Super Scaling 2024 In Singapore

Thanks Stuart Tan for inviting me again to his Super Scaling event for the second time! It was amazing to meet familiar and new faces at the event, and this round was more fun for me compared to last year’s.

For one, I got to bring along 3 of my Mentorship students (Ron Bes, Edward Loh, Bryan Wong) and my friend and Client, Nicholas Ting, who himself hasn’t been in a networking event for a few years.

And that I received a ‘flash’ sale of RM30K while at the event so yes, I was really happy. 🙂

To top off this time’s two-day trip in Singapore, I was treated to two dinners of generous Thai Mookata!

See you next year (if I’m invited again)

Weekly Webinar Circuit

Since last year, especially November 2022 onwards, I’ve been pretty much running a live webinar every single week.

It took me a while to dial this one in. Initially, it was the “6 hour webinar” model and while I got started on a beginner’s luck, the next 4 runs proved it to be non-viable and not profitable.

In the end, I switched to what is considered “old school” today but it simply works: a free 1.5 hour webinar presentation that leads to a paid weekend class, then to an optional Mentorship upgrade.

In as much as I’d love to front-load on value, the sad reality is: anything given away for free (especially in massive quantity) is usually taken for granted.

And it’s true that those that pay, pay attention. Those that don’t, won’t.

I was stubborn at first, but in the end, I defaulted back to the proven model of first giving previews that in turn lead to weekend paid class.

It’s also a curious choice to my friends in this industry that I’m opting to do it LIVE instead of automating it a.s.a.p.

I will – eventually. Right now, honest personal assessment, I have a lot more to improve in the way I deliver and present. So I prefer to do it live every week, get all the practice I need, hear every single objection and rejection I can, and hone my presentation and messages to the optimum.

Russell Brunson did his webinars live for one whole year, and that was why ClickFunnels was worth $100 M (at the time). Personally, I’d be happy with even a fraction of that. 🙂

And as someone who was running a circuit of live, physical seminars in 2019 – 2020, I find doing webinars to be a lot easier and less effort and stress in comparison, which is why I’m content and thankful. 🙂

Internet To Income X

It’s been half a year, and I was back in Kuala Lumpur again!

This time, I stayed at Furama Hotel for the weekend and attended Patric Chan’s next live event, just a stone’s throw away at Berjaya Times Square hotel.

While I wasn’t in the hall all the time, I took this opportunity to meet some of my own personal coaching students outside, and squeezed in a movie viewing on M3GAN, right on debut night.

Even though it was mostly a leisure trip, I shot some video clips for my YouTube and TikTok Ads.

Interesting to note that even though the event sold 130 tickets, only 70+ people were in attendance. Note it’s an upfront paid event, so to see so many people absent is really strange.

It’s not just this event; I hear this is happening to other business and IM-related live events at the moment.

Of course, this doesn’t reflect the entirety of the live events industry, but on the flip side, it’s good to know there’s strong demand for webinars – which is what I am primarily running on now. So much more profitable and easier compared to running the seminar circuit prior to the 2020 lockdowns.