My First Action Video

Last November, I directed a short action video with my friends. I aspire to do my own action videos, and I look forward to the day they go to the silver screen (I’m serious!)

Every big dream needs a start even though humble – and this is the beginning.


PLOT: Two counter-terrorists, Player 1 and Player 2, have been dispatched to rescue a hostage from the hands of a makeshift terrorist group.

This is our first action video, enjoy!

Watch us work behind the scenes:

February Updates 2

1. I had a lot of reservations on how Tony Sanders and Dylan Loh were handling the launch. A lot of what they were implementing were either foreign or contradicting to what I already knew about marketing. Yet I kept my fingers crossed for most parts.

2. Then ClickBank Gamers launched better than we anticipated. It broke 6 figures in sales half past the second day. And it’s still going strong as I am writing this. Chinese New Year had never been this exciting. And I’ve learned to be less stubborn about my opinions this time.

3. I’m not stopping here. I still have a PLR Sale to do with Stephen Luc on the 15th of this month. We have a side project on site flipping to work on later.

4. And Elle? We got a business date – CPA.

5. 10th March? That’s the day I’m launching my online coaching program on a world wide web scale.

6. I’m having my new goals and dreams in my mind’s crosshair. It’s been a long time I feel so fired up from within. And I feel unstoppable now.

February Updates

From the time I came back from Las Vegas I didn’t stop for anything. All the time I was goofing around last year and slumping into complacency – riddled with holidays, computer games and excess hours of sleep – I am making them up now at the start of 2011.

1. Three months ago Tony Sanders (real name not revealed) approached me for a partnership to launch a product on ClickBank that offers instant business in a box for the gaming niche. I gave it a name, ClickBank Gamers, and it was on.

2. Problem was, I had never launched a product on ClickBank before, and the ball game is a little different. The fact that ClickBank is notorious for high refund rates and not knowing a single person in the ‘ClickBank syndicate’ didn’t help with the overall morale.

3. To be honest, I nearly wanted to drop the entire the project. I should be glad Tony chose to team up with me over any other marketer, but with so many things against the odds I felt like I lost my marbles all over the floor.

4. Fortunately, I got in touch with Dylan Loh after a long time, and he agreed to be part of the launch team for ClickBank Gamers. A big reason why I went to Las Vegas, US with him. Network with the American Internet Marketers. Get into the inner circle. And we did just that.

5. I was happy to meet some of my online peers and marketing heroes face to face finally, but I was just equally disturbed by all the underground nonsense and dodgy ethics many of these market makers are pulling. It violated all the principles within my core. Just two weeks ago I wasn’t sure. Now I’m sure I wanted ClickBank Gamers to be a smashing success. And that will be just the start.

6. When I came back to Malaysia, I was greeted by yet another unpleasant news: the apartment I’m staying in right now – Casa Tropicana – has been purchased. Someone who is a banker bought the unit at the peak of its price. And paid cash in full. He or she is either very rich or very stupid. Or BOTH. It didn’t matter, because ultimately I had to move out in two months.

7. My landlady offered to sell to me initially – and made the offer TWICE. And I declined. Not that I didn’t like the place; of all the places I had moved into, this is the best so far. It’s mighty comfortable for one person. But one day, I will get married and I aspire to start a family of my own. And a 2-room apartment will not cut it. Besides, traffic here got worse in the last 6 months. It’s a sign I should move on.

8. With prices the way they are for properties in Klang Valley, many and myself forecast a real estate bubble burst – give it maybe another year. I think it’s dumb to purchase any property here at the moment, with the prices being crazy high right now. I feel they are priced way above their true value.

9. In as much as I’d like to get my own landed property right now (not to be confused with the Johor house which I bought for my mother and sister), I have to be patient. So right now I am hunting for another unit to rent temporarily. Then, I am going to look into banks auctioning off properties. If I have to foot in the cost of renovation, I might as well get base price as low as possible.

10. My mom went for an operation to remove a thyroid from near her throat, and in another couple of weeks from now she must go to the hospital in Seremban for cancer treatment. Fortunately, the cancer has been discovered in its early stages and can be eliminated permanently. It won’t be cheap, however.

11. I had achieved most of my big dreams in the last 2 years – got my family a house of their own, appeared in the newspaper, wrote my own book, and visited the countries I wanted to go badly… especially US which was achieved just recently.

To think now that all of these happened almost simultaneously. I see this as a sign to set new higher level goals, work hard and smart to achieve them.

Get a new landed property for myself – decked with a spacious “War Room”. And pursue action film making.

Tips on Getting Highest Rated Comment on YouTube

When YouTube introduced a new feature “highest rated comments” I began to experiment with finding a predictable way to get my comment to be among the top 2 highest rated comments for almost any YouTube video.

I did this out of sheer fun. At this point in time, I don’t think there are any possibilities to monetize – not through this method, since anti-spam is very strict here (which is good, and other YouTube users are 1 click away from marking your comment as spam).

There’s nothing to lose getting exposure though; in fact like I said it’s a nice thrill to enjoy when I’m not opening my browsers for Internet Business. 🙂

I was surprised to find out that getting my comments to be among the highest rated most of the time comes from a few predictable school of thoughts. There are a million ways to do this, but I think you will find this a fun read regardless. Here goes!

TIP 1: It is preferable to comment on a YouTube video that has high 4 figure to 5 figure views.

If the YouTube video has anything less than 5,000 views, in my opinion it’s very, very slow to get your comment thumbed up in numbers. The video is less searched and thus less exposed.

On the other hand, a highly popular video that is getting views into the 100,000s usually come with a flood of other comments too. It’s just as difficult getting your comment thumbed up enough to be pushed into the 2 highest rated comments, due to the sheer volume of comments and yours might be insignificant.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, but that said it’s easier to get highest rated comment if the YouTube video is getting anywhere from 5,000 views to mid 5 figures.

TIP 2: Bash the Bieber.

Love him or hate him (for some reason most people hate him), a smart comment about Justin Bieber can easily get your comment among highest rated.

I have not experimented with ‘Twilight’ or ‘Edward Cullen’ yet though. But this seems to be the almost guaranteed way to get up to top comment ratings.

TIP 3: Make fun of the DISLIKE crowd.

Came across videos that are truly EPIC? And it boggles your mind why some people can bring themselves to click the DISLIKE button for that video? So you can hit the DISLIKE crowd by writing things like:

“___ people are _______”

Here’s one obvious example of 14 people who clicked the DISLIKE button on an epic soundtrack for the Spetsnaz victory theme for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

TIP 4: Memorable quote.

This don’t require a genius. Watched a movie or played a game that others can relate, just drop a memorable quote everyone can relate to!

Like Terminator 2 ending for instance:

And the Vorkuta level for Call of Duty: Black Ops:

TIP 5: Point out flaws or something striking in the video’s time frame.

It can be an error, a joke, a flaw, or something most people tend to miss while watching the entire video.

TIP 6: Copy and repeat a popular comment.

This a little more ‘black hatty’. Sometimes, a popular video can have a few to several copies of it by different users on YouTube, and they winded up getting showed in the SEARCH or RELATED videos.

What you can do is copy a highest rated comment from one video, and use it again in another copy of the video uploaded by another user!

This is exactly what I did with The Story Of Riki-Oh (a superbly gross show btw):

TIP 7: Try to make out a foreign language in English.

This is hard to do but if you can pull this off, it can be awesome. I didn’t do this but I’ve seen some highest rated comments worth noting like this:


I’m surprised that YouTube actually has this loophole, but they may fix this one day.

Did you know you can thumb up your own comment, and thumb down other people’s comment… over and over again with the same YouTube account?

If you want to go to the dark side, you can thumb up your comment, refresh your browser, do it again, and repeat it over and over until your comment is #1 rated. LOL!

Also note that there is an untold time when no matter how high rated your comment is, it can disappear from the highest rated comments panel to give way to newer comments. It’s not going to be there permanently, but enjoy the little stardom and exposure while it lasts!

Enjoy! 🙂

Las Vegas

5th – 8th January 2011: London
8th – 15th January 2011: Las Vegas, US

After so long, I finally set foot on American soil! 🙂

Before going to the US, I stopped by London for a couple of days. This would be my second time here. It was cold, just like the last time I came here 8 years ago.

I rendezvous with Dylan Loh and together we caught the subsequent flight to Las Vegas, US. (I must mention we narrowly missed the flight… twice!)

I spent a full week here…

– The first 3 days at the West Affiliate Summit 2011 conference,

– Met my marketing heroes Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson face to face finally! (too bad no photos tho, they’re very private people)

– A line of other marketers as well like Jeff Dedrick, Steve Iser, and of course the newly acquainted ClickBank marketers

– Went around The Strip for shopping and catching shows with Dylan, Sherrman Cheow and his wife Lisa.

– Met my PLRGold: Videos partner Stephen Luc (finally too!) and we shot some guns at the range. 🙂

Tell you what, just watch these videos. Heheh.

Me using my beginner’s luck at one of the slots at the casino:

Stephen and I firing guns at the Vegas Gun Store: