PHOTOS: Majlis Iftar PUIM

Thanks Gero Azrul for inviting me as a VIP guest to your event last week in Putrajaya! Truly exceeded expectations as I thought the short notice invitation to be not beyond catching up with other local Internet marketers and having dinner after fasting.

Your presentation on grants to help local online entrepreneurs and a compelling presentation on properties by your guest speaker Ahyat Ishak were amazing! The evening went by too fast.

New Office?

Didn’t think I’d do this… I’ve just signed on and got the keys to my first and new office space in Kelana Jaya!


I’ve been working as an online solopreneur for the last 9 years. Money and freedom was good, now it’s way due time to bring on the heat!

I had been scouting for a suitable base for the last 3 days. The units at Kelana Square weren’t suitable and I didn’t feel good about them. Then I checked out Plaza Kelana Taragon and after viewing a few more units, I locked in on one of them with the best view from the tower.


The office space is vacant and unfurnished, however I’m moving in the essentials within the next 1 to 3 weeks to get the show on the road first. That is my main priority.

Right now I’m feeling both excited and anxious.

Excited because there’s HELLUVA lots of opportunities in Internet Marketing just waiting to be seized, and I know I cannot do this alone.

Anxious because this is my first time ever. In fact, for a very long time I resented having a ‘formal’ office.


Fortunately unlike just a few short years ago, today I’ve got mentors to turn to for advice and there’s an abundance of connections I’ve made in the past months to pull me through the initial stages.

So where will this new venture lead to? Time will tell.

IM Rooftop Gathering

Lots of brain fusion and exchange of grand ideas throughout the evening, coupled with good food in great company!

Thanks Alvin Huang for organizing the second IM Rooftop Gathering at your superbly luxurious house! Truly worth the one-night trip to Singapore.

And oh yeah, thanks Lester Lim for spotting me SGD50 since I didn’t come across any ATMs lol


Tribe Engage 2.0 Party

Post-AFEST gathering and party right here in Malaysia! Because 5 days in Phuket wasn’t enough. 🙂 Amazing time catching up with the people again whom I thought would’ve already gone back to their countries but gave us a nice surprise by swinging by KL!

Also thanks Shannon Toh and King Qn for opening their Salty Customs office to host the party!

Awesomeness Fest in Phuket, Thailand!

Two years ago, I wanted to go to Awesomeness Fest but it was a short notice. Last year, I passed the interview but had to cancel my ticket because I was to speak at the Wealth Summit on the same dates as AFEST. This time I got my ass there!

It was a wonderful 4 day event – actually 5, counting the pre-AFEST workshop by Lisa Nichols. I had just returned from Phuket this morning and spent the rest of the day sleeping to make up for the lack of sleep in the past week.

In case you don’t know, Awesomeness Fest is a non-profit event held annually by MindValley since 2010. Quite simply, it’s a gathering of entrepreneurs of all kinds from all walks of life from various nations to network, have fun (a very BIG perk), learn from the best speakers and trainers in the world assembled on stage, and go through both a powerful and spiritual experience (hey it’s not all about just business and money)!

I’m still in ‘reflection’ mode and will pen my deeper thoughts on my business blog later. But the photos are ready to go so I’m going to share them here. 🙂

Video footages: