Airborne Operations of Ampera

28 & 29 September 2013. An unforgettable weekend in Palembang with the Indonesian airsofters and the badass Yonif Raider 200, who are the regular army of Indonesia! It was both great fun and honor to play with/against some of the army members and learn their ways and discipline. Truly “cepat, senyap, tepat”!

BTW if you want to look up who these Yonif Raider badasses are:

Wealth Summit 2013

Finally done with the major speaking event I had been looking forward to for the big break this year! After some speaking engagements here and there, I landed on the biggest one yet – Wealth Summit 2013!

I shared the stage with other reputable speakers and experts like Robert G Allen, James MacNeil, Andrew Baxter, Jonathan Quek, Sean Seah & Cayden Chang, Peng Joon, Kathlyn Toh, and more in two Wealth Summit events back to back – first in Singapore, the following weekend in Malaysia!

I remember being very anxious when I first arrived in World Resorts Sentosa and carefully observing how the other speakers presented their best knowledge distilled into under 2 hours each.

True that I had been speaking for some events and sessions here and there – and I did more this year alone than my previous years combined – I suppose I haven’t shake off the impression that I was going to be a speaker this time, and not a member of the audience that I was so used to see myself in.

Unlike my first speaking engagement with Success Resources in 2009, this time I was slotted to be a speaker on the last day of the event. This gave me ample preparation and the opportunity to see how the other speakers give their best performance.

Okay won’t bore you with the details… in short, I am glad it ended well and I walked away from stage learning just as much as I shared mine with the audience on all of my years in Internet Marketing distilled to the time I was given on stage.

To me, I consider this a massive breakthrough… and there will be more to come!

Work From No Home

Here is a quick stop gap update. It’s been 3 months and counting ever since Internet ceased to work at my new home. With interference from the nearby lake and surrounding house holds crowding in on the already weak signal, it is hopeless to try to get anything done at home. So I have been working from Starbucks almost daily – like right now.

1. Two weeks ago, I invited the representative from Telekom to my place to discuss how they can bring UNIFI to my residential area, and I could have sworn the whole neighborhood entered my house when I informed them on the meeting!

Turns out, our new area is short of 20 more applications before TM can consider coming over to install the fiber optics for the phone lines and UNIFI. I am now in charge of getting the remaining submissions from the neighborhood and once this is done, it will be another 3 more months until there are phone lines and reliable Internet connections at my area.

2. So in the mean time, I have been leeching WIFI from various Starbucks outlets, friends houses and offices. Next week I will be viewing a potential office space to rent so I can get my business going and growing. This predicament has forced me out of my comfort zone, literally!

3. In spite of the predicaments, I was still able to pull off my product launches, three of which were a success! White Label Firesale did 1000+ Front-End copies. My Continuity Income Videos PLR made JVZoo POTD. And a third covert launch took place under a pen name, which made to #2 on ClickSure marketplace during the launch week (if you know about ClickSure then you will know why I am secretive about my pen name there!)

JVZOOPOTD-CIVPLR2And being at Starbucks, I have been seeing friends by chance that I otherwise would have been too busy to catch up.

4. The success of Continuity Income Videos PLR happened at an impeccable timing. It was the same night I was doing my preview seminar “Continuity Income Secrets” to a group of 40 participants.

Continuity-Income-Secrets-Eastin-HotelConsidering this is a warm up to my speaking gigs, this weekend I will be in Singapore, speaking for the Wealth Summit event. 🙂

5. To sum it up, I have been flying by the seat of my pants for the past 3 months and there’s no sign of that stopping anytime soon. It had been very frustrating but it also reminded me how hard I tried when I was just starting out. As my friend Khai put it, “at least it makes you feel more alive now.”

Yup buddy. I guess if I were just rooted at home, I wouldn’t have conceived the idea or gather the courage to call her out. 🙂

Yee-LingMy Internet crisis is far from over, but exciting times are happening now indeed!

I’d like to write more but I better get going now. I just started printing my own hard copy DVDs for my upcoming seminars and workshops and I have to collect them soon!