Month #26: RM Test… Again!

I did the RM Test again 4 weeks later.

Correction: this was taken on April 24, not April 26 as stated in the video.

Squats @ 183 lbs x 1 rep (maintained)
Bench Press @ 150 lbs x 1 rep (went up +11 lbs)
Deadlift @ 260 lbs x 1 rep (went up +11 lbs)

I currently weigh 132lbs. An improvement from 4 weeks ago still. HUAH!

After this, I will be starting a new cycle of different work outs; it won’t be as strenuous as this one – not only was at the limits of my physical strength, I wasn’t making much improvements already and I was at the risk of falling sick.

However it will be compensated with a higher rep count for each workout.