Meeting MattGyver, The PLRGold “Uncut” Interview, And More Fun!

Simply can’t resist putting up photos and a quick summary of yet another interesting weekend. Goes to show that playing hard is just as important as working hard! πŸ™‚

So here you have it: this week’s wrap-up…


After a week spent in Johor Bahru in effort of preparing the upcoming PLRGold5 launch, I went back to the rat hole rented room in PJ, only to be greeted by…

Door Knob Condemned!

… a broken doorknob. And my reaction?



Since I have two left hands when it comes to handiwork, I decided to immediately engage…

MattGyver Ng

Yup, our very own local “MacGvyer” who goes by the name of MattGyver. πŸ™‚ Since I was going to meet up with him for a drink anyway – and discuss Internet Marketing and the PLRGold5 video interview (to be scheduled 2 days later) – I might as well ask him to help me out with the doorknob.

Unfortunately, Matt discovered that the doorknob challenge proved to be beyond his ability. πŸ™ So we did the next smartest thing.

We called in the locksmith and he solved the problem almost instantly! πŸ˜‰

Locksmith with Matt Ng

Saturday – Chilling Day

Having spent a large quantity of time in front of the computer since 1496, I decided I need some time out. So I headed to The Curve.


Borders bookstore was having a sale where a lot of popular titles and bestsellers were being sold at large discounts. Darn, I saw a number of my favorite books in which I have had bought earlier – now being sold at a deep discount. Only if I had waited a little longer. Nevermind.

I decided to have my hair “re-serviced” while I was there.


That’s Eve Soh over there, servicing other customers. I find it hard to accept that she practically 0wn3d me in Quadro Pop (a mini game in which you can find in the latest Sony Ericsson handphones) as her highest score more than doubled mine. Amazing yet that she actually found the time to play this little game in her own hand phone when she works 29.56 hours a day.

On my way back to Uptown, I stopped by the BU park to see what function was going on – Merdeka special celebration, it seemed.

BU Park

And passing by is my “Friend in Yellow”, Digi dudes. πŸ˜‰

Digi Dude

Realizing that I was walking on empty stomache, I took a detour to McDonald’s for a quick meal.

I couldn’t help but notice that in their tray leaflet and latest promotion “gimmick” called Dip Jack, the character seems to strongly resemble a cheap knock-off from Kisuke Urahara of Bleach Anime fame.

Urahara (inset) Dip Jack

Notice the similarities, Bleach fans? πŸ™‚

Sunday – The PLRGold Video Interview

All right, chilling time’s over. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

Lap Top & Gun

There! What I need to start the day.

Mafia IMer

Lap Top, Shotgun, 9mm Beretta, and a McDonald’s meal – how complete!

Ok, now let’s do that interview I came here for.

Held Hostage!

Don’t tell me this is how we’re going to conduct the Interview.

3 hours later…

This is the FIRST and BEST interview I have ever done on video.

Don’t you agree? πŸ˜‰ Now that I am done, I’m taking these home with me. πŸ˜›

The Toolkit

Until the next time and I’ll keep you posted on my adventures!

A Week’s Wrap-Up

Yep, I disappeared into the busy hive of Damansara Uptown again last week. πŸ™‚ Here’s last week’s wrap up:-


Hmm… what brings me here to Klang? I never really liked going to Klang, even though both my parents originated from this place. It gives me a “dull” mood every time I come here for as long as I can remember.

However, the trip was inevitable as I had to have my will written. A lot of my friends gave me the surprise look when I told them about it. I often heard comments like “you’re still young” “don’t be negative” “why are you planning so early when you can do it later” etc.

But here’s the thing: the moment you begin accumulating some wealth, assets, properties, etc. it’s already time you should have your will written. And all the more if you are shouldering responsibilities for the people you are taking care of.

I know many people are not comfortable discussing the “what if”s where death is concerned – much less actually think and act about it. But I’m not saying we should all be pessimistic but practical.

Let’s face it: anything can happen to any one of us – and death does not recognize discrimination in age, gender, religion, social status, etc. and there’s this saying that “everyone is equal under the grass“. It can’t get any truer than that!

Personally, I don’t have my brains on legal matters so the evening was very educational even though it was only a couple of hours of meeting with the Financial Planner I was recommended to. I’ve also learned that if one doesn’t have any specific will in place in the event of death, there will be a default quota on your wealth to be distributed among your spouse, children, parents, and *sigh* government.

Well, since I have no spouse and children (yet)… the will was custom written. πŸ™‚ The good thing is that the will can always be updated every few years depending on the growth of my business, assets, properties, etc. and even cover residue entities (meaning what you foresee to accumulate in the near future).


I can’t bring myself to say this, but Victor was wiping the floor with me in Quake III Arena.

Fortunately, the cyber cafe torment was cut short when Victor had to leave to watch a Football game with his other friends (don’t boo me but watching 22 other guys chasing after a ball on TV isn’t my idea of amusement). πŸ˜›

And what do you know? Matty Matt of Internet Money Blog decided to meet up with me in person! πŸ™‚ I finally found someone with stamina, too – we talked… and walked all the way from SS2 to Damansara Uptown, and then some. πŸ™‚

Very smart and interesting discussion with Internet Marketing ideas and strategies, as Matt was promising me instant riches. πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ *hee hee hee!*

As a result from the super long talk (starting 10:30 PM through 3:30 in the morning), I spent the most of the next day in K.O. mode.


Since I will be taking off to Johor Bahru the next day, and was kind of lethargic from PLRGold PLRGold PLR-whatever JV Recruitment drive and pre-launch, I decided to take off the entire weekend and have some fun… like heading to 1Utama.

1 Utama

And playing Settlers of Catan with Khai, Yuenn and Fuu Fuu.

Settlers of Catan

Wrap-up ends here! πŸ™‚

New Avatar, New Look!

I’ve had just returned from a short trip to KL a couple of days back. I made some slight updates and changes to the webpages on my Personal Homepage. The “About Me” page had underwent the most changes. πŸ™‚ Go check it out here.

If you’ve been visiting my blog before this, I’m sure you notice the header’s avatar had changed.

Formerly, it was:

Old Avatar

Now it’s:

New Look!

Cool huh? πŸ˜‰ I never looked this good in cartoon before.

Credits to Hazel for the new avatar – saved me no more than thirty seven bucks!

A Week Put In Pictures

I found it really hard to leave my peaceful home in Johor Bahru for the rinky dink, rented room back in PJ. After almost a week… here I am again in Johor Bahru! πŸ™‚ The lifestyle and going-ons in PJ is highly hectic and energy-draining for me. It made me more sure than ever that if I were to maximize my creative juices and productivity – my peaceful in JB is the place to be.

Cozy, quiet, relaxing, no crazy people knocking on my door telling me they weren’t happy about losing at a computer game the night before and demanded a rematch… and probably the Earth magnet is stronger in the south (or is it the Feng Shui?).

It had been an interesting week in PJ, nonetheless. My Apprenticeship contract with Sen Ze had expired recently, and since the rented room is still in effect for the next 2 months, I might as well leave it as it is, since I foresee coming back to PJ and forth now and then.

Okay, here goes…

25th July – Launch Party Night At Gobi’s House

Vince Tan Smirking

Vince Tan smiling to himself. Sales rolling in from the “Big Hype” launch (which turned out to be one involving funding their trip to the US).

Khai at Laptop with Yuenn

Khai doesn’t want to be excluded from the fun, too. Accompanying him is Yuenn.

Gobala Pigging Out

Gobala: While you guys work hard, I’ll help myself with the Domino’s Pizza.

Bang Bang

Come, let’s play “Bang” (the board game).

Melvin: I bang YOU, Vince.
Vince: Bring it on! πŸ™‚
Gobala: I’m leashing out my Indians *bwo-wo-wo-wo-bop!* (immitates Red Indian sound)
Khai: I’m the Sheriff!
Yuenn: Please don’t kill me in the game early, k?

Brainless Game

Vince: Alright, let’s play “That’s Life”. It’s a brainless game so heck, let’s roll.
Melvin: Hmm… finally, a game more of my speed. πŸ™‚

The Wee Hours of Thursday Morning…

No pics on this one, but it’s worth mentioning that I actually met a frequent blog reader by the name of Ben Chin – at 3 in the morning, at a mamak stall in Damansara Uptown! πŸ™‚ If you see him appearing on the MyBlogLog roll on the left of this website, yep, that’s him.

Small world…

Meet Eve Soh…

… the one responsible for keeping me from losing my hair to insanity stress. πŸ™‚

Eve Soh

Dinner with Mindvalley Team and Luna Bar

I’ve met up with Khai Lee and his Mindvalley peeps for the last 2 days, just before I returned to Johor Bahru town today.

Interesting, interactive, crazy and creative bunch of people! Hard to find people of the similar species nowadays.


Apparently Khai Lee’s favorite restaurant that we dine in Bangsar. No it’s NOT the bank; it’s a restaurant named after it – Hot and Spicy Bangsar Cuisine!

Luna Bar View

We went to Luna Bar, which is situated at the extreme top of a hotel, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Very nice view from the top! That’s 33 storeys above the ground.

It made recall me standing at the top of a tall building, enjoying the similar view, some 3 years back. At that time, I didn’t really know what to do next (never thought about Internet Marketing whatsoever) and yes, future seemed kinda bleak at that time. Funny how things can turn to be out of expectation, right? I’ve experienced many incidents of what I call “Then, the impossible had happened“. More on that some other time.

I took this opportunity to be acquainted with almost every member of the Mindvalley team – asked them what they do, what they are good at, their opinions and ideas on a few things, what on earth is Ruby on Rails, what is this “SocialRank” thingy, etc.

Me: So what is SocialRank?
Mike Reinings: You already know what it is.
Me: … why do you think I already know what it is?
Mike: … you already know why you already know.

Sounds almost just as absurd as the cheesy dialogs between Neo and the Oracle in The Matrix trilogy, don’t you think?

Edmund Loh

Me at the Luna Bar.

Xin Ci & Edmund

Xin Ci with me. She’s currently working at MindValley as an Intern for 2 months (1 more month to go). She hails all the way from the North i.e. Penang!

3 Crazy Dudes

L-R: Aslak the Programming Whiz, Khai Lee, me.

And one last pic to seal the post…

Tiberium Spike Hair

Think Dragon Ball… πŸ˜‰

Catch up soon – and don’t forget to check back often!