Professional Photo Shoot 2019

Just a few of the 1,000+ photos we took at Musemancer the other day! Seems to me we are taking professional photos every 3 years.

Happy to see I’ve lost a bit of weight (by ‘a bit’ I mean 7-8KG!) since the last update, and more fitting suits to match. Also, easier for graphic design… my hair is much neater this round, easier to crop out!

Business Builder Summit

This was 3 months planning coming to fruition… together with the Musemancer Team and two members from BNI Power Team, we organized a 3 day event called the Business Builder Summit!

This is the first time I’ve not only done a summit event, I’ve also done it without relying on a third party seminar promoter.

Business Builder Summit attracted 47 business owners and those in the making from Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Miri.

I had also invited David Cavanagh, Mitch Carson and Ian del Carmen as keynote speakers at this event.

Even after this, I will continue to run seminars and workshops albeit as a solo speaker and trainer.