Wealth Summit 2013

Finally done with the major speaking event I had been looking forward to for the big break this year! After some speaking engagements here and there, I landed on the biggest one yet – Wealth Summit 2013!

I shared the stage with other reputable speakers and experts like Robert G Allen, James MacNeil, Andrew Baxter, Jonathan Quek, Sean Seah & Cayden Chang, Peng Joon, Kathlyn Toh, and more in two Wealth Summit events back to back – first in Singapore, the following weekend in Malaysia!

I remember being very anxious when I first arrived in World Resorts Sentosa and carefully observing how the other speakers presented their best knowledge distilled into under 2 hours each.

True that I had been speaking for some events and sessions here and there – and I did more this year alone than my previous years combined – I suppose I haven’t shake off the impression that I was going to be a speaker this time, and not a member of the audience that I was so used to see myself in.

Unlike my first speaking engagement with Success Resources in 2009, this time I was slotted to be a speaker on the last day of the event. This gave me ample preparation and the opportunity to see how the other speakers give their best performance.

Okay won’t bore you with the details… in short, I am glad it ended well and I walked away from stage learning just as much as I shared mine with the audience on all of my years in Internet Marketing distilled to the time I was given on stage.

To me, I consider this a massive breakthrough… and there will be more to come!