able to tell you, then you should look these guys up!


DSA and NATSEC 2024

My first time attending a local exhibition on Military firearms, vehicles and tech.

It was a fun few hours going booth to booth, floor to floor, like a kid in a candy store. Even though it was Day 3, there were lots of people and finding parking was a challenge. Good thing I carpooled here with Chin Chin.

Took a lot of photos and videos while I was at the exhibition, and this is just half of them for show here.

EDIT: not sure if it’s my website, hosting or just not-so-good Internet connection to this server, but I’ve got trouble uploading all the images into a single gallery, so I’ve broken this into two parts. Here’s a continuation…

P.S. DSA = Defense Service Asia and NATSEC = National Security, not “nut sack”, lol

P.P.S. Some of my friends asked how I got to know about this event and how to register. It appears to be annual or bi-annual. You can find out from their official website at https://www.dsaexhibition.com/. I registered early this year, though it appeared that they also welcomed walk-ins as long as you register on the spot via QR Code. Admission is FREE and to the public (despite the mention of “only individuals and organizations related to security”), and make sure you’re dressed appropriately i.e. business attire.

Prey 2023 Thailand Airsoft MILSIM

Just got home here in Johor, Malaysia from the much anticipated Airsoft MILSIM game in Thailand (this time in Takhli District)!

Thanks to Tum JT Hobby and the TKL Airsoft Activity staff for again hosting and organizing this event. I’m already looking forward to next year’s, if there is.

Also thanks once again Palis Luckananurug and Gunn Bhatrakarn for offering us to tag along and drive from the DMK airport to game site.

And MARU Combat Gear for rental of the Airsoft guns while we were here.

Day 1

Day 2

Having Fun Creating 2D Cartoon Images With Bing AI

Just a few years ago, I would have paid probably $50 per pop to have these custom caricatures designed.

Now with some descriptive prompting, I can make my own – FREE.

I made these images with https://bing.com/images/create/

You’re given 15 credits to boost the image generation, and every go gives you 1 to 4 variations. You can still use it even after you run out of credits, but at the expense of longer wait time. The 15 credits reset the next day.

Here’s a prompt I used for one of these images. You can use this as a template and modify it for your own:

“I want a 2D cartoon style portrait of a young adult Asian man with spike red hair and black undercut, wearing a light gray formal buttoned two-row button suit and black collar undershirt, smiling confidently while taking a selfie with iPhone 11, background is white.”

And voila…

Some Drawbacks I’ve Discovered:

1. It can’t read images from third party links for reference.

2. I don’t think you can put in names of public figures, or else the AI perceives it as “bullying”.

3. You can try to put in word titles, but it seems poor in fleshing out long words or words with multiple vowels.

At least that’s what I’ve discovered so far.

That said, here’s another variation I made, this time black suit.

And another one in my regularly depicted profile pic with the blue “Captain America” shirt:

Now this one, I applied the Flecktarn camouflage with Photoshop after the AI image was generated.

Pretty cool, huh?!