Stop Gap Update On My Health

I’ve been awfully quiet last month. As soon as I came back from the Train The Trainer program in Singapore, I spent most of the next three weeks staring at the bedroom ceiling. Stomach pains and intensified nausea feeling.

My business partner Khai Ng and the rest of Musemancer had to continue running our online business and while I am thankful for them being around, I still feel frustrated over the fact that I DID ALMOST NOTHING for three weeks.

As soon as I came back to PJ, my 3 year old PC broke down and since it’s been to the repair shop quite a few times already, I decided it was time to get a new computer.

So I bought an iMac.

It was also about the same time my BlackBerry phone’s media card is damaged and two shops later, it still couldn’t be repaired.

So I bought an iPhone 4S.

Add these unexpected expenses to my medical bills, and altogether it was a slight financial  set back last month. These funds could very well be going to paying for a ton of traffic to my websites, and some entertainment no doubt. 🙁 But such is life and surprises.


In spite of my frustrations and being restless, my priority was to get my health back to tip top condition. After visits to a traditional Chinese physician and a Western doctor (which didn’t help my stomach pains), I decided to haul ass to a hospital and see a gastroenterologist.

It was already weeks of little improvement in my health and I wanted an end-game to it: I insisted on an ultra scan and endoscopy test, even though I was afraid of having a tube shoved down my throat!

Good thing they sedated me and I remembered nothing about the process 🙂

The doctor reported nothing serious about my stomach condition – I have Eosinophilia and an allergy to some foods, albeit still unknown.

In short, my choice of food has been narrowed: no nuts, no seafood, no cheese, no spicy / hot foods, and no dairy products.

As I am writing this, I am still on medication although on the road to recovery. I would have loved to go skydiving again but my doctor advised against it for the time being; high altitude may do something to my stomach. Would hate to vomit mid-air, haha.

The ordeal cost me valuable time, money and 2 precious kilos. I have to work out my way again to get back my lost weight and the muscles to show off again 😛

Now that I am back in action, I am playing catch up for all the lost time and pursuing a new business direction for my online business which is into the seminar, training and consulting road. More on this next bout! Feeling real fired up now.

Private Updates

1. Since the start of the year, I have placed the focus of my time and energy to expand my Internet Business further. After ‘selling off’ PLRGold with my business partner Khai Ng (Inspiration DNA), we started work on the next brand of marketing products called Wealth Print. We are making this bigger than both PLRGold and IDNA combined, and for the first time we have started a team consisting of Project Managers and Interns, some of which we plan to continue working with us after the 3 months probation is over.

2. This, of course, puts a dent on my social life. However, it’s temporary – all my best results come when I am working without or with little distraction. At the same time, this makes a perfect alibi from a handful of irritating people I’d avoid seeing. I want to take my wealth and business to the next level and this means being selective with who I meet in person.

3. I will be taking the Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) skydiving course in Udon Thani, Thailand middle of this year. I stretched my balls last year and jumped off the plane 3 times. This time I am going to up the ante and do it 9 times. Solo.

4. I intend to buy my own house after surviving the jumps. However many of my friends from the real estate industry strongly discourage buying any property now as “the bubble is about to burst”. I’ve been hearing that since last year, and given market cycles it can be years before it happens. Still, it would suck to buy a house at RM 1million only to devalue by 20%… and I have to still pay the full mortgage price.

There’s Facebook So Why Blog?

Many people forget that I have a personal blog. Fewer people realize that I STILL blog.

Among a few reasons, the contents of my personal blog are blocked from search engines. For a long time, I’ve stopped ‘promoting’ my personal blog every time I wrote a new post and save for small mentions in my social media profiles, not many realize that I still actively update my blog at least monthly.

While used to receiving anywhere from a few up to dozens of comments, my blog post comments as of recent years had plummetted to zero. This was eversince I’ve become active on Facebook and so are my friends and regular blog visitors.

With Facebook, I can share my thoughts in fewer words and a few updates later, uploading photos became a breeze. Since many users are hyperactive here, this is where all the comments and following have gone to.

So why do I still carry on blogging?

Call me paranoid. Call me a control freak. In as great and convenient Facebook is today, and with the shift of traffic heading towards its direction, I think it can go away one day.

That last line must have raised some eyebrows. It’s not out of imagination when you look into the past decade: Yahoo! was the leading search engine until Google took the lead. Friendster was pwned by MySpace, which in turn pwned by Facebook. And I don’t have to tell you about what’s going on between Microsoft and Apple do I?

That said, if and when Facebook were “to go” one day, I won’t be banging my head against the wall for spending so much effort and energy posting contents to a social media site that’s no longer around. (Look at what happened to Friendster today… I never had an account with them anyway)

Also, a 5000 friend limit on Facebook means that my maximum exposure is capped at just 5000.

