Year-End Adventure and a Glimpse into 2012

** UPDATED 3rd JANUARY 2007: I will be updating this post occasionally for the next few days as I am waiting for more photos to be uploaded. In the mean time, do check back often for cool updates and new photos! ** 🙂

*** Oh, and check out my next post on New Year 2008! ***

It’s been a blast AGAIN! I’ve lost count how many times I’ve said that but hey, life’s too short to be ordinary. 🙂

Here’s how I’ve spent the last days of 2007…

Aliens vs Predator 2: Requiem

Aliens vs Predator: Requiem

The new film launched into the cinemas nation-wide on Christmas day and as an avid fan of sci-fi horror – especially that of the Aliens and Predator franchise – it is my duty to check out the latest installment to the highly anticipated sequel to Aliens vs Predator.

So I grabbed a ticket seat.

Truth be told, the first movie, directed by Paul HS Anderson, left a lot to be desired and it didn’t fully stick true to the original ‘winning’ elements set by the solo films of the Aliens and Predator franchise. In my opinion the second installment, now directed by the Strause Brothers made up for what the first show lacked. In fact, the show started from where the last film left.

I won’t spoil the plot here due to time and space constraints but take it from another sci-fi fan: it’s worth watching. REALLY.

Trip Up To Awana Genting Resort

Like the previous year, I took a trip up to Genting Highlands – Awana Genting Country & Resort Hotel to be exact. Compared to the yesteryear, the highlands was not as cold as it used to be. At the same time one year ago, the temperature was 14-15 degree Celcius; this time it’s 24-28 degrees.

Still, the view from the top was great (26th floor).

Awana View

Yep – and I could see Genting Highlands from my hotel room’s balcony! 😉

Edmund Loh

That’s me in the hotel room.

Edmund Loh

That’s me in the cable car this time.

Cable Car @ Awana Skyway

Magnificent view from the cable car on Awana skyway!

The Life Changing Party

Life Changing Party

This was the main reason why I went up to Awana Genting – to attend the Life Changing Party, hosted by SOLOBIS. It was held in the same hotel I was staying in.

Now this party is ***NOT*** a costume party. In fact, there had never been quite any party like this before (not that I know of). When you walk into the party, it’s Year 2012 – 5 years from now. You come in all ready – as you aspire to be 5 years from 2007 – wearing, dressed, behaving, acting, and talking as that person.

For example, if you aspire to be, say, a rock star, then you come in as a rock star – from clothes to “props” to personality.

The main mission of the party was to apply the Law of Attraction and help the people visualize and gain deeper focus on their dreams and goals in life. That’s the jizz in the nut shell, but you should check out the official website for more info.

Having said that, who did I come as?

“Agent” Loh

‘Signing’ the Autographs

That’s me greeting the ‘fans’ when I made my entrance (with my friends following before and after one by one). You’re welcome to take a guess at what I aspire to be 5 years from now. I want to rule out one guess, though: I DON’T want to be Agent Smith from the Matrix trilogy (like I said, this is NOT a costume party!).

Victor Tang & Me

That’s me with Victor Tang.

Jesper, Foo, Azhari, Karan

The SOLOBIS gang.
Clockwise from top left: Jesper, Foo, Karan, Azhari.
Missing from picture: Fung, Thulasi, Nalini.


As soon as my group of friends and I entered the party during the arrival of guests at 6.15 PM, we were greeted by a group of ‘fake’ fans and ‘fake’ paparazzis. You see, The “Party of Future” sees its participants being already successful in their undertakings and thus become the limelight of the media. Which is really a unique welcome on red carpet because every participant – 120 participants in all – were celebrated in blazing techni-color! 8)

There were also ‘fake’ reporters going around table to table interviewing the participants of the party. The thing is, the people have to speak in terms of present tense instead of future tense. For example, one doesn’t say “I will be a rock star” or “I aim to be a rock star” but “I AM a rock star”.

This is not to be confused with “fake it ’till you make it” but from experience, every success story we have come to know and heard of today were at one time, believe it or not, seeded with very simple (and sometimes innocent) self-believes.

This party witnesses 120 participants seeding their believe for greater heights!

There were a host of cool programs and agenda for the next 6 hours into the party like buffet dinner, booth games, and socializing. For the record, everyone was given 1 million LCP notes (think Monopoly money) to be spent or invested into any booths of their choice.

Jarrett Rogan

One of the participants and attendee at the party. Jarrett Rogan was notably one of the more outstanding people at the party and he won 1 BILLION LCP (Life Changing Party) dollars from the “Who Wants To Be A Billionaire” on-stage game, hosted by Karan Dhillon!

Sen Ze

Sen Ze the host of the event giving a briefing to the participants on stage.

Me on Stage

Got interviewed by Karan on stage for his talk show.

Green Fingers on Stage

Ms. “Green Fingers” being interviewed in Karan’s talk show too. I cannot recall her name but I distinctly remembered that this woman is unique from the rest because while many aspired to be ‘tycoons’ in monetary terms, she leans more towards the environmentalist side for her mission! 🙂


Fern talking about her B-Male software. 🙂

Ladan with Shades

Ladan wearing my shades!

Props Props Props!

Amazing display of props from the participants!

Billionaire in the Making!

Who wants to be a billionaire? 8)

Lost? Hmm…

Playing one of the games at the party: How to lose money in the stock market – the Edmund Loh style. (It’s obvious that I don’t have any plans to dabble in stock market even for the next 5 years.)

Old Man - Sing Your Heart Out!

Dream… and then, sing your heart out!

Last Game with Sen Ze

Playing the last game of the night – this time dealing with the ‘big boss’ Sen Ze himself!

Late Night Drink and Hang Out at Genting Highland – First World Plaza

We drove up to Genting First World Plaza in two cars, with me joining Daniel Chin, Karan and Foo in his Fuu Fuu Mobile (Karan calls it ‘Auto Fuu’ though I think it’s not a right name for a manual car). Victor, Bryan Wong and Ian Kwok tailed behind in another car.

The Gang

“The Gang” @ Starbucks, First World Plaza, 2:00 in the morning.
L-R: Victor Tang, Foo, Karan, Daniel Chin, Bryan Wong, Ian Kwok

Sleeping Racers

SMOKING GUNS! “Sleeping Racers” taking a bunk at closed amusement arcade – waiting for their turn to roll the dice at the casino. 🙂

To listen to Foo’s side of the story, click here. (Thanks to Foo for some of the cool pics!)

2007 had been, for most parts, a very fun and educational year for me and I trust the same goes for my friends and family. I wish you all a Happy New Year and to your pursuit of dreams! 🙂

Let’s Ride!

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  1. hey ed,
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    but must remember go to watch ” Alvin and the chipmunks” ya!

  2. Ashley,
    Yeah Genting wasn’t as cold as it used to be just the same time last year. It’s a bummer. :-\

    Nah, you’re the pro anytime! 😉

    I’ll watch your recommendation… if and when I find there are no other better shows to watch *I think* 😛 Haha! You should catch AvP2 still!

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