Operation White Rhino III


Spent the weekend away from phone and Internet to join a 2 day Airsoft game in Indonesia.

This is my third time back in this army camp, and it had been a cold, rainy game – alternating between the jungle and local residence nearby.


This was the least enjoyable MILSIM of the three times I came here – partly due to the heavy downpour, but there was significantly less fire fight, and more walking in the woods at night… under the heavy rain too.

I’ve shared my feedback with the Organizers and understandably there’s no such thing as a perfect game; I hope there will be more action the next time I come here. But if anything, it was still a much needed break from my Online Business. I’ve gotten a lot more busy this year; this is practically the third time I’ve played Airsoft ever for 2016. Before this, I’ve played frequently – at least 1-2 times a month – for the last 7 years.

Until the next MILSIM…

Putrajaya Morning Drive

Right after party night, comes an early morning drive – what a happening weekend! Again, it’s not all the time I find an occasion to dress better than usual. The morning drive was just as rare.

Thus the morning drive doubled as both photography takes and also driving lesson for Charis! She’s got a driving license but rarely drove as she worked in Singapore for a few years.

Here’s driving lesson in progress with the Ultimate Driving Machine…

Nina Ray’s Birthday Party

It’s not all the time I get invited to an occasion to dress well! Attended Nina Ray’s 41st birthday party at a bungalow in KL.

Also here’s a video of me and Charis dancing Salsa. The result of my 1-hour crash course training 🙂 But of course, Charis is a more advanced dancer – she was just dancing to my pace.

BMW Swap

Nearly a year ago I bought my Bimmer. 11 months ago to be exact.


It was a humble F30 316i – humble by BMW standards, in that it’s basic when compared to its higher-end counterparts like the 320i and 328i.

While my ultimate aim is the technology-advanced BMW i8, I’ve sought after a slight upgrade – the BMW F30 LCI 318i Luxury line.

Bought used this time, it’s almost as good as new. Driven for no more than 28 days and under 2,000 km mileage, I took up a rich man’s generosity to get his car.

He’s too big for this car, and he decided he should just go for a big Porsche instead (don’t worry about him, he bought 5 of the same cars so clearly he’s doing very, very, very well…)

The interior is classy, complete with brown leather and wood furnishing.

There’s been a huge criticism on the 3-pot engine – even the 316i runs on a 4-cylinder. But given my driving habits – I seldom hit up the sports mode and most of the time I go between PJ and Puchong – this works good enough.

Surprisingly, the 318i clocks 0.3 seconds faster than the 316i on the century sprint despite the 3-cylinder engine, and is slightly more economical on the fuel when in Eco Pro mode.

As far as the swag factor goes, the Alpine white exterior underlined by chrome face lift, combined with the classy interior is a big win for me.

So yes, I traded in my gray Bimmer… albeit with a heavy heart. She’s been with me for no more than a year no doubt, but probably because I’ve experienced heck a lot of breakthroughs in the short time I drove her, and that I took care of her pretty well.

But life continues.

Hustle’s got a new color.