Weekly Recap!

Finally! Here’s a weekly recap on my first week of September 2007. πŸ™‚

Hmm… the last three posts left a “dark” impression. It’s time to brighten up my Personal Homepage with some fun pictures and photos:-

Wednesday – 5th September

Initially, I planned to execute the entire duration of the week-long PLRGold5 launch from my home in Johor Bahru (that’s one thing cool about working from home, by the way πŸ™‚ ). But having stayed in PJ and KL for a few months already, I have unfinished business to attend to thus cutting my stay in JB short.

And so, I made haste to PJ by bus in the morning. Pretty hectic, considering that I hardly slept in the past several days due to over-excitement, anxiety and enormous idea overload.

Heh. Story of my life.

And just when I was going to “go low on battery” upon arrival in PJ…

Vegetable Soup

Thanks Eve, for coming to my rescue! πŸ™‚ Delicious vegetable soup, cooked with love and all things nice. That was my lunch for the day, by the way.

Okay, now on with some serious offline/online business. Grr…

Thursday – Quest for a New Base

Since I will be pro-longing my stay in PJ/KL (friends, this is the part where you say “hooray for Edmund!“), and that I am not fixed nor committed to staying in a particular location for any projects or contracts, thus no reason for me to continue staying in the haunted house room I am currently renting, I decided to venture out and look for a new place to stay. πŸ™‚

I came across this place in Damansara Kim with a Jennifer Chang, a new acquaintance (more about her next time around). The house is love at first sight, so to say. I live quite simple and thrifty by nature (that’s how I’m able to live in the current haunted house rented room).

The house is quite clean overall. All of the electrical power points are functional. The grass is short and the garden is easy to maintain. The bathroom has a heater. The area is generally safe, peaceful and secure. πŸ™‚ Ah, and did I mention that rent is relatively affordable too? The only draw back is that the house is pink in color. But then, that’s what makes it distinguishing and… it’s better than the haunted house rented room I am living in at the moment, again.

I look forward to establishing my base here anytime next week, after I spring clean it. Friends, I’ll be inviting you over. πŸ˜›

The Empty Hall

The Empty Hall Again!

Let’s Go Walk Around and Unwind…

Now that I have secured myself a new settlement for global domination in PJ/KL, it’s time to…

… Nah, not go back to work again.

I find it interesting that many self-made entrepreneurs often continue to work, work and work, even though they answer to only themselves. And what more fascinating is that most of the successful entrepreneurs continue to work although they have more than enough wealth to last them a lifetime! I haven’t reached that stage yet, though I consider myself highly accomplished and successful in my own rights.

Then, I guess it all boils down to passion. You don’t tell an artist to stop painting pictures, do you? Neither do you tell a musician to stop producing new records. On the same token, you don’t tell entrepreneurs to stop making money, or stop doing business, or stop selling, or stop helping other people, or stop doing whatever they are (enjoying) doing.

But I have also come to learn that play and having fun is just as important as work is – despite so many friends and concerned beings tirelessly drumming this fact into my thick skull. Ha! Ha!

So for a start, I decided to take a trip with my MP4 to… KLCC. πŸ™‚

As soon as I exited the KLCC LRT station, I first took a detour to Avenue K. Haven’t been here for 3 years, I think. It was relatively new and under construction when I was went there.

Avenue K

Hey wait… haven’t had my dinner yet. I need to make a detour to Burger King.

Burger King

(Half an hour later)

Yuuummy *burp*… now let’s continue our little adventure, shall we? πŸ™‚


Huh? Empty? Whoa. 4-5 floors of empty stores with no one in sight. Was I in the wrong building? Nevermind. Let’s head over to some place with more life.

Inside KLCC

Yep. KLCC. πŸ™‚ Teeming with people and life.

Comics Mart @ Midvalley Megamall

I’ve also checked out Comics Mart at Midvalley Megamall. There was a featured article on it in the papers just several days back, raving about it being the proxy of all comic and game buffs.

A Day Well Spent Unwinding…

… now back to my humble room. πŸ™‚

The Rented Room

A lot of my friends and people who have been to this room before often wonder how I could settle for a place like this, even though it’s a temporary place for me in PJ/KL. Believe me, I’ve stayed in places worse than this somewhere along in my life. And I also know what it’s like being homeless for a few days in a foreign country. πŸ˜‰

The only reason I chose this place some 6 months ago was because of my apprenticeship with Sen Ze and I needed to be as close to his office as possible, thus I picked location over comfort. Besides, I knew I was going to be hardly at home anyway.

Now that my Apprenticeship contract has expired, and that I still have unfinished business to attend to in PJ/KL, I’m game on shifting to a better place now (hint: the house in pink). After all, I don’t have to fix myself to a particular location.

Friday Night

Okay, done with business. Now it’s time to have some fun again. This time, I had my dinner in a “more luxurious than usual” place, Dragon-I.

But before that…

Matt Ng Spoiler


Dinner at Dragon-I

Having late dinner at Dragon-i, 1Utama.
L-R: Eric, Ken, Eileen, Matt.

One World Hotel

The One World Hotel experience. πŸ™‚

So that wraps it up! Posted a lot of stuff on my Personal Homepage quite frequently as of lately. I need to give it a rest.

EdmundÒ€ℒs Many Facets

The PLRGold Launch – Progress Update


For the first time, I have to juggle between running a Product Launch and traveling outstation but I seem to be doing pretty good at handling it.

It’s been 5 days since the PLRGold5 launch has been in effect. I would be lying if I said that the launch went smoothly. The drama started as soon as it went live – I switched the preview page to the live copy where the order links were then clickable.

And what ensued was a server crash!

Fortunately it was taken care of within a couple of hours thanks to Vince Tan, Aurelius Tjin, Frank Bauer, and 10 more other guys – whom I have no idea why I invited them into the MSN chat box in a panicky situation – but we “lost the heat” at the hottest hour, so to speak.

That was Product launch mistake #1. πŸ™

I will cover more on the PLRGold5 launch after it concludes by next Monday as not only is it still in effect, I also have plenty to share on my experience – good and bad.

One day when I do my next Product Launch, I will just look back at my archived posting and remember what it was like doing a Product Launch at my current skill and level today. Thinking long-term, I should write about it at this time while it’s fresh in my mind and relate as much details as I could – and would be willing to share, as a reminder and “bible” to Product Launch success. πŸ™‚

And when you execute your first or next Product Launch, I hope that my insights would really help.

On the brighter note, at least we didn’t do too bad in the first 24 hours of the launch.

PLRGold5 - 24 Hour Duration

There’s still 3 days to go or so; I will conclude the results on the 7th day.

And there will be hundreds of people to thank. Again, more on this next week. πŸ™‚ Do check back because it’s going to be the Appreciation Day for all of my friends, JV Partners, affiliates and customers! It will be a lengthy but interesting write – peppered with pictures, photos and “ah-hah” moments. Take my word for it.

Before I wrap this up, thought you might find this interesting.

A lot of my friends had asked me questions like:

“So what are you going to do with all the money?”

“Okay, you’re loaded! So what next? Buy a house? A BMW?”

“Does this mean you’ll finally stop wearing the same clothes and do something about the hole in your underwear?” (Edmund: …)

“Taking a break after this?” (Edmund: Yep! I need a vacation, even though I’m a workaholic.)

“Will there be a PLRGold6? What about PLRGold10?” (Edmund: I publicly announced that PLRGold5 will be the final!)

And here’s a really good one that I have heard from at least 2-3 different people – in one version or another:

“Edmund, do you have plans to take over the world?”

Hmmm… you don’t seriously think I’d turn to the dark side, do you?

Darth Edmund Loh

Much less actually conquer the world?

Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Edmund LohÒ€ℒs Revenge

That would actually make a really, really good dream, though. πŸ™‚

In Less Than 3 Hours From Now…

… the BIGGEST PLR blowout of the year will take place in the Internet Marketing arena – planet-wide.

8 months of silence after the previous PLRGold release back in January this year.

2 months of idea brainstorming, planning and conception.

4 weeks of pushing the pre-launch sequence.

9 days of performing the winning ritual and abstaining from meat.

471 JV Partners & Affiliates and still counting.

40+ new PLR products up for ante.

Several days of membership and affiliate system set up.

Boasting? I can’t allow myself to be disarmed with modesty at this stage. I have worked really, really hard (literally 200% effort) to conceive the fifth and final PLRGold release, which is due to launch today at 8:00 AM Eastern Time.

And I am totally convinced that no one has ever put together a PLR Blowout this size, this scale at any time before… until today.

Now I’m bidding my time. The verdict will be answered in less than 3 hours from now.

Mindvalley Labs, Flickr Party & Meeting New People

Another crazy but interesting week to conclude the very eventful month of August! πŸ˜‰

Earlier this month, I was given the “opportunity of the lifetime” to learn from yet another highly successful E-Commerce company, situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

It’s totally cool in more ways than one, because for starters, I don’t have to commit myself to them – this means I can still work on my business at anytime I want and come in at any time I want for the next four weeks.

Secondly, they are running a lot of very interesting projects and their strategies, concepts, people, management, etc. are soooo unconventional. I am not apart of their team, but I will be coming in to brainstorm ideas with them in exchange for priceless education no money can buy.

Yes, they have openly admitted they want to pick my brain. Well, I’m not game after salary (since I already have a lot of those green stuff by now) so it would be wise if I pick the brains of the 10-20 smart people there, so heck they can have my brain for all I care! πŸ˜›

Monday – 27th August

Ok, it’s time to “go to school” at Mindvalley Labs.

Oh, didn’t I tell you that it’s also called the MV Institute, School of Higher Learning for Gifted Youngsters? (Man this sounds so much like X-Men now…)

The MV Institute

Hmm… School of Higher Learning for Gifted Youngsters. Man, I should be honored. πŸ™‚

The first mutant MV-Men, Khai Lee greeted me as soon as I entered the “MV Institute”…

Khai Lee a.k.a. Alpha 5 from Power Rangers

Yup, that’s Khai Lee but…


… DUDE (yeah there goes my constipated-looking face again), Power Rangers? Whoa – that’s nostalgic! Reminds me a lot about my Power Ranger and Zord toys back when I was still a kid (wait, I AM still a kid – only at heart).

Ok so Khai Lee, his other fellow mutant Janne and I then proceeded to do battle of the brains – also called brainstorming – on a couple of their current projects – out of their 1,732,986 web projects in total.

Khai Lee

It’s interesting to note that I know all of the 3 Khai brothers, starting from their youngest one, Khai Yong, who was my former school- and class mate, then Khai the eldest of the 3, and later Khai Lee himself, though I knew he existed for some time earlier, since he too went to the same school and was 2 years my senior.

Janne – he hails from Finland and is a very brilliant person. A common trait among all the mutants people here at Mindvalley Labs, also known as the MV-Institute of Higher Learning for Gifted Youngsters (like me, since I can bend my both my thumbs straight). This guy is excellent when it comes to programming and applications. He’s proven to be highly a systematic planner and he does Yoga in his free time. Ok, worship ends here.

So we finished up most of the Monday and Tuesday brainstorming for ideas and coming up with solutions on a couple of their latest projects. πŸ™‚

Tuesday Night at Flickr’s

An impromptu invitation to one of the KL clubs for Internet mutants! Hosted by Flickr.

Flickr Bash

They were all total strangers to me there – and I was reminded of what a shy person I really am – I intend to do something about this after my PLRGold5 launch… really seriously. A friend of mine told me that she thinks I’m not shy, but very very self-conscious. She’s right about that too. Hmm… Another problem to tackle at the roots.

Anyway, I did what I came here for. Take pics. Do some poses. And then more.


Edmund “Ninja” Loh with Tim Tim. Hmm… why was I so tanned? No, I didn’t drink.

Da Gang

L-R: Me, Tim Tim, Khai Lee, Meike.

A little bit about Meike: she started working with Mindvalley as an Intern just last 2 Mondays ago. She hails all the way from Germany, and is now learning to experience the local culture here! πŸ™‚

Wednesday – The Night of the Owls

I didn’t want to pass up the chance to meet 2 of my avid blog stalkers fans, Ben Chin and Peng Joon, even though it was going to be very late at night.

So yeah, I walked all the way from DU, passing by 1Utama and then to Banana Leaf at Centrepoint. Yes, I’ve got an abundance of stamina. πŸ™‚

Deserted 1U

Hmmm… it’s not all the time you get to see 1U THIS empty. So here I am with Matt Ng, Ben Chin and Peng Joon.

Teh Tarik!!

This went on all the way until 3:30 in the morning. 😐

Thursday – Meeting the Big Cheese

Starting the day before, I hadn’t really slept (does 5 hours of half-sleeping with an active brain in 72 hours count?). My mind was hyper active even though my body was physically tired. Happens all the time when I get an influx of idea overload. If I am not worried, I am super excited. Not good for health, though, since it robs my sleep.

So okay, I went to Mindvalley Labs again and this time, guess who I met?

Professor V

The tanned version of Professor X. Alright. Let’s do Battle of the Brains again. You’re on!

After this, since I was to go back to Johor Bahru again the next morning, I decided to drop by and visit Sen Ze and friends.

I didn’t take any photos here, but it was great to know that my SOLOBIS buddies there are doing good. πŸ™‚

Btw, fun fact: Sen Ze’s latest book, AirAsia’s Success Story, co-authored with Jayne Ng, had achieved bestseller status within just 2 weeks after launch into the local bookstores. CONGRATULATIONS! πŸ™‚ That was a nasty feat.

I didn’t chance upon meeting Karan Dhillon, my gooood friend arch enemy at the SOLOBIS HQ. But for the fun of teasing him and his obsession over Sesame Street, I’ll just post this edited pic here.


Go ahead – click on the thumbnail and view the enlarged picture. I made this spoof pic some couple of months back. πŸ™‚

Friday – Journey to the South and Independence Day

I was at Pudu in the morning, just an hour before my scheduled bus trip to the South. Coincidentally, today was Independence Day and there was a parade nearby.

There were aircrafts performing some show on TV and since I was very nearby, the sound of the aircrafts zooming by at super-sonic speed was deafening!

Ah, and here’s our friendly guys in white.

Men in White

Ok so that pretty much wraps it up! πŸ™‚