Moving To Johor?

I’ve told some of my close friends about it from a few months ago, and here I am now.

Earlier this week, I moved 90% of my stuff from PJ to my other house in Johor. I expect to be based here most of time starting later this year.

There are several reasons for my moving here, chiefly my sister is going to work in Singapore and my mother will be alone.

And since my business is practically online and no longer have a physical office, it was an easier decision now to move back.

It’s also a serendipity that my Singaporean business partner who’s been living with his family in KL for the last several years, will also be moving back to Singapore in June 2022.

But don’t say goodbye. I will swing by Klang Valley now and the. In fact, I am still staying in PJ until August 2022 – I just moved most of my stuff ahead of schedule.

Chiefly because months ago, I predicted the daily Covid cases will skyrocket – and I was right (seriously people, wake up… this whole ‘Covid vaccine’ is a f*cken scam that doesn’t work) and even though the government had promised not to impose another lockdown, well… how many broken promises and U-turns have you seen in the last 2 years? You have to be a fool to trust a word they say.

Plus with Airbnb and homestay lifestyle a thing today – which it wasn’t 10 to 15 years ago – I can change my environment anywhere, anytime. All I need is my laptop.

P.S. When I moved here earlier this week, I underestimated the work around the house. My mother is in her 60s, and the garden has become too much of a maintenance for her so I trimmed and cleared the place in and out of the house last 4 days. Anyone that is all for “saving nature” probably didn’t do a lot of gardening; these madafakas grow back real fast! ??????


34 years. Wawasan 2020.

For years I’ve been imagining what I’d be like and doing by this time. Not quite what I thought.

That there would be a global pandemic this year.

That a lot of businesses would be affected or go out like never before.

That it would also be a very challenging time even for me.

That I would be forced to do a lot of things differently than ever before.

But I believe that tough times don’t last; tough people do.

P.S. Spent the day shooting more videos in the office for Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads and sales videos. With a lot of places closed anyway, what else is there to do?

Movement Control Order Extended (Again)

Now to 28th April 2020. That means 6 weeks total of MCO.

As most people expected. While Malaysia has relatively fewer deaths and more success against Covid-19 when compared to developed countries, it’s too risky to lift the movement control order just when nationwide compliance hit a peak of 95-99%.

Whether the MCO will end for real this time remains to be seen. At this juncture, all bets are off.

Movement Control Order Extended

So Movement Control Order (MCO) got extended to 14th April 2020.

But I am surprised that time seems to fly fast. Next thing I know, it’s been more than two weeks and coming to three. At this rate, in a few eye blinks it will be a full month since MCO was enforced in Malaysia.

Between working out and cooking almost all my meals at home, I’ve been working with the Musemancer team remotely.

You’d think that as a digital business, we’d have it easier. Yes, we have some advantages over most other types of business i.e. selling our digital products.

However I had put the launch life behind me more than 2 years ago – and I am not about to restart that, because it’s just no way to grow a business long term and sustainably.

And this is really a bad time to double down on live events, just when I was getting the hang of it! At the same time, agency work is a no-go – with most businesses closed and their own Customers staying home, there is no Facebook Ads to run for them.

This time I wish I was working solo from home like I did for several years before this; I’d sleep the whole MCO away like a holiday.

On the other hand, I am also thankful that the small size of my team is also an advantage; I can only imagine the stress and anxiety big business owners must be feeling now that not only their incomes have virtually come to a halt, they still have to pay their employees full salary. No unpaid leaves.

It’s scary how this crisis revealed most people and even businesses we think are doing well are really, literally 1 month paycheck from broke.

I have my doubts the MCO will be lifted as scheduled, and I’m prepared for the possibility it will be extended again. There is no cure to covid-19 found just yet, and with number of new cases springing up daily, most people aren’t going to take a chance.

And even if the MCO is lifted on time, I anticipate business will be slow not only in Malaysia but worldwide. As I am writing this, 2/5th of the countries in the world are in a state of lock down.

I have my team to rally and Mentorship students to motivate. Like it or not, everyone is thrusted into a “30 day challenge” of sorts.

2 solutions I can think of right now:

  1. Ramp up on digital products i.e. online courses and webinars, or
  2. Double down on E-commerce (something that I wasn’t that fond of initially, that I took the FB Ads skill to do agency and lead gen instead)

Well, my business had negotiated tough waters throughout the 15 years I’ve been here. And I’m not about to quit now.

The fight is on. What a time to be alive.