Movement Restriction Order

What do you know? There is now a Movement Restriction Order throughout Malaysia (and in many places throughout the world) What an interesting time to be in?

The MRO is in effect until 31st March 2020 and until then, most businesses, religious sites, organizations, are closed.

The team and I are working from home. It’s high time we go back to our roots – digital product marketing.

UPDATE: The movement control order is extended to 14th April 2020. I expected that, and with the way things are now, it is for the best.

Keeping Up With The Joneses

Been catching wind of late about friends that try to impress others, so they bought stuff like a new car ? or house ? they’d regret sooner or later because it’s beyond their means.

Just wanna let you know…

You shouldn’t be defined by the stuff you have, instead they should be manifestations of what you are.

So whether you have a brand spanking new ride or drive an old car, whether you live in a bungalow or a rented place…

That doesn’t change we’re still good friends and I love you just the same!

Haze & Holidays

Not looking good.

Between the barrage of long holiday weekends and the worsening haze, it affected turnouts for my seminars.

Can you believe it? 3 Mondays that are holidays in a row. And this is the worst haze pollution I’ve seen since 2015. Though still not as bad as back then – back then I could smell fumes in the car and at home!

But the Holiday & Haze combo certainly affects show up rates as people are less inclined to go out, and it sure dampens the overall mood. Just prior to this, I’ve had a 3 consecutive home run streaks with my seminars.

And I picked the wrong time to double down on my events by doing it weekly instead of the usual bi-weekly.

On the brighter side, the holiday streak is over and the haze pollution is expected to last for another week. This morning’s event was a good comeback.

New strategy calls for reverting back to bi-weekly events in Klang Valley; I will be filling the other week in the next city: Johor Bahru.

18 Random Facts About Me

As 2018 ends, here are 18 random facts about yours truly…

  1. I was born 4 days later than predicted. Had I been born on November 20th, I would have been a Scorpio instead of a Sagittarius.
  2. There were 2 abortions before I came about. If there were no abortions, I would have been the third child instead of the eldest one.
  3. I had my first smoke at the age of 7. My father taught it would be funny for some reason to offer me his cigarette and not knowing any better, I just tried – and coughed profusely (because I have asthma as well). My mother saw the whole thing. She scolded me, and then she went after my father for the trolling. Of course, that was also my last smoke.
  4. I can bend both my thumbs straight.
  5. I started speaking only at the age of 6, and in proper sentences a year later.
  6. As early as 8 years old, I developed an unexplained urge to arrange and organize things neatly around the house. To this day, I keep my surrounding environment and even my computer files in the most orderly fashion manner.
  7. I had been first in class. I had been in the middle of the class. I had also been last in class.
  8. I learned my first line of HTML coding when I was 13. I built my first pages on Geocities, Angelfire, Blogger, and the first HTML Editor I used was Netscape Composer. I am still keeping and using the 2002 Macromedia Dreamweaver MX to this day.
  9. Some of my high school mates are still remembered to this day for a notorious incident of playing truant (ponteng) at school. They were caught by the discipline teacher for trying to leave past the school fence during school hours. What everyone else didn’t know was that I was part of the story — I was already at the Damansara Uptown cyber cafe waiting for my friends (I ponteng’ed school that day) Thanks for not ratting me out, but hey I already told you don’t go to school in the first place right? Just meet me straight at the cyber cafe.
  10. I used to do modding for Half-Life and Counter-Strike games when I was 15 to 17 years old, and built basic maps for these games. I actually thought I could build a career off these games after school, by being a game modder.
  11. I’ve never been good at RTS games, always been more of an FPS person.
  12. I saved a dude from a drunk driving accident on one late night in 2013. The scenario could have played out differently many times. The decision to help or just watch, the decision to rest the victim near the vehicle on fire or risk carrying him again despite having broken bones. I was not alone fortunately, and about a minute after we moved the victim, the car exploded and sending small shock waves nearby. Glad we took all the right actions that night!
  13. I’ve been the one sending reports to Facebook to memorialize the accounts of my friends that had passed on.
  14. I still have my smelly pillow from 8 years old!
  15. I inherit my mother’s height and my father’s hair (if only it was the other way around!)
  16. I am the only one in my family and extended family not to wear specs or contact lens. Ironic, I’ve always been told as a kid not to sit too close to the TV or in front of the computer for prolonged hours lest I want to spoil my eyes. My older folks that lectured me and their children had the honors of wearing them first.
  17. This blog has been here since 2007! 12 years and counting! I update it now and then still, with a paranoia in case anything happens to Facebook (or my account for that matter) and if anything should happen to me, this blog will preserve my memory to others!
  18. The origin of my name “Edmund Loh Aik Mun”. Before I came about, my father had a company after my Chinese name (which didn’t do well) and my mother was expecting me, they decided on the name. The Christian name “Edmund” was given by my mother, and the Chinese name “Aik Mun”??? in Mandarin) meaning “hundreds of millions” was given by my dad. Partly so the name rhymes, but the main was mainly given at a time they were not doing so well, and in hopes that I will be financially successful.

