New Office?

Didn’t think I’d do this… I’ve just signed on and got the keys to my first and new office space in Kelana Jaya!


I’ve been working as an online solopreneur for the last 9 years. Money and freedom was good, now it’s way due time to bring on the heat!

I had been scouting for a suitable base for the last 3 days. The units at Kelana Square weren’t suitable and I didn’t feel good about them. Then I checked out Plaza Kelana Taragon and after viewing a few more units, I locked in on one of them with the best view from the tower.


The office space is vacant and unfurnished, however I’m moving in the essentials within the next 1 to 3 weeks to get the show on the road first. That is my main priority.

Right now I’m feeling both excited and anxious.

Excited because there’s HELLUVA lots of opportunities in Internet Marketing just waiting to be seized, and I know I cannot do this alone.

Anxious because this is my first time ever. In fact, for a very long time I resented having a ‘formal’ office.


Fortunately unlike just a few short years ago, today I’ve got mentors to turn to for advice and there’s an abundance of connections I’ve made in the past months to pull me through the initial stages.

So where will this new venture lead to? Time will tell.