Weekly Webinar Circuit

Since last year, especially November 2022 onwards, I’ve been pretty much running a live webinar every single week.

It took me a while to dial this one in. Initially, it was the “6 hour webinar” model and while I got started on a beginner’s luck, the next 4 runs proved it to be non-viable and not profitable.

In the end, I switched to what is considered “old school” today but it simply works: a free 1.5 hour webinar presentation that leads to a paid weekend class, then to an optional Mentorship upgrade.

In as much as I’d love to front-load on value, the sad reality is: anything given away for free (especially in massive quantity) is usually taken for granted.

And it’s true that those that pay, pay attention. Those that don’t, won’t.

I was stubborn at first, but in the end, I defaulted back to the proven model of first giving previews that in turn lead to weekend paid class.

It’s also a curious choice to my friends in this industry that I’m opting to do it LIVE instead of automating it a.s.a.p.

I will – eventually. Right now, honest personal assessment, I have a lot more to improve in the way I deliver and present. So I prefer to do it live every week, get all the practice I need, hear every single objection and rejection I can, and hone my presentation and messages to the optimum.

Russell Brunson did his webinars live for one whole year, and that was why ClickFunnels was worth $100 M (at the time). Personally, I’d be happy with even a fraction of that. 🙂

And as someone who was running a circuit of live, physical seminars in 2019 – 2020, I find doing webinars to be a lot easier and less effort and stress in comparison, which is why I’m content and thankful. 🙂