Incitement @ MindValley

Last night I shared the stage with 4 other entrepreneurs to speak for nearly 20 minutes about my early journey as an Internet Entrepreneur and Marketer to a crowd of slightly more than 100 people at MindValley HQ in Bangsar.

I’ve been looking to get into the speaking circuit again since the time I completed the Train The Trainer program. Unfortunately my nausea feeling stayed with me for months and actually prevented me from looking for any speaking opportunities – not cool to throw up on stage halfway through, you know. 😛

Gotta admit, I was still feeling a wee bit nausea last night even though I spoke for no more than 20 minutes. Been exerting my body too much in gym training, I bet.

But it was a great start to build some visibility in the offline world once again, thanks to Khai Yong recommending me to Incitement co-founder Zikry Kholil.

I was juggling between finishing my next BM course “Mesin Komisen” and later doing my presentation slides on the fly this whole week.

Then came the night…


I was off to a slow start as Natalia rigged me with the microphone… while the intro music played several seconds too early, haha! 🙂 incitement-entrepreneur-edmundloh-2Captured the crowd’s attention just in time. Hehe…

I started off with a quick survey and from my estimation, about 20% of the audience was already in a business of some kind whereas 80% want to learn how to start a business of some kind.

The right crowd indeed. 🙂

After all, this Incitement Episode was about Entrepreneurship.incitement-entrepreneur-edmundloh-3

So I spoke for the next 20 minutes about my early days journey before and when I took up the invisible mantel of an Internet Entrepreneur. 🙂

I wished I had more time though; would have loved to dive into some practical steps and tips really but that was taken care of by the subsequent speakers fortunately. (3 of the 5 speakers here are from MindValley themselves btw)


The atmosphere was energetic and the environment electrifying!

I was the first speaker, followed by others – Eugene Hennie (Internet Marketer); John-Son Oei (Founder of Epic Homes); Daniel de Gruijter (Co Founder of Incitement); Amir Ahmad Nasr (Social Entrepreneur and author of My Islam).

Should go without saying but still worth saying… it had been a great pleasure and honor to share the stage with these wonderful folks and I too learned heaps from them. The audience had been a positive bunch as well.

The slightly overdue night concluded with an Appreciation Round. I thank some of my friends who came over to support me and it was great to hear they came specifically for me. Nice!

Khai Yong (he’s already with MV so naturally he’d be there); Chon Giap and friend Chris; Elton Kuah; Shatish Rao (who also helped me record my presentation… video will be ready later!); and of course Elle 🙂incitement-entrepreneur-edmundloh-5On a separate note, I will be speaking again at another event, more on Internet Marketing this time. The date is tentatively May 1st and details are being nailed down (can’t set this on stone just yet; it might change due to the General Elections looming around the corner). More details to be announced later!