WW2 Malay Regiment Reenactment Drill

I’ve had fun today seeing our local Reenactor’s community perform drills and discuss history.

Compared to other countries, Malaysia’s historical reenactment society is fairly “infant”. But that may change fast. Recently, they registered officially as Persatuan Reka Ulang Sejarah or PRUS. Though in practice, they’ve been doing this activity for some years.

If you have passion for our local history – interwar period, WW2, post-war era – and discover stuff your school will never be able to tell you, then you should look these guys up!


New TQG Branch In Kota Damansara

While I was in town and in short notice, I joined Zoeii the Wiibbit and her family at TQG’s newest branch opened in Kota Damansara. They hosted an activity night (loosely based on the Cashflow 101 game) and a seminar presentation by a certain Dr Ignatius Augustine (who’s been using a bunch of the same slides since 2002!)

DSA and NATSEC 2024

My first time attending a local exhibition on Military firearms, vehicles and tech.

It was a fun few hours going booth to booth, floor to floor, like a kid in a candy store. Even though it was Day 3, there were lots of people and finding parking was a challenge. Good thing I carpooled here with Chin Chin.

Took a lot of photos and videos while I was at the exhibition, and this is just half of them for show here.

EDIT: not sure if it’s my website, hosting or just not-so-good Internet connection to this server, but I’ve got trouble uploading all the images into a single gallery, so I’ve broken this into two parts. Here’s a continuation…

P.S. DSA = Defense Service Asia and NATSEC = National Security, not “nut sack”, lol

P.P.S. Some of my friends asked how I got to know about this event and how to register. It appears to be annual or bi-annual. You can find out from their official website at https://www.dsaexhibition.com/. I registered early this year, though it appeared that they also welcomed walk-ins as long as you register on the spot via QR Code. Admission is FREE and to the public (despite the mention of “only individuals and organizations related to security”), and make sure you’re dressed appropriately i.e. business attire.