Follow-Up On My Health Journey

In November last year, I shared my initial progress on reclaiming and optimizing my health.
I am not an inherently fat person, so some of my friends wonder why I seem obsessed with losing fats.
Losing fats is just part of the bigger picture, and fats are the results not the cause.
Several months ago, I discovered I wasn’t as fit as I thought or looked. For my height and stature, I was leaning towards higher body fat percentage (anything above 20% for men is high) and this is despite living a rather active lifestyle.
Blood test showed higher than normal cholesterol. I was considered pre-diabetic. I have high uric acid, and years of experiencing acid reflux proved that. It was what landed me in the hospital for the first time at this time last year. No thanks to stress, of course.
While I’m far from falling apart, if left unchecked I foresee having to deal with new health problems in my late 30’s or 40’s. (And as a guy, man I’d hate to have a bulging tummy!)
On a more serious note, I’ve been hearing and know of horror stories happening to good folks I know, some even gone too soon.
And I’m not keen on shopping for hospitals. I’d rather be shopping for investments but hey, health is wealth right? It’s either pay the price now or pay it later with interest.
I started small, following a food and supplements program for 3 months. I set myself an achievable goal but of course for as long as I inhibit this body it is an on-going project.
So it’s been a while and I know the photos below is slightly dated, but let’s talk results FIRST…
* I started out 23% (close to 24%) body fat in September. 3 months later I was below 16% for the first time! (of course, it can be a little skewed as at the time I just did Spartan Race and trained quite a bit leading up to it)
* Safe to say, I average around 17-18% body fat most of the time now
* I started out with 8 layers of visceral fat. Today it’s 6.0 layers, sometimes 6.5 still. Very stubborn indeed, this one is harder to lose compared to outer body fats. I’d still like to have this lowered to 5.0. But I couldn’t have arrive here without supplements; one can’t undo decades of past damage just eating healthy all of a sudden.
* Uric Acid – border line healthy on blood test inspection within 30 days. I ought to have this checked again to be sure. But it’s been months since I last felt nausea or the need to buy antacid or charcoal pills, so that’s a positive development 🙂
* Waist size – a total reduction of 4cm! I might need new clothes at this rate…
* Body Age – previously 37-38, for the first time 30-31… you can say I am acting my own age now, lol
Again it’s not about for the sake of losing fats (I don’t have a lot to lose compared to say, an obviously obese person), but having a healthier and better quality of life overall.
While I continue with my physical activities like gym, evening walks, and jungle hikes, the KEY factor is in…
I was never one to pay attention to what I eat. For a long time, I ate almost nothing but outside food and I thought that by exercising and working out I then have the ‘license’ to put in anything into my stomach.
I couldn’t be more wrong.
For the first time, my eyes were opened to what was always there (but I was ignorant)
Like how greasy and oily our foods in Malaysia are… how ‘health foods’ weren’t actually healthy after all. And others, excessively covered in sugar!
For most of the time now, I steam my own food and when I’m outside, Subway is on the menu most of the time.
It was frustrating at first, but I learned to adapt 🙂 This is not to say I totally quit eating my favorite foods, it’s just that I minimize them drastically.
And I’ve not had a soda drink since Hari Merdeka last year…
For all the switch to healthy eating, it doesn’t redeem me from my past ‘sins’…
It’s been exactly 10 years that I ate mostly outside food – especially since I left mom’s and stayed on my own.
So I’ve been taking various supplements to ‘reverse’ the body age and also ‘repair’ the internals, so to speak.
A little too technical, I might write about this in detail another time.
The long and short of it: It was the combination of supplements and careful intake of food that led to these positive results.
Sure exercise and workout are important, but on their own it’s not enough. I’d say Food is 70-80% success factor here.
So there you go, hope this helps with some insights — I’m by no means a health expert (in fact, I realize how little I know the more I learn)
But I know too many people who don’t care about their own health… until it was too late.
Talk to me anything about Health just a few months back and I probably wouldn’t have listened too.
Take care, health is wealth!