Minor Renovation And Paint Job

Finally! This was something mom and I wanted to do since late last year: have the tiles outside the house repaired, and a long overdue paintjob inside.

Despite living in Johor for 2 decades, my mother doesn’t know a lot of people here. Even for me, after having moved here permanently a year and a half ago.

My mother had a go-to guy for this kind of handiwork, but he didn’t seem to be that reliable in recent years. So I secured a contact from an Agency friend, who happens to be a “turnkey” contractor. Work started after Chinese New Year.

The workers started from outside, first removing the old and broken tiles and then installing the new ones we bought from Jubin nearby. This job took two weeks to complete.

The next one and a half weeks was spent on wall painting inside the house. I think this is the first time we’ve given the interior a new paintjob since we moved here in 2009!

While we were at it, we also had the new ceiling fans installed in all the rooms, and new switches and lights in some of them.

My own room is given a facelift: I bought a new sofa bed and some new drawers to complete the home office setting.

Oh, and I bought a new PC Rig a month ago! The last time I bought a custom PC was in 2016.

I’m glad I’ve finally gotten this over with, and have the rest of 2024 to look forward to.