First Urban CQB In 2023

Today’s game consisted of 3 rounds: Team Deathmatch, Bomb plant/defusal (we won), and VIP escort/assassination (we won, I took out the VIP and his escort!)

I seldom play Airsoft in recent years, and because of that I’m concerned about the reliability of my toys.

Had to give my airsoft guns an emergency service, and also took over a retired friend’s SIG 551 piece that he hasn’t used for 10+ years. Need to buy some new parts and accessories after this. Since I work from home again (no office, no physical team) I expect to be more active in this sport this year.

RIP Uncle Goo Goo

8 days after our family CNY reunion, Uncle Goo Goo has passed on.

His health took a nose dive two months ago when it started with a heart attack, and then a series of health problems that saw him rushed back to the ICU and hospital.

When we visited Uncle just prior to Chinese New Year, mom and I felt this might be the last time we’ll meet so we took a trip up to Klang. I’m glad we did.

Uncle Goo Goo had left us at 1:30PM today.