Follow-Up On My Health Journey

In November last year, I shared my initial progress on reclaiming and optimizing my health.
I am not an inherently fat person, so some of my friends wonder why I seem obsessed with losing fats.
Losing fats is just part of the bigger picture, and fats are the results not the cause.
Several months ago, I discovered I wasn’t as fit as I thought or looked. For my height and stature, I was leaning towards higher body fat percentage (anything above 20% for men is high) and this is despite living a rather active lifestyle.
Blood test showed higher than normal cholesterol. I was considered pre-diabetic. I have high uric acid, and years of experiencing acid reflux proved that. It was what landed me in the hospital for the first time at this time last year. No thanks to stress, of course.
While I’m far from falling apart, if left unchecked I foresee having to deal with new health problems in my late 30’s or 40’s. (And as a guy, man I’d hate to have a bulging tummy!)
On a more serious note, I’ve been hearing and know of horror stories happening to good folks I know, some even gone too soon.
And I’m not keen on shopping for hospitals. I’d rather be shopping for investments but hey, health is wealth right? It’s either pay the price now or pay it later with interest.
I started small, following a food and supplements program for 3 months. I set myself an achievable goal but of course for as long as I inhibit this body it is an on-going project.
So it’s been a while and I know the photos below is slightly dated, but let’s talk results FIRST…
* I started out 23% (close to 24%) body fat in September. 3 months later I was below 16% for the first time! (of course, it can be a little skewed as at the time I just did Spartan Race and trained quite a bit leading up to it)
* Safe to say, I average around 17-18% body fat most of the time now
* I started out with 8 layers of visceral fat. Today it’s 6.0 layers, sometimes 6.5 still. Very stubborn indeed, this one is harder to lose compared to outer body fats. I’d still like to have this lowered to 5.0. But I couldn’t have arrive here without supplements; one can’t undo decades of past damage just eating healthy all of a sudden.
* Uric Acid – border line healthy on blood test inspection within 30 days. I ought to have this checked again to be sure. But it’s been months since I last felt nausea or the need to buy antacid or charcoal pills, so that’s a positive development ūüôā
* Waist size – a total reduction of 4cm! I might need new clothes at this rate…
* Body Age – previously 37-38, for the first time 30-31… you can say I am acting my own age now, lol
Again it’s not about for the sake of losing fats (I don’t have a lot to lose compared to say, an obviously obese person), but having a healthier and better quality of life overall.
While I continue with my physical activities like gym, evening walks, and jungle hikes, the KEY factor is in…
I was never one to pay attention to what I eat. For a long time, I ate almost nothing but outside food and I thought that by exercising and working out I then have the ‘license’ to put in anything into my stomach.
I couldn’t be more wrong.
For the first time, my eyes were opened to what was always there (but I was ignorant)
Like how greasy and oily our foods in Malaysia are… how ‘health foods’ weren’t actually healthy after all. And others, excessively covered in sugar!
For most of the time now, I steam my own food and when I’m outside, Subway is on the menu most of the time.
It was frustrating at first, but I learned to adapt ūüôā This is not to say I totally quit eating my favorite foods, it’s just that I minimize them drastically.
And I’ve not had a soda drink since Hari Merdeka last year…
For all the switch to healthy eating, it doesn’t redeem me from my past ‘sins’…
It’s been exactly 10 years that I ate mostly outside food – especially since I left mom’s and stayed on my own.
So I’ve been taking various supplements to ‘reverse’ the body age and also ‘repair’ the internals, so to speak.
A little too technical, I might write about this in detail another time.
The long and short of it: It was the combination of supplements and careful intake of food that led to these positive results.
Sure exercise and workout are important, but on their own it’s not enough. I’d say Food is 70-80% success factor here.
So there you go, hope this helps with some insights — I’m by no means a health expert (in fact, I realize how little I know the more I learn)
But I know too many people who don’t care about their own health… until it was too late.
Talk to me anything about Health just a few months back and I probably wouldn’t have listened too.
Take care, health is wealth!

Allow Me To Bring You Up To Speed

So it’s been four months since I last posted anything here.

Okay let’s recount what happened right from the start of the year…

1. I was hospitalized.

On account of gastric and bacterial infection. I had experienced it post-Christmas and after one and a half months and 3 doctors, it got worse and I threw up one night. That was it.

Jun Jing was kind to pick me up from home and drive me to the nearest hospital in the wee hours of the morning. While I had been to the hospital before, this was the first time I stayed over for a few nights.

My staff visited me on one of the days for company.

All the stress and pressure from the year before took its toll on my body, and I was forced into rest even after discharge.

Even so, I didn’t have the luxury of resting on my laurels as right after, I had to organize my long anticipated…


2. First High Level Mastermind Retreat

Chose the most expensive villa out of all the options (we want the best for our high-end Clients). Booked two Mazda 6 drivers to pick up our international Clients. Called my usual crew back to organize this event, and also hired a professional video crew.

4 days of high level masterminding in Pahang with clients from US, UK, France, Singapore, and of course Malaysia.

In short: a success!


3. Sold My Car

At just 7 months old, I’ve let go my chariot.

