Half Year Update

1. It’s 3 months into the Qunling training program and I’ve not been so pleased with my physical results in a long time. 🙂 Before I started training, my body fat percentage was 18% and just last Monday, I measured again and it’s now 16.9%. (I’m a thin person so there’s not much fats to lose to begin with.)

I’m even more satisfied with the gain of muscle mass – 3.8 kilos in 4 weeks! Though I would later lose 100g of that in the recent measurement too; must had been from overrunning the threadmill.

So right now, the program has a slight change – I’ll be lifting more weights twice as more than running the threadmill. Also unlike the previous training where there was no rest in between, this time there will be a 30 second rest before continuing the next set of workouts. Also expecting the protein powder to come in this week to take my workout results to the next level.

2. The short action film “Office Siege” I had been working on is going through ‘post-production hell’ right now. Up until just a couple of days ago, I was the only one working on it. I was very frustrated with how slow things were going but only these few days, things started to pick up.

For starters, the missing sniper scene required for the film piece was finally done and over with yesterday! Got my French friend Oliver to oblige. Heheh!

It took only a few minutes and we even had time to do a short skit with whatever props, items and even a (senseless) storyline we came up in the short notice.

Brian Lee, main camera guy and godly wizard of special effects, helped me get started with Adobe After Effects CS5.5. I’m still in the learning stages although I handle Sony Vegas Pro quite okay on the basic level already. Can’t wait to get this out – it’s been 3 months since most of the raw footages of the film were taken already!

3. Travel Plans. Since the US/UK trip early this year, I have yet to go anywhere else outside Malaysia and I foresee a bundle of traveling trips towards the near end of the year.

22th – 25th July: Pattaya, Thailand. Will be jumping off a plane again. With a parachute, of course.

September: spend a week in New Zealand.

October: take my mom to Shanghai for a holiday.

November: 13th is Padro and Vera’s wedding in Jakarta; 26th is Jonathan’s wedding in Mauritius. And everyone’s going to ask “when’s my turn” again. Hmm…

Gtg now. More updates later!

One Day Pilot

Recently, I bought into a bunch of groupon-type of deals to spend an amazing out-of-the-ordinary weekend. There was this thing called One Day Pilot and I found the deal on JackCow.com.

The One Day Pilot tour covers flying above the KL city and one of us gets to the co-pilot the plane (yep, that’s me!).

So I went with my friend Elle and my sister Ashley last Saturday.

We arrived at 1:00 PM but there was a delay due to the morning haze, and that one of the previous passengers threw up in the plane. They had to clean it up before we board it hence the additional delay. LOL

2:30 PM and came our turn to climb the Cessna plane, the model I’m growing to be familiar with now. The pilot’s name is Hazim and small world indeed, he knows my skydiving instructors!

So we flew from Subang airport and made our way to the city of KL. The pilot handled the take off and landing, but while in mid air I get to steer the plane. 🙂

There’s a reason why pilots need years of training to fly a plane safely. And I was just the wanna-be pilot for a day – wait, more like an hour, lol

This was our first time viewing KL city from the top, not among the ridiculous traffic jam for a nice change!

Ashley recorded most of the journey – here’s the 4 minute version video I uploaded on YouTube:

After an hour of breathtaking view and some adrenaline rush from flying the plane, we got our feet rooted back on Earth… and got our certificate of participation!