The Lost World Of Brunei – Part 2

17th January 2010. Yuli & Yassin’s wedding. 🙂 If not for the wedding I wouldn’t have been invited let alone be in Brunei!

Weddings are big thing here. It’s normal to have 600 – 2,000 people attending a wedding… and there are like, 5-6 weddings on the same weekend!

After the wedding, MissM, Natasha, Clifford, and I went to the Serasa Beach. Only 30-45 minutes from the Kiulap Hotel. 🙂

My first time riding the ATV!

Haha, MissM found a rock of shells and insisted on taking it home. Clifford had to help carry it back and load it on his 4×4!

Later that night, a bigger group of people joined us and we went to the Jerudong Park!

Had fun with the bumper cars (9 of us banging each other haha!), threading on water, the pirate ship, and we actually finished the last 4 rides on… the merry-go-round. 🙂

(to be concluded…)