I still like the idea of writing a periodical journal here, and the past archives can be easily referred back to. So I can look back some day and see how things have changed – or how some have not.

And when I’m no longer among the living one day, this blog shall server as a sizable account on how I lived up until my final moments.

April Updates

1. Last month was a terribly busy month and I must add, high stressful. In between launching my online coaching program and shifting to another apartment, I had to juggle most of the responsibilities on my own. If there is a severe disadvantage to living alone, this is one of them.

2. So I launched Edmund Loh Coaching on 10th March, and the following day I was to move to the new apartment, Puncak Damansara. And you know what happened at the same time? The massive earthquake and tsunami hit Japan!

3. For the next one week, I couldn’t go online from my new place. TMNet said they can reconnect my line in the next 5 to 7 working days. So I had to continue my launch from the cybercafe and friend’s home. (I must admit, it was an awesome excuse to go to Evelyn Toh‘s house 😛 )

4. Sucks that the launch didn’t live up to my expectations even though I had gotten in substantial enough students to start the webinars. Could feel the world mood is DOWN and all the media attention was on Japan. Cables were down so this meant some parts of the world experience slow to non-existent Internet connection. I strongly feel that had I done this at a different time, the results would have been A LOT better. Not that I could have predicted the disaster, of course.

5. The apartment was in a rough shape when I moved in. Part of the challenge was excess of furniture. So it took some creativity to rearrange them and move the unwanted items into the store room.

6. Took me two more weeks to get used to the new place, and get everything I need for it. Finally! I will be throwing a housewarming party end of this month.

7. On another note, I already reaped my rewards from the sale of ClickBank Gamers! It did a quarter million dollars in sales in its launch week, and made it to #9 in ClickBank’s E-Business category. Tony Sanders and Dylan Loh are up for another launch called CB Niche Blueprint in July. I might as well continue participating in the partnership.

8. My live trading account doubled too! Withdrew all my funds from PFGFX and am pouring the deposit back into TadawulFX on Elle‘s recommendation. 🙂

9. Have been participating in some affiliate contests the past month too. Scored first place for Khai Ng‘s Inspiration DNA 2.0 and #3 for The Real Guys 72 hour contest (#7 overall). Looking to double my existing mailing list to 100K subscribers by end of this year… that’s my Internet Marketing goal!

10. UPDATE ON MOM: we admitted her to the SJMC middle of last month for radiotherapy treatment. It was successful. There is very little residue of cancer on her left neck now after the treatment. All she has to do is consume more calcium, take some minor post treatments and go for a check up again in August. Mom got off rather easy compared to the horror stories I’ve heard about other cancer victims. Her case was peanuts and the fact that the doctors didn’t sweat about it was comforting to see. 🙂 Thank God!

11. The other half keeping me occupied throughout March – directing my short action film “Office Siege“! I don’t want to spoil this yet, besides we are only 2/3rd done with the raw footage at the moment. I will be learning to use Adobe After Effects and do some CG work from my camera man and co-storywriter, Brian Lee. I estimate the final product will be 5 to 7 minutes… and more kick ass than our first try. 😉

12. After I was done with most of the apartment moving, I went on with what I had been putting at bay for quite some time: to begin my gym training. I chose Qunling to be my trainer. He was my scout senior back in my high school days. He is now a fitness trainer and I’ve seen one of his clients got good results i.e. lost significant amount of weight. Qunling is no B.S. – enough of a reason for me to go with him. I signed up for 15 sessions to get gym training from him on a one-on-one level. I am nearly half way through the sessions at this time of writing.

13. The highlight of this month has to be skydiving! Nic Thooi and I went for a theory course in Cheras last weekend, and we’ll be heading to Segamat, Johor with Shaun Ng (the guy who introduced me to this) hopefully this weekend.

14. Scuba diving is next, but probably something I’d learn to pick up only the following month. Waiting up on Sook Yen on this.

February Updates 2

1. I had a lot of reservations on how Tony Sanders and Dylan Loh were handling the launch. A lot of what they were implementing were either foreign or contradicting to what I already knew about marketing. Yet I kept my fingers crossed for most parts.

2. Then ClickBank Gamers launched better than we anticipated. It broke 6 figures in sales half past the second day. And it’s still going strong as I am writing this. Chinese New Year had never been this exciting. And I’ve learned to be less stubborn about my opinions this time.

3. I’m not stopping here. I still have a PLR Sale to do with Stephen Luc on the 15th of this month. We have a side project on site flipping to work on later.

4. And Elle? We got a business date – CPA.

5. 10th March? That’s the day I’m launching my online coaching program on a world wide web scale.

6. I’m having my new goals and dreams in my mind’s crosshair. It’s been a long time I feel so fired up from within. And I feel unstoppable now.