City Square Shooting Gallery

I didn’t know such a place exist in Malaysia… until my friend Nic Thooi told me about it. And I knew right away that we had to check it out. The City Square Shooting Gallery in Kuala Lumpur.

So a group of us friends arrived at the entrance of gallery and first thing we needed to do was fill in some forms, including the one for indemnity. (heart thumping)

For the next 2 hours, our Instructor Kelvin showed us how to handle and shoot a handgun properly.

“This is how you reload the gun…”

For beginners, we practiced pushing in the 9mm rounds into the magazine. The more rounds you put in, the harder it gets.

There were Glocks, M1911s, and CZ75s. We fired the Glock23 and M1911.

The proper way to hold the handgun. Nic has fired handguns before in the States, thus this being the second time for him.

This was just before I discharged the first live round in my life. We were told not to wear the ear protection just yet, to find out how loud the firing really is. And yes, it was REALLY LOUD.

(Note I was holding the gun in ‘tea pot’ position. This is not the best way to hold a handgun. I feel so cheated and lied to after playing all those computer games.)

Us boys standing in a line and taught the proper stance of holding and firing a pistol.

“Now that’s the proper way!” Personally, I prefer the European grip compared to American grip but each to their own.

Pictures tell very little, I’ll let you watch this video we took while shooting targets. 🙂

Honest to goodness truth, I felt really scared when handling the gun. The computer games made it look so easy. What a wrong mindset to have! But then, I got used to it later into the course. 🙂

If you want to try out shooting, you can look up CSSG. They are on Facebook too, just look up their fan page.

We fired about 20-25 rounds each, which I think it’s more than enough for a person. Any more and your wrists will probably get sore from all the gun recoil.