Haze & Holidays

Not looking good.

Between the barrage of long holiday weekends and the worsening haze, it affected turnouts for my seminars.

Can you believe it? 3 Mondays that are holidays in a row. And this is the worst haze pollution I’ve seen since 2015. Though still not as bad as back then – back then I could smell fumes in the car and at home!

But the Holiday & Haze combo certainly affects show up rates as people are less inclined to go out, and it sure dampens the overall mood. Just prior to this, I’ve had a 3 consecutive home run streaks with my seminars.

And I picked the wrong time to double down on my events by doing it weekly instead of the usual bi-weekly.

On the brighter side, the holiday streak is over and the haze pollution is expected to last for another week. This morning’s event was a good comeback.

New strategy calls for reverting back to bi-weekly events in Klang Valley; I will be filling the other week in the next city: Johor Bahru.

Farm In The City Revisited

Happy to revisit Farm In The City!

Got to meet and feed more animals this time around, though my main allegiance is to Kura! ???

Had a fun & relaxing field day this morning with a variety of greedy but adorable creatures – from tortoises and turtles to llamas, goats, ponies, pigeons, peacocks, chickens, fishes, meerkats, and more…


Joining me this time is Chloe a.k.a. Chin Chin! Some of the photos we took on our morning trip to the petting zoo…

Merdeka Jam Parkour & B-Boying

A whole afternoon of Parkour + B-boying on Merdeka day last weekend! ??

Nearly a year ago I came here to this exact spot as an absolute Parkour newbie that could only do step vault and lazy vault.

It’s also been half a lifetime ago I learned breakdancing. Good to know I still have it in me though form could have been much better.

Professional Photo Shoot 2019

Just a few of the 1,000+ photos we took at Musemancer the other day! Seems to me we are taking professional photos every 3 years.

Happy to see I’ve lost a bit of weight (by ‘a bit’ I mean 7-8KG!) since the last update, and more fitting suits to match. Also, easier for graphic design… my hair is much neater this round, easier to crop out!