Clocking just under 10,000 KM in mileage and in pristine condition, I advertised my car on and posted to the F30 Rusted Jackets group. I was fortunate to find a buyer relatively fast.

And if you’re wondering why I’m letting go this car so soon – don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this car – but because I’m considered to be high risk, high debt individual by the banks, it’s been a hindrance to get loan approval for a third property in Malaysia and although I can accept that, I need my own credit card.

So an elaborate plan it is – let go this car, re-apply for credit card from multiple banks, then get another ride again.

Yes, it will be another BMW.

But hold your horses…

4. I am going to be in the States again.

This time I will be in Vegas (again) and L.A. (again) and Dallas might see me return again more than a year later – to be confirmed.

Main purpose: to go to the Bug Free Mastermind event and network with the top personal development marketers and figures there.

L.A. will mostly be a leisure part of the trip.

And if I’ll be detouring to Dallas, it will be to attend the next High Ticket Mastermind. Altogether up to 3 weeks there.

While I’m here, I’ll be renting cars to get around – need to give the i8 a test drive, and that will decide it all…

So yep, that’s where I am and what I am up to next!

Going To US For 3 Weeks

So in just one more¬†week, I’ll be flying off to the US! This will be my second time going there since 2011, and the first time I will be away from home for so long on a solo trip.

My main intentions for this trip:

First stop, Singapore: to meet up with some of my core business associates to strategize and synchronize our product launch plans for the year. This had been planned for months and everyone will be flying from different countries to meet at Marina Sands Bay on 24th January. I view this as a historical event in the making, as for the first time many of us will be meeting in person after years of working together from our respective countries.

Next it’s Oliver Talamayan’s High Ticket Mastermind in Dallas, Texas: I will be spending my first 5 days here (Jan 27 – 31) to learn how to take my business to the next level with high ticket programs. I went up to VIP level so will be here for 5 instead of the standard 3 days.

After that, I’ll be in LA with Henry Gold and Huey Lee from 1st to 5th February: I’ve been working with Henry online for years and he’s also one of my core business associates. Since he cannot make it to Singapore, I will be bringing the news to him in the flesh. Huey will be joining us too, though I originally thought I’d see him in the Dallas event. We’ll talk business and also have tourist fun ūüôā

The last highlight of the trip will be Traffic & Conversion Summit 2016 at Grand Hyatt Hotel, San Diego: will be here Feb 8 – 12. Not sure what to expect since I understand this event attracts a different breed of marketers and business owners. Launchers would go for the Mayhem event in March, unfortunately I cannot make it for that one.

All in, I expect to return to Malaysia by February 17.

I aim to meet more people this time than my first trip to Vegas 5 years ago, as I spent only a few days at the same place back then. With more time means I can meet more people and contrary to what my friends think, I’m not really here for a vacation.

My goal is business growth and the mastery of the next level.

While I am happy to say 2015 had panned out marvelous and so far according to original plan I had back in 2014 for Musemancer¬†(start an office and full-time team, systemize for 1-2 product launch a month average), I know that I cannot solve tomorrow’s challenges with yesterday’s solutions.

Way I see it, to get to the next level means mastering High Ticket.¬†I haven’t been great at big ticket (when I learned the REAL definition of ‘big ticket’ was $5K – $30K and above not $297-$997 from my early days), and back then I depended on my then partner Khai Ng to close the sale for every person I got onto the call.

There is no other way around it now, and I have to be that master.

What I learn in US will determine how Musemancer goes forward this year. Until then, my team will make do with our current¬†system. I am already looking forward to coming back with great news…

– – – – – – – – – –

BONUS SIDENOTE: “Hey man, when are you getting a girlfriend or a wife?”

The short answer: no, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. And I’m not on an active lookout for a girlfriend.¬†Not now.

In less than a year I am going to be 30. As time goes on, I get asked this more and more often – be it over meals, at functions and relatives gathering.

I am the eldest of the two and among my immediate cousins. From the looks of things, my mom and my extended family are expecting me to be the first to get married.

Then there’s peer pressure. It’s as if there’s a contest going on to see who gets married first, followed by their first baby and then another.

This is a life goal for some, but not for me, all things considered. For one, the idea of getting married is something that genuinely does not interest me. Maybe I will change my mind someday, but not today. I am at my prime right now; I would hate to do anything to disrupt this flow.

Two, I’m not a ‘baby’ guy. Some people love kids – I don’t. Again, I might go through another phase later in life.

Point three is the biggest reason for me: in the past year alone I personally know of friends and people whose lives and energy had gone downhill owing to their marriage.

A friend from Indonesia I know was making as high as $50,000 in a single day (no typo, FIFTY THOUSAND dollars) among other crazy things he was doing… now lost most of his fortune after his wife broke up with him 3 years into marriage, and is denied from seeing his own daughter. He was supposed to work with me and finished what I started on a niche product project… but what can one accomplish in a state of depression?

One of my inner circle business associates was flying high at the start of 2015, only to go on a hiatus for several months after divorcing his wife. After 9 years of a pretentious and loveless marriage, he decided enough was enough.

A woman I know is now walking the similar path my mother took many years ago: her womanizing husband cheated on her, and now she’s left to take care of her two growing kids. She was a career woman, still is… but let’s say she’s seen better days, health and financial wise.

These are just some immediate examples, with more if I sit down and write further.

The scary part?¬†I don’t think I can handle emotional situations as well as these folks. I’d probably do WORSE.

For many of the more fortunate ones, most of them had settled into a life of mediocrity: less sex, less money, less happiness, less everything Рand eventually they become has-beens.

How many people you know personally are like that right now? I know too many. And I am very, very sure that’s not the kind of life I want to live, only because everybody else seems to be doing it.

Instead of ‘seeking approval’ from my other half and changing diapers, I rather be out there making moolah and do what most people can only dream of – and feel REALLY ALIVE doing it.

That my married friends always tell me they’re envious of my lifestyle and achievements, on top of¬†their reminiscing of their care-free days, has pretty much validated my thoughts on this.

So finding a girlfriend? Quite possible – if we truly match like a pair of gloves on a synergetic level. But getting married? That’s¬†an afterthought.

My First Property Investment – And It’s Overseas!

I didn’t think I would come to Manila again so soon. Between my long drive to Kuantan, Pahang for Tone Excel’s Anniversary Dinner and the ‘most look forward to’ event of the year, DBA Surabaya Live, I wasn’t keen on squeezing in this trip to the Philippines in the short notice.

If not for the prospects of investing in property there.


In the last two months, I had been reading up books and any material on real estate investing in my off time, and viewed a few properties here in the Klang Valley for starters.

Sometimes I damn myself for not coming to this realization sooner. When I bought my houses in 2009 and 2012, I was so put off by the paperwork and tedious process – and weighing against my Online Business that is making money in US Dollars – I decided investing in real estate wasn’t worth the time and effort.

I’ve changed my mind.

I came to realization that even though I’ve been fortunate to run a successful, profitable online business selling my digital products for a decade already – who’s to say what will happen in the coming years?

A Facebook Post from a fellow online entrepreneur, Andrew Fox, caught my attention some time ago. He suggests buying properties for long term investing and cash flow despite running successful businesses. Paraphrased, “Which one do you think will have a higher chance of being around 10 to 20 years from now: your online business, or your property?”

I’ve ran this scenario many times in my mind if I were to be gone tomorrow – will my mother and sister be able to figure out my work and take over from here? How long can the sales I generate today last?

That decided it. Suddenly the paperwork and tedious efforts don’t seem so bad now.

Throughout a series of events and connecting around, I was able to get into this property investment tour to Manila, organized by Gerald Kong. The group consists of 6 people, a joint Malaysian/Singaporean group.

Three days in Manila with most of the action happening on the second day, we hopped from one location to another – checking out properties to consider investing in. Just as important, we did our homework and studied the environment and the people.

In the company of men old enough to be my father and so loaded they can buy floors of units, I was the rookie asking noob questions.

After coming back, I’ve put the down payment for my first property for investing… overseas.¬†This shall be the first of many!



As I am writing this, the exchange rate is now $1 = MYR 4.3. I am more fired up than ever to continue crushing it online with my launches and promos, thus enabling me to save more for investing in properties (something I should have done 3 years ago instead of buying house for own stay but oh well, learn something new everyday)

Flying back gave me ample free time to day dream. I don’t know if I am crazy for dreaming this – and I don’t know how I am going to do it (yet) – I love the idea of having a 100 properties before 40.

No resting on laurels!

Upping The Game From Here

6:00 AM and I find it hard to sleep. So what’s been brewing since I last wrote anything here in the last three months?

I’ve gotten use to running the show at Musemancer.¬†Went on our first team retreat with ChromaBit in Langkawi. And last Thursday I found out I’m *this* close to hitting my ideal body weight, just 100g shy of the 65 KG mark – except that I arrived here on fats. Like, 25% body fat.

I’ve started training at the gym 3 times a week again starting this week, and to go back to this routine means less dicking around and more automation of my team.

Which is another challenge going on there.

Our Graphic Designer, Joe, is leaving us on account of Cancer. Second stage. Big shit hit the fan right there. While a new writer is coming in next week, our two Interns are about to complete their Internship with us end of this month.

Now I remember why I stayed away from starting my own physical team and premise for so many years.

But there’s no turning back already.

I’ve seen and reaped the rewards despite the higher risks.

From here on, it’s go BIG or go back home.

So here’s my next game plan for the next two months:

  • Create two more traffic generation channels for sustained lead generation
  • Get into the lead generation business for high-end B2Cs
  • Add in (non-coaching) high ticket offers in the $297 – $497 range
  • Continue launching 1-2 products a month (while the USD to Malaysian Ringgits exchange is in my favor I’m going ALL IN… it’s $1 = MYR 3.7 average again!)

And in the next 3 – 6 months:

  • Invest in my first property (I bought two houses but since we occupy them they are liabilities… thus the next piece is going to be an asset)
  • Do my first product launch in the Self Help niche

That’s the plan in a nutshell…