Immitation – a Form of Flattery?

WARNING! Rant up ahead…

Being successful comes with a price. As a leading pioneer in the Private Label Rights business on the Internet, I face a lot of new challenges that I had never previously encountered as an Internet Markeitng newbie.

One of them happens to be dealing with copycats. Personally, I have nothing against ‘borrowing’ ideas to an acceptable degree. But literal copying? Word for word? Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised at all that a lot of Internet Marketing ‘wanna-be’s are copying my marketing moves, style, choice of words… all to the letter.

Just this afternoon, I discovered yet another Edmund Loh ‘wanna be’. This time it came in the form of HepiMoney or Cik Mint.

It is said that immitation is a form of flattery. But being a subject of *literal* immitation by many other so-called ‘competitors’, I never found this one bit amusing much less flattering. More on that later. Read on.

When I checked my Inbox this afternoon, I received an e-mail notifying me of a pingback to my About Me page. And I was wondering, “Who would actually link to my ‘About Me’ page?” I had to check it out.

And lo and behold, what greeted me was a very familiar post. In fact, it was one of my first posts that I wrote at the start of my Personal Homepage.

Except that it was written in Malay.

First, check out my blog post here.

Okay? Now see this.


The anonymous author of this blog might change his (or her) blog content later so I’m going to paste the screen shot of the full contents here as it is.

Blatant Copy of Blog Post - Only in Bahasa Malaysia

Interestingly enough, when I hovered my mouse cursor over the link, it was a link to my About Me page. This was what resulted the pingback.

Is Edmund Loh = Cik Mint?

Even my URL was copied to the dot too. Hmmm… and what was I saying about literal copycats? “Cik Mint” had also copied a portion of my About Me page, again only to be loosely translated to Bahasa Malaysia with a minimal changes.

To prove the point, check out my About Me page here and see “About Edmund Loh” and “Internet Marketing Skills & Expertise”. (link opens in a new window or tab)

Alright, now see this:

About Me - in BM

Now what are the chances that there are TWO Internet Marketers in the Private Label Rights business staying in Johor Bahru, both agreeing that they are workaholics but know when to time out, chill and relax, can write promotion emails and do web copywriting, design e-cover graphics, create digital products, are experts at membership sites, build opt-in lists, do Joint Ventures, and execute product launches?

Perhaps I shouldn’t be laughing at people who are less gifted than I am (pardon the sarcasm). After all, there are a lot of people out there who are handicapped of their own identity and this is one speck of the proof. 😉

So is immitation a form of flattery?

Hmmm… considering that this person could have copied after profiles of more successful people like Mark Joyner, John Delavera and Ewen Chia, maybe I should feel flattered that this anonymous person chose to copy mine instead. 😉

Or should I?

One thing I know for sure: if you want to quickly brand yourself as a fool, you can pick up literal copying. Just like “Cik Mint”.

Will wonders ever cease? 😉

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  1. What for to have this website present on the internet?…he(or she) won’t feel ashamed to link his(or her) website to others personal website?… – -”

    I know how you feel about this. But, to be reminded that, copycats are popular in Mys. . 😉 ….hehe…

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