Month #20: Gym Defeat

59.4 kilos.

That’s how much I currently weigh right now.

Just 3 months ago I was 63.1 KG and I was 2 kilos shy of the target weight.

Then my stomach problems hit in, and exposed the frauds of my desperate eating habits and shortcuts to gain weight.

This is so far the worst defeat I’ve faced in gym training. Up until now, all I’ve been experiencing were ‘up and up’ moments. Ironically, this is my original objective when I first met my trainer Qunling last year: to burn the fats and lose some weight – back then I thought I should be under 60 kilos.

This week’s work outs were met with set backs as I couldn’t lift my ‘previous high’ weights – didn’t finish my squats even! To think that just a few months ago I trashed all my ex-scout mates at the gym circuit.

Oh well. I’ll be back for sure. Bet on it.

My priority right now is to discipline my eating habits and sleep / awake time. My stomach problems have been capping me on my daily affairs like speaking (more I speak I’d feel nausea), physical activities and meeting friends on outings.

I need to overcome this a.s.a.p. or else I won’t be ready for the speaking circuit!