The Japan Rumble: Day 3


James Brown’s & Mari Wakamatsu’s Wedding

28th September. Big day for James and Mari. Also the main alibi reason I came to Japan to see one of my closest business associates get officially married to a beautiful girl. 🙂

Our gang and James’ family hitched a bus ride up to St. Anna’s church in the mountains at almost 11 in the morning. The bus stopped for Mari’s friends on the way, too. All of us arrived on time and the wedding ceremony went on smoothly starting 12 in the afternoon, and followed by a filling barrage of meals for lunch. 🙂

I won’t bore you with the details (partly because I’m too lazy to type right now) so just feast your eyes on these pics…

Going up the Bus: Frank Bauer & Edmund Loh Rodney Mari’s Cute Girlfriends!! St. Anna’s Church

James Brown “The” Man Inside the Church After the Ceremony: Brown, Mari and Their Family Edmund Loh & Frank Bauer

Rodney, Katherine, Jamieson - One Happy Family! The Girls… Again Japanese Traditional Music Performance Slide Show: James when he was a young, naughty punk ;-)

Slide Show: Mari when she was small, sweet and adorable ;-) In Kimono! Edmund with James & Mari Edmund Loh with Stuart “Tin Tin” Stirling

Edmund and Fidens Felix (originally from Indonesia, now stays in Tokyo) L-R: Fidens, Frank, Edmund, Stuart L-R: Fidens, James Allen, Frank, Edmund (me) James & Mari

Edmund with James & Mari - 2nd time L-R: Fidens, Edmund (me), Stuart, Frank

Party #2 – Karaoke

Okay NOW we’re going to the really fun part of the day night. Here, let’s kick it off with a quick intro to Pete Leong. Pete is James’ long time acquaintance and his bestman for the wedding. He snapped up quite a lot of photographs throughout the day, hope to get some from him soon on FaceBook or Flickr. No surprise; he’s a professional photographer. Go check out his website 😉

Pete Leong

FYI he’s half-Chinese Australian so that explains his Chinese surname. Like James Brown, James Allen, Stuart Stirling, and Fidens Felix, they’re all staying in Japan. I wonder why… 😉

So what we all did next, we had another round of party gathering right here in the Tatsumiya Hotel and after that, we went to the Karaoke to have some more fun.

p1040714.jpg p1040715.jpg p1040716.jpg p1040721.jpg

p1040722.jpg p1040723.jpg p1040724.jpg p1040725.jpg

p1040727.jpg p1040728.jpg p1040730.jpg

And here are a couple of YouTube videos as well – the short videos we took from the Karaoke session:

And to Wrap it Up…

I gave the newly “officially” wed couple the collection of gifts from some of us back in Malaysia – Khai & Yuenn, Ladan, and myself of course.

James & Mari

Theeeere you go! CONGRATULATIONS, James and Mari! 🙂 We wish you all the best and happiness in your marriage and we hope that your happy union will last forever.

James, take good care of Mari.

Mari, let James take good care of you. 😉

To be Continued